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  1. girl i-        


    who is that on ur dp?imready1

    1. frankgutz


      welp, sorry haven been here since ages BUT, he's some guy from IG, just search him as:   dsanta1988

  2. Pierrot

    Artist Randomdonna

    Does anyone know where I can find the Drowned World Tour audio from the DVD to download? I would really appreciate it
  3. ...How can you screw up a Gwen Stefani impression? her style of singing is so distinctive like
  4. Is there a stream link available? where can I watch this?
  5. Such a great song! her best lead single to date. I hope she gets that #1
  6. Katy Perry Lady Gaga Beyoncé Madonna Bruno Mars Coldplay Black Eyed Peas Being completely objective although I may have to go back and watch some of these because I forgot some of them. Katy had all high's and barely any low moments during her performance, consistently good, and that surprise guest! Gaga slayed vocally but I wish some of the performances were stronger or had more of a twist. Beyonce started off strong, but i got so bored when destiny's child came out, it seemed just like her concerts. Madonna has such a strong en
  7. Something was happening to her face around 08/09 it was like she was slowly turning into a lizard but then 2010 came and BAM!
  8. LMAO that really sounds like something prince would say
  9. an agugaga topic right after I started posting again