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  1. Other

    And here to stan your AVI
  2. Other

    Much better than the ARTPOP trash
  3. Album

    someone call ambulance for @Lachlan
  4. Er, stay mad at JnD but yes I agree why did Fashion!, Donatella make the tracklist. Even saying that, Dope shouldn't've made the final cut either.
  5. Game

    So we do our favourite song #13? and worst song #0?
  6. I love Kendrick's verses in Bad Blood but overall Swish Swish takes the crown cause Nicki's verse >
  7. Celeb News

    Hopefully she doesn't re-use these designs for the Tour Merch
  8. king of rap doing THAT
  9. This video alone
  10. 18260742_1492797044095182_1798082037_o.j

    queen of rap did that

  11. Single

    Confirmed at end of Coachella! 'My new single The Cure is out tonight'
  12. Kendrick giveup1 

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    2. Hylia

      Yes I'm in a relationship with @TattooedHeart

    3. Chapman.

      sorry you didn't realise but I think he's gay :/

    4. TattooedHeart

      Hylia is my beard