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  1. It's a good song but I don't understand the obsession that most Ari stans have with it, wanting and demanding it to be a single when there is clearly better options for singles if there is to be anymore after Everyday.
  2. Idk it suited my head so I liked it. Maybe my head is a weird shape though.
  3. Ariana's bunny ears. It made for an iconic snapchat filter tbh.
  4. Oh wow I had no idea. I was actually shocked to see that Target didn't have a store in Canada prior to 2013. I thought Target had stores everywhere.
  5. Oh thanks. I added Step On Up. I always find myself putting that song on repeat when I hear it.
  6. Did Target already close down? I was in Canada in 2013 and saw it was opening up. I was actually shocked to see HMV was still opened in 2013 when I went. HMV closed down in 2009 (I believe it was the last store) here in Australia. I did buy like two CD's when I went to Canada and was shocked to see that they were selling not well known internationally Aussie CD's. Truly an end of an era.
  7. Not at me not reading the thread and thinking we could only vote for one song. Well I voted for Into You. I most likely would have also voted for Dangerous Woman.
  8. No Lie > Scared To Be Lonely. However though I feel that the later is a grower!
  9. I was about to ask if she even has enough songs to do a tour without an album, but I think she has like 20+ songs from the ones she has released and leaked. #Tragic
  10. I remember being in the states when this song was very popular! You would hear this song and all the remixes on every single station! 6 years ago though? Damn! :o
  11. I only remember her song Hotter Than Hell. I had no clue she released like a few songs after that, other than when she appeared on Saul Paul's recent song. I would have to say my interest for her would be roughly around 1.
  12. I really enjoyed the performance. My friend's cousin was talking about their performance and said it was 'flat' and sounded 'terrible'. I didn't even know the bitch but rest assured, I let her know she was wrong.