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  1. +laughcry+ +laughcry+ +laughcry+ +laughcry+
  2. I see some deluded bitchas are mad at Queen Madge +rolleyes+ Keep on hatin' ! she will stay better than ur favs
  3. Dance music is really getting annoying ... I agree 2007/2006 needs to come back ENOUGH WITH THE DANCING SHIT ALREADY AND GO BACK TO BASICS +rolleyes+ Indie pop is really great +bow+
  4. I love them both but really ! I mean 4 against 6 +rolleyes+ I think this mean that Beyonce with 4 ALBUMS slayed more than Riri with 6 ALBUMS +laughcry+
  5. Acousticdonna wins for me +bow+
  6. this is my fav look +bow+
  7. Not impressed at all ..... oh well she is going on tour ! will be seeing her when she comes to Russia
  8. When did that happen ?? .gif' alt='katy2'> was what she said during that FB chat was true !!!!!!!
  9. Falling Free
  10. Ur not the only one believe me ... I hope she will do few interview and perform her singles in few show before going on tour
  11. +laughcry+ +laughcry+ +laughcry+ She cared enough to make it tho ! I don't see her doing interviews or anything brit17
  12. THE SUN nothing to do here
  13. Why is she not promoting for the new album
  14. LOVED THE VIDEO , still don't like the song that much +tehe3+
  15. BOWING +legend++bow+