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  1. Discussion

    Can I be delulu in peace
  2. This reminds me of her 2012 tweets when she'd play around with producers and the Haus Bitch call her fibro one more time... The fatass here is Bloodpop
  3. Discussion

    This duo already disappointed us in 2016 Gaga, please baby. We need the Born This Way team back. Fernando DJWS RedOne
  4. Celeb News

    Her love for Bey is so genuine and Bey was so kind
  5. Event

    Welp at her serving better looks than the first show!
  6. Album

    Oh wow seeing the official number makes it too real. The American Tination did NOT come through. Fire Mike. The mentality of dropping three potential hits but letting them float around for 3 months and assuming the great videos will make them smash is not acceptable. He clearly has no knowledge of how to succeed in this climate. RCA, drop ha. She needs to start afresh (even though she has had many mini revivals) with a new label and release a better album.
  7. The Cure is her most streamed song AND debuted better No Tears in sales. Not everybody can have sales and streams.
  8. Not in my country or the USA. UK I'm guessing she could be but she will continue to prosper
  9. Album

    I like the blue one better imo But go with whatever your heart desires
  10. It hasn't even been 24 hours since his death? And not even a week since the death of Kylie's career? Have you no shame?
  11. Welcome! FOTP Tination is growing And yes we been knew, Nightride is also supreme
  12. Award shows and Spotify payola
  13. Such sad, sudden news. He was so young and talented. Gone too soon. RIP!
  14. Videography finally coming through! Budget! The snippet at the start makes the song so much better tho, wish it was the version released on iTunes & Spotify