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  1. It's interesting. I feel like the vocals are too raw for the direction the song takes.
  2. It was only a hit because of Xtina. No one knew the song existed until she released it. She didn't write it, but she was the reason it sold so much. Moves Like Jagger was due the song being catchy. Feel This Moment was due to the sample & ft. Pitbull. Had Xtina written the at least half of these songs, I would credit them as hers as well (aka Timber).
  3. Because it's the pits here. Everyone hears something 7 days after it happens. I see you on ATRL all the time though. Nice avi
  4. lmaoooo yeah like counting Say Something is alright. Buy MLJ or FTM is just no. I mean Xtina doesn't even sing to hook to both these songs, just the bridge for MLJ and the chorus for FTM. At least with K$, she sang like 75% of the Timber (chorus, hook, background vocals and pre-chrous) and wrote the chorus with her mum. Kesha is also credited second. Armando C. Pérez – songwriter Kesha Sebert – songwriter Dr. Luke – songwriter, producer, instruments, programming Priscilla Hamilton – songwriter Jamie Sanderson – songwriter Breyan Stanley Isaac – songwriter Cirkut – songwriter,
  5. Apparently all the tracks marked #Bridget are from the cancelled Bridget Jones' Diary musically she was going to score. Might be why they are slightly out of place But the others slay
  6. My Town, Age of Beige, (Stop Right There, I Don't Mind Babe are old but higher quality) >>> So good cry1 She's uploaded 12 tracks. Some of them have the original track listing number in front of them
  7. She's uploading the tracks she wanted on Sheezus, rather than what Sheezus ended up as (more pop than she wanted). https://soundcloud.com/lilyallen Just saw them on my Dashboard
  8. I never like Lana's songs individually. I hated Ride, Video Games & Born To Die before the EP/Albums came out. I need to hear the songs in perspective to the rest of the album before I make a judgement. As of now, her new material seems weak. But I said the same at the beginning of the Paradise era and now I love Paradise.
  9. Still. Not just the forums. The YouTube views, the single sales, the album sales etc. are nowhere close to what BTW was capable of. I mean AP hasn't scratched 2 million yet after six months and Gaga was able to do over 1 million in the US opening week. It's clear what the GP (the majority of people who go to her tour) and the fans prefer.
  10. She always says this and yet she's been to two Britney shows since she got famous. So if she actually stands by what she says, she wouldn't have gone. So that's kind of stupid of her. Not to mention she's been caught out being on the verge of lip-syncing herself when you can barely hear her over the backing track. Unless you can sing over a track like Adele or Xtina, there isn't really room to talk.
  11. Miley would never EVER come for Britney lmao. It was shade to Katy but I don't really know how. Then again as we saw the Prismatic Tour has heavy backing tracks so idk.
  12. He wouldn't be able to post the instrumental without the labels explicit permission (which they only allow for promotional purposes). So possible she's at least filming something for it? The same thing happened with Supernatural. It was going to be a single so the stems and instrumental's were sent out to DJ's before they were cancelled. Here's to hoping. I honestly doubt it but it's weird they only gave him permission now to post it since people have been asking for it since it leaked.
  13. Who says I'm not a stan. I was until BTW when I only loved half the album. And then with ARTPOP I only liked a few tracks. My opinion is as good as anyone else's. Also on the Gaga Daily poll Born This Way was actually the highest voted album :toofunny3:
  14. http://www.mixcloud.com/alieninst/alien-inst/ Posted 32 minuted ago. Phresh Off The Runway.
  15. Before ARTPOP even flopped, they did a poll that showed 74.03% still preferred her previous albums. Also Appluase had weak lead single sales (It still hasn't outsold Die Young and Kesha basically flopped to etrinity) and YouTube views. It was there from the beginning. I'm not trying to start anything. I'm just saying its a bit mean for her to say that to fans who may have come because they love her, but may only like a few songs from her new album. Just be proud your tour is selling out :shrug: