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  1. Like A Virgin keeping it 100% is an 8 why did y'all make it a 10
  2. It takes a real music lover to call Bionic what it really is.  Garbage

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    2. ISlayForX


      @Simón. Absolutely sis, is an atrocious mess, a stain to Christina's discography and her being pressed and calling it ahead of its time is a testament of how ludacris a person can be when their ego is hurt. Ain't no music lover's no shit, you have to have absolutely no taste to call it good.

    3. Mario


      @ISlayForXyou mean Lotus, right lol

    4. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      Even when it comes to your own fave you lack taste. wow. xtina1

  3. Sorry just had to. It takes some low level of taste to call bionic a decent album.
  4. Love it. My fave after Stripped, Lotus and Back to basics.
  5. Who of the new generation of pop girls isn't anyways? They all stan the most influential female act of today's music.
  6. Ariana and her husband went to Aguilera's second night concert with the LA Phil. She started following Christina right after she congratulated her after the stunning show on her instagram story. Linda Perry was in attendance too.
  7. Her tone during the voice within... godly