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  1. It's what the album deserves Thank God I Found You Rainbow (Interlude) Petals Against All Odds Can't Take That Away Heartbreaker
  2. testing set i signed up thinking it would be a one week thing you little bitch
  3. Typical 'female pop music is trash these days' parody. Nothing new. Their Malibu one was great imo
  4. Not even the best ME bonus track
  5. Because My Everything is superior in every way
  6. Charts

    honestly didn't think it would sell that much. maybe it's because of the tour bundle?
  7. Discussion

    YAAAAAS FOHL is one of Gaga's best songs Here's to more pre-ARTPOP leaks
  8. Discussion

    Both great pop albums!
  9. Event

    what kind of bawp
  10. Photos

    I hope her hair falls out so she returns to wigs I guess she wanted to go back to blonde for the tour. Other than that I don't see why she'd get rid of the brown so soon, I mean BrunetteGa makes her look younger and healthier.
  11. He could truly put his hand in my throat while putting the other in my ass and serve my shattered body on a silver platter to his brother and they can tag team me
  12. Interrogate me like that papi Thirst aside, just sign the autograph and go. Its a shame that he probably spent more time with that guy then he has with some loving fans.
  13. I see what you did there! Although we don't stan that song!
  14. a generous 5