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  1. I agree about Posle, it's trash. It's ridiculous how Anti is one of ha best albums and yet it has the worst deluxe tracks of ha career. However, I DO NOT appreciate people coming for Higher, which is in my top 3 on the album. Woo is alright though.
  2. Bon Apetit. Surprised to see Power winning, I thought Witness was fan favourite.
  3. This! All of these songs are better than Witness tbh (I still like it tho)
  4. that's really decent. i wonder how much higher would the sales be if samsung hadn't given away so many copies. i think it'd be around 1.6 - 1.7m.
  5. Seems like her silence has made a bigger impact than all of our faves' campaigning. That's what I call power.
  6. 6 inch and sorry. never really loved those 2.
  7. um closer is awful but they're just celebrating their success. why so butthurt, mark?
  8. i rolled my eyes at the thread title but honestly i couldn't spot a single lie in the review.
  9. it's not bad but it's not very good either tbh. at least it has only one cringey song (come to mama) compared to 4-5 on artpop. and i still like artpop better than joanne. the main problem with the album is that it lacks outstanding songs, 90% of them are mediocre.
  10. well tbh i miss novemberih's so i would be fine with that. also anti should be getting new life in january 2017 with lotb slaying if she ever films that video.
  11. why would you be against R9 in January? let ha go back to yearly releases!!