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  1. Bizarre

    Why are people so fucking stupid?
  2. EP

    I was excited for PT.2 before she killed it with features.
  3. LGBT

    Sasha killed it in the Lip Syncs and deserved the win.
  4. Joanne debuted at #3 in the UK. Katy isn't even going to make Top 5.
  5. Album

    The album is flawless. Better than PH. I'm shook.
  6. General News

    Can't wait. Lady Wood was easily one of the best albums of 2016. She really came through with the visuals. Excited for what's coming next.
  7. Bebe has had cute hits with Hey Mama, Me Myself & I, and In the Name of Love. I Got You was also a nice little hit, and her EP has surpassed 70 million plays on Apple Music alone. She just needs a big solo hit to properly launch her. Tinashe's mangament is the literal pits. It's a joke.
  8. Oh wow. I nutted so many times to this guy. It's sad, but good for him for being open about it.
  9. #buyyoursongonitunes
  10. Tremble is that song.
  11. Single

    Sounds like a mixture of Come on Over by Xtina and If You Had My Love by J-Lo.