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  1. I do hope she will speak out her own mind regarding what is happening with her life...
  2. This was Kylie's finest work tbh, IP was such a good album. The production, lyrics ... everything was perfect
  3. I like her.. she is very funny. I do hope she will change that set she keeps filming in though and those goddamn bows needs to go NOW

    'Cause it's a bittersweet symphony, that's life
    Tryna make ends meet, tryna find somebody then you die
    I'll take you down the only road I've ever been down
    You know the one that takes you to the places where all the veins meet, yeah giveup3

  5. Dido, Mariah Carey, Xtina, Lana and Fergie are my next artists for album covers project part III. Does anyone know where I can get HQ images for the previous artists though? I always struggle finding good HQ photos for Xtina, Mariah and Dido dead2


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    2. Gwen Stefanee

      Gwen Stefanee

      mariahcareynetwork [dot]com, I believe! moo9

    3. Mario


      YESSSSSS for Mariah and Christina!!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    4. Kristina



      not sure if Dido is there though

  6. Dido's Still on my mind album gives me Ray of light vibes a bit and I ain't mad about it. Give you up is so soothing and dreamy bey9




  7. 1- Chromatica and TFM are both iconic and a serve Ther rest are all equally horrible
  8. That Kind Of Woman deserves to be the next single, I am actually kinda mad at her for not including it in the first edition of the album
  9. That Kind of Woman deserves to be a single and it is much better than We're Good brit15

    1. Mario


      Should be the next single. 

  10. I hope she will ... new music also ... but she is busy watching rupaul's drag race and preparing her next product for Fenty
  11. I miss Rihanna's music career... been jamming to Unapologetic, TTT and ANTi all day long cry4

    1. Mario


      I miss Riri too and i love her. My fave albums are GGGB, Rated R, Loud and Talk That Talk 

    2. Lynk


      Anti was everything. Literally her best album true1

    3. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      TTT was everything. Literally her best album true1

  12. Discipline album is such a great mix between R&B and electronic music. Filled with underrated bops and I will never forgive the gays for sleeping on it when it was released. Feedback, Rock With U, Rollercoaster,  2nite, LUV and the title track Discipline should've easily been hits ... such an underrated gem cry4

    1. Mario


      #JusticeForDiscipline. ALWAYS! It deserves better! 

    2. Gwen Stefanee

      Gwen Stefanee

      It's like a fully adult version of Brandy's Full Moon album.

  13. Future Nostalgia: Hi sisters edition featuring the hit single we're good (featuring tati) and Snakes will be snakes a diss track about Shane and Jeffrey
  14. 2020 didn't happen in my calendar, I don't know her and I don't claim her. And I feel like people slept on this song, I actually like it more than rain on me