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  1. Fierce here

    Where is everyone? This forum used to be so active. brit2

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    2. Mariah's 18 #1's

      Weird when lots of people openly admit to wanting to be me

    3. Urbanov

      they were obviously lying to you so you and your small ego could feel better xoxo

    4. Mariah's 18 #1's

      No one was loterally in tears one even said they hated me thats how jealous they were they admitted everything. 

  2. Fierce

    If CUMila wasn't annoying enough, now she's trying to hop on that country bandwagon with collaborating with Kane Brown on NBTS.
  3. Fierce

    Im so upset but FOTP was literally the first forum I belonged to, A full circle moment.
  4. Fierce

    RIP ATRL -- it was nice having you sis.
  5. Fierce


    Hey gurls. Its been forever.
  6. Fierce

    Does Agugaga always have to live and have a life inside BG? Fuck off.
  7. Fierce

    My fave doesn't have to resort to being a judge to stay relevant.
  8. Fierce

    Not you coming for Bey when your flop ass fave can't even shift albums beyond the Cheetah Girls.
  9. Fierce here

    Can someone make a HD avi ??? <3

  10. Fierce

    LMAO! Do you live under a rock? Hold Up, Sorry & 6 Inch could all be huge hits for her but she isnt focused on singles. All three of those songs were top 10 on iTunes holding against new releases and already huge hits. Not including Formation. The songs cant be huge if she doesn't release them to radio and takes away their streaming power ala Vevo & Apple Music etc. But keep thinking that. (Let me know when Rihanna scores another #1 hit on this album without the help of a popular producer (calvin) )
  11. Fierce here

    Does anyone have the beyonce albums in zip formats??? Please message me. <3

  12. iTunes / Physical Copies.
  13. Fierce here

    So many new members ... who all remembers me? sass1

    1. ChooseyLover

      Welcome back oprah2 I'm new oprah2

  14. Fierce here

    hai girls. I'm back in the awake of the queen. sass1

  15. Fierce


    Hai sisterns I'm back! .gif' alt='cry3'>.gif' alt='cry2'>
  16. Fierce

    Her last album. I mean .... when doesn't my fave go platinum? Does she even believe in gold? Except gold .... in the form of Grammys.
  17. Britney Jean was horrid due to the fact that it was hyped up to be some personal era .. it ended up being nothing. At least R8 has something coming up and nothing has "officially" been said or planned and ARTPOP had actual promotions to at least make a effort to sell it and had a full WW tour.
  18. The fact alone that the whole Navy has been in suspense lately that Rih is going to pull a Beyonce ...
  19. Well damn ... dragged, tagged, and bagged. Put the knife in it.
  20. Fierce

    But her impact is so huge on country culture vs. pop culture - ANY country artists esp female will source Shania as a influence. She is the Madonna of country music tbqfh. oprah2
  21. Wait, so now Beyonce doesn't belong in the pop category? I take it because she did have impact and sales, right? One minute Beyonce is pop and copying Rihanna's swag and sound and then the next minute Beyonce isn't pop. Beyonce is considered a pop girl by most of the GP she has been mostly Urban / Pop based since the I AM era so can we not. Katy has a lot more to do to be ranked among the title of "QUEEN" officially and can we just be honest, the GP calls everyone who is doing well in whatever genre a "QUEEN" - I mean they called Beyonce "THE QUEEN OF POP" during her performance intro in 2006 during the WORLD MUSIC AWARDS back when she was still doing more Urban & R&B sounds.