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  1. Photos

    I love it!!
  2. Her albums would've been more successful if she had released like this. Fire Bomb Hard Russian Roulette Rude Boy .. etc etc.. after that it didn't matter LOUD Only Girl (in the World) Whats my name S&M Cheers Man Down Complicated or Fading Talk that Talk We Found Love Watch N Learn Talk that Talk Drunk on Love Birthday Cake remix Where have you been Unapologetic Diamonds Stay Jump No Love Allowed etc etc. Anti Love on the brain.. (went top 5, without a video, just imagine if it were a lead, and got a video treatment) Work Kiss it Better Needed Me Consideration..
  3. Discussion

    I agree.. California King Bed, shouldn't have been a single. Sounds like a song for a commercial.. Complicated would've done much better. Fading too
  4. You're immature..grow up!
  5. Fancy should be added as well
  6. Work was a bigger hit than MR and Hello
  7. Game

    Anti: Needed Me Work(feat Drake) Higher Consideration
  8. Game

    Unapologetic: No Love Allowed Stay Lost in Paradise Pour it up Mother Mary
  9. Game

    Talk that Talk: Do Your Thang We Found Love Birthday Cake (featuring CB) Drunk on Love
  10. Game

    LOUD: Love the way you lie (part 1) Cheers(drink to that) Only Girl( in the world) S&M What's my name
  11. Game

    Rated R: Firebomb Rude Boy Te Amo Hard Russian Roulette G4L
  12. Game

    GGGB: Umbrella Cry Breakin' Dishes Take a bow Disturbia Don't stop the music
  13. Game

    AGLM: Unfaithful SOS We Ride Kisses Don't Lie