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  1. Imagine being this culturally daft... after centuries of oppression the least Black Americans deserve is to reclaim the word used to degrade them by slave masters, police and people in the streets, on public transport. White people can't own everything forever.
  2. Venus XCX


    This bitch I need Songs For You now
  3. Venus XCX


    Wonder what her favourite Madame X song is
  4. Venus XCX


    She's doing what the other girls shoulda did...
  5. Venus XCX


    Yes I will sign up!
  6. Venus XCX


    The unbotched face and clothes accentuating her body
  7. I don't know a worse person. Ally remains unbothered by her not even uttering her name since the split
  8. Venus XCX


    Her wigs look so natural
  9. Venus XCX

    That smile
  10. Lol that excerpt of his manifesto doesn't make sense whatsoever. It's mental illness AND terrorism in every sense of the word.
  11. Venus XCX


    The double CD serve, I'm imagining the packaging right now