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  1. Rihdomosity Thread

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=n_brj7v-IkI# +laughcry+ +laughcry+ +laughcry+ +laughcry+
  2. I am SO over you...

    I see some deluded bitchas are mad at Queen Madge +rolleyes+ Keep on hatin' ! she will stay better than ur favs
  3. The Industry is SO boring rn

    Dance music is really getting annoying ... I agree 2007/2006 needs to come back ENOUGH WITH THE DANCING SHIT ALREADY AND GO BACK TO BASICS +rolleyes+ Indie pop is really great +bow+
  4. Rihsus passes Floponce in album sales

    I love them both but really ! I mean 4 against 6 +rolleyes+ I think this mean that Beyonce with 4 ALBUMS slayed more than Riri with 6 ALBUMS +laughcry+
  5. Love Spent: Album Version VS Acoustic

    Acousticdonna wins for me +bow+
  6. Randomdonna!

    this is my fav look +bow+
  7. Randomdonna!

    Not impressed at all ..... oh well she is going on tour ! will be seeing her when she comes to Russia
  8. Randomdonna!

    When did that happen ?? .gif' alt='katy2'> was what she said during that FB chat was true !!!!!!!
  9. Which Madonna song are you listening to?

    Falling Free
  10. Randomdonna!

    Ur not the only one believe me ... I hope she will do few interview and perform her singles in few show before going on tour
  11. Randomdonna!

    +laughcry+ +laughcry+ +laughcry+ She cared enough to make it tho ! I don't see her doing interviews or anything brit17
  12. Madonna punishes Lola for smoking

    THE SUN nothing to do here
  13. Randomdonna!

    Why is she not promoting for the new album
  14. Beyoncé | Run the World (Girls) | April 2011

    LOVED THE VIDEO , still don't like the song that much +tehe3+
  15. Fucking learn how to write Scheiße!

    BOWING +legend++bow+