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    Celeb News

    that is THAT on THAT
  2. Electric

    This one keeps cutting and stopping
  3. communicating with birtish airways now to bring down your plane
  4. just be grateful I posted for once
  5. oh yes we stan TALENT, I Like That is trinity.
  6. you mean a 747? we don’t know a 474!
  7. And a shocking twist with LM5!
  8. havent seen the ranking so far so not sure!
  9. Electric


    Time to reconcile for new iconic Gaga section events!
  10. Electric


    If only others would stan talent!
  11. Interesting choice, I lowkey like it
  12. in New Zealand only so far
  13. Electric

    Music Video

    Ok just drop it now an perform it at GRAMMYs and leave it at that!
  14. Electric


    Here's hope to a Gaga + Rhat pic!
  15. Electric

    Celeb News

    I was hoping we left Joanne in 2017 except the tour