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    YAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSS .gif' alt='ny11'>
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    Miley will announce her album title when she reaches 13 million followers on twitter .gif' alt='ny8'>
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    I love this album 9 for Liberty Walk tho
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    .gif' alt='ny6'> but its ment to be like 'Instant Gaga News' but thanks!
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    It's gonna be different tho .gif' alt='ny8'> Thankyou! .gif' alt='ny11'>
  7. INSTANT GAGA is no longer opening AUGUST 1ST due to some theme / site difficulties and will open unexpectedly in the future. Since the site is being away for longer new projects will be introduced. Twitter: https://twitter.com/instantgagacom Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/instantgaga Site: http://www.instantgaga.com/ Hope to see some of you guys like / follow! Thanks
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    Marry The Night, oh wait :oop: jk. But yes Flo Rider, Pitbull