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  1. I agree about Posle, it's trash. It's ridiculous how Anti is one of ha best albums and yet it has the worst deluxe tracks of ha career. However, I DO NOT appreciate people coming for Higher, which is in my top 3 on the album. Woo is alright though.
  2. Bon Apetit. Surprised to see Power winning, I thought Witness was fan favourite.
  3. This! All of these songs are better than Witness tbh (I still like it tho)
  4. that's really decent. i wonder how much higher would the sales be if samsung hadn't given away so many copies. i think it'd be around 1.6 - 1.7m.
  5. Seems like her silence has made a bigger impact than all of our faves' campaigning. That's what I call power.
  6. I get that some of you are pissed off but wishing death on someone is disgusting and it makes you no better than Trump.
  7. 6 inch and sorry. never really loved those 2.
  8. um closer is awful but they're just celebrating their success. why so butthurt, mark?
  9. i rolled my eyes at the thread title but honestly i couldn't spot a single lie in the review.
  10. it's not bad but it's not very good either tbh. at least it has only one cringey song (come to mama) compared to 4-5 on artpop. and i still like artpop better than joanne. the main problem with the album is that it lacks outstanding songs, 90% of them are mediocre.
  11. well tbh i miss novemberih's so i would be fine with that. also anti should be getting new life in january 2017 with lotb slaying if she ever films that video.