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  1. Photos Rihanna Covers Dazed Magazine


    The best shes looked this year?
  3. Discussion "Reputation" Leak Anticipation

    If anyone wants a link, just ask!
  4. Discussion "Reputation" Leak Anticipation

    we need a link, even tho I can go to the shop rn and buy it
  5. Other Fashion appreciation thread

    And here to stan your AVI
  6. Other Fashion appreciation thread

    Much better than the ARTPOP trash
  7. Album Lorde | Melodrama | June 16th

    someone call ambulance for @Lachlan
  8. Discussion Why did Jewels & Drugs, Donatella, Fashion!, and Swine make the cut for ARTPOP?

    Er, stay mad at JnD but yes I agree why did Fashion!, Donatella make the tracklist. Even saying that, Dope shouldn't've made the final cut either.
  9. Discussion Gaga breaks her silence on Sonja

  10. Game D*** by Kendrick Lamar megarate

    So we do our favourite song #13? and worst song #0?
  11. Swish Swish vs. Bad Blood

    I love Kendrick's verses in Bad Blood but overall Swish Swish takes the crown cause Nicki's verse >
  12. Celeb News A$AP Rocky Home Robbed at Gunpoint

  13. Celeb News Gaga Partners with Urban Outfitters

    Hopefully she doesn't re-use these designs for the Tour Merch
  14. Album Fergie | Double Dutchess | 2nd Studio Album | September 22nd, 2017

  15. Celeb News Kendrick Lamar's album DAMN. is already platinum!

    king of rap doing THAT