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  1. Mod Notice Do not shade faves in their own sections.
  2. This was such a moment. Latin twitter was going bananas over her voice.
  3. She couldn't have picked a better single. Somos nada sounds nothing like any song she's done before. This is a power adult contemporary ballad with amazing lyrics and soaring vocals. Christina will not succeed with regueton songs so just take the ballad and enjoy. The only chance at a hit is Pa' Mis Muchachas
  4. Matt's voice sounds so much like Jordan's and why didn't Rachel pursue a sining career... She has the same type of voice as Christina.
  5. You have got to be the most annoying Xtina fan ever. You try to hard to pander to her trolls by trolling her yourself. That's disgusting.
  6. IT did not debut. That was the real time tracker on the official chart posted on Billboard now it did not debut.
  7. It's best lead single ever and mind you, it is also her only great song from the Spanish leaks of recent weeks. As usual it is the bland supporters of her music that are always talking about hits waiting to happen to then go and do nothing to give a song an initial push. Lloras por na is atrocious just like Santo.
  8. Is there like a single drop of lie in the video?