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  1. I actually love how honest he is about the whole thing, why give a fake apology when he has made a living out photograping celebrities? Do you apologize to people after you receive your paycheck? Neither should him, people need to stop acting like the whole world owes Britney an apology, the only ones that should be apologizing to her are her parents, HER FANS and her management because they all have contributed to her life being the mess that it clearly is.
  2. Like y'all have no idea, this isn't Jlo or Selena Gomez requesting songs from them... I mean no shade to those girls but what Christina did with Mi Reflejo in Latin America is incomparable the amount of impact that album has the radio power it holds til this day... i think the only song that doesn't get a lot of airplay is Una Mujer the rest of it has been heard on radio for 20 years now and that's everywhere in Latin America. We're talking producers that grew up on Christina... That's why you see the excitement in their recent posts about it, the respect, the admiration... That is key to what
  3. Wait so people compete to have their fave's on the sections of fotp faves? I.
  4. My God, paid my 5 year revisit to Bionic and God damn that's one awful shitfest. What the hell was she thinking when she recorded such garbage? 

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    2. Wonho


      Lotus destroyed your eardrums sis?

    3. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      Bionic is Xtina's best album tho. 

    4. Skyline


      Bionic is a patchy, but far from terrible. There's a solid 12-track album hidden within Bionic.

  5. Candy Bling i guess, neither seems to cut it for me.
  6. When google upscales Christina Aguilera's Fighter bey9

  7. I love a pregnante influential chanteuse
  8. @Madonna it just doesn't get anymore transparent than this lol.
  9. The bop of all bops, a shame it is so undeproduced. She should re record all of lotus lbr...


  10. This is by far my favorite madonna song ever
  11. Britney's case has always been sad. She should be left alone by her family, they've been ripping her off since the mid 90's lbr.