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  1. Brave


    Kylie is an ageless queen
  2. Brave

    General News

    the movie is amazing I totally recommend it and this series better be good
  3. the visuals of the video are just epic tbh
  4. Lana looking so pretty without make-up
  5. Level up was shit this is way much better
  6. The video is really nice and the song is a grower for sure
  7. This was really underwhelming ... I expected more from Calvin and Sam
  8. The vide and the song are just flawless Cannot wait for the new album
  9. Brave

    Celeb News

    the actress do look like her ... I might check this out
  10. Brave here

    New RIhanna & Ariana Art Work




  11. Brave


    Bad Romance Alejandro You & I Born This Way Government Hooker Sexxx Dreams Fashion! Do What You Want Paparazzi Summerboy Joanne Dancin' in Circles The Cure Poker Face Million Reasons In no order though, this was really hard
  12. Brave

    Celeb News

  13. Brave

    Music Video

    This is just epic