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  1. Venus XCX

    Nnnnnot this overrated mumbler She has one good song and that's i love you
  2. Venus XCX

    It seems fake because it's so new Sure she had 5H where she wasn't seen as the star and DWTS which she lost but opening for Ariana and being promoted by her has opened her up to a whole new audience she didn't have with Waves. anyway join our discord bitch
  3. Venus XCX

    @Sylk come see this
  4. 14. 'Alone In Love' from Mariah Carey Lachlan - #8 Liam - #16 Jack -
  5. Venus XCX

    Her story is so touching The bop we'd get if they collaborated
  6. Venus XCX


    Apparently 1996 will be the album title I'm ready for the AOTY serve!! She better put Waves on it although she has said in the past that she won't.
  7. I mean the first photos of someone having the cassette and the leak came within like two hours of each other. She knew what she was doing.
  8. Oh well, it's had a huge Youtube debut and is doing steady on Spotify. It'll prove to be a slow burner hit.
  9. Venus XCX


    In love with the Crazy In Love homage and her body in the rain scene
  10. Venus XCX


    !!! It's quite shocking it wasn't. Or Spirit playing in the trailers at least. It was a flop waiting to happen
  11. Venus XCX


    First of all welcome to the forum! Love your insight and passion for Beyonce. Unfortunately, as great as the album is, this would have performed better if it was hyped more with the Lion King trailers. They should have added "featuring new Soundtrack Coming July" at the end of the trailers because I don't remember any mention of a soundtrack before the week it was released. I don't think it can circle back around... Beyonce will never acknowledge it again.
  12. Venus XCX


  13. Venus XCX


    I had a similar first impression of Confessions where I preferred the singles and nothing else grabbed me but now I fully stan so it takes time She should keep trying to stan the album tracks, Push is EXCELLENT!
  14. Venus XCX

    You Find Someone Like You Toronto I Want You Around Love Like That Situationship Nothing to Me Peace I Didn't Mean to Fall In Love Whoa Charleville 9200, Pt. II Be Careful Njoy Here Now (Intro)