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    Didn't say she didn't look exotic... but she looks black.. not racially ambiguous as you claimed.
  2. s3x Symbol

    Some of these comments in this thread are highly ignorant 😂.. 1. Mariah is biracial yes, but she has always identified herself as a Black Woman. 2. Let's not exclude some Afro-Latinas and embrace others. Their ancestors are of West and Central African descent... just like Haitians, Jamaicans, and African Americans. In fact the Dominican Republic shares an island with Haiti. And PR is just around the corner from both. Learn history before posting ignorant threads..
  3. s3x Symbol

    In what world does Rihanna look racially ambiguous? She looks like a lot of African American women in the states... I have cousins that resemble her.
  4. s3x Symbol

    I know I'm just saying.. lol
  5. s3x Symbol

    That would exclude Nicki and Left Eye as well... they're both Afro-Latina..
  6. s3x Symbol

    Donna Summers came pretty close.. but Cher is definitely the Goddess of Pop.
  7. s3x Symbol

    Where is Cardi B?
  8. s3x Symbol

    Top 4 Female Global Digital Artist Ranking: 1. @iamcardib 2. @ArianaGrande 3. @DUALIPA 4. @ddlovato
  9. s3x Symbol

    “Invasion of Privacy” was the 8th most popular album worldwide last week, up one spot from the previous week. The album has also officially sold over 1.4 million units worldwide.
  10. s3x Symbol

    “Girls Like You” rises one spot and spends its 12th day at #1 on the Worldwide iTunes Chart. “I Like It” remains at #5.
  11. s3x Symbol

    “I Like It” is now certified PLATINUM in New Zealand!
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  13. s3x Symbol

    According to UWC based on downloads, streams and airplay “Girls Like You” & “I Like It” were the two biggest songs in the world this past week (#1 & #2 respectively). Cardi currently has the two best selling, most popular songs in the world. Legendary.
  14. s3x Symbol

    Giving Phil receipts 🤣