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  1. Brave

    In what terms exactly ? Mariah is a legend and she had her peak and she is still making music till this day. Ariana would be lucky to have a long-term career like Mariah.
  2. Tbh I never found him funny at all. So Idc They should bring back whoopi goldberg to host again
  3. Hey King! I wanted to suggest making Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey covers moo6

    1. Brave


      Oh god I have been dying to make new covers but university is taking all my time RN and I hate it 

      I will be back and make lots of covers including mimi and mj for sure antm1

    2. Invincible

      Okay, awesome! ari5

  4. Brave here

    I can't at this betch 



  5. Brave here

    Dua Lipa Discography artwork

  6. first Ben and now Henry The DC universe is doomed for good now
  7. Brave


    Love the album cover