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  1. Future Nostalgia: Hi sisters edition featuring the hit single we're good (featuring tati) and Snakes will be snakes a diss track about Shane and Jeffrey
  2. 2020 didn't happen in my calendar, I don't know her and I don't claim her. And I feel like people slept on this song, I actually like it more than rain on me
  3. Wow didn't expect anyone actually will agree with this blasphemy... Music is subjective but .... COADF and Music albums are both superiors .. and no MDNA is shite except for Masterpiece and Falling free
  4. I didn't know she was recording new material! can anyone dm a link for me
  5. I like how colorful my library is bey6 I will start a thread where I will take requests for album artwork soon. As soon as I finish recording my podcast, I will open this thread. So it will be around mid April brit10


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    2. Kuchisabishii
    3. Brave


      Yeah it is everywhere, Spotify, apple podcast, anchor... Etc.. It is in Arabic though 😅


    4. Kuchisabishii
    1. BabyMario44


      All AMAZING! My faves are janet., velvet rope, all for you and Discipline!!! Great job as always 

  6. Just finished Janet Jackson covers discography.. I am super proud of the work I did... Cannot wait to share it cry2


    It is super artsy fartsy and it something I have never done before jj5

    1. BabyMario44


      Yaaasss!!! I'd love to see it. 

  7. Cannot believe born this way was released 10 years ago.. cry4

  8. IDK but she said she is over the ballads and she finished the trilogy ... so I am REALLY hoping for something fresh Although it is Adele, whatever she throws at me I'll take it tbh
  9. POV: Sex dreams and denim jeans by Uffie is a great masterpiece and still sounds fresh in 2021


  10. Ru girls are being messy this year... Eliott with the 3 Ks is racist, Nina bonina making transphobic comments... chile ...