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  1. Venus XCX

    They really are a waste of space especially since we just make threads when news comes out about an album release
  2. Venus XCX


    Knew this was coming ITZ doesn't have 500 songs to rate Lemme continue my rates theyre in my notes Not me not realising it didn't send because I didn't have a subject title and closing the tab
  3. Venus XCX


    Truly her best Sent!
  4. Venus XCX


    Survival vs. Drowned World/Substitute for Love Secret vs. Swim I'd Rather Be Your Lover vs. Ray of Light Don't Stop vs. Candy Perfume Girl Inside of Me vs. Skin Human Nature vs. Nothing Really Matters Forbidden Love vs. Sky Fits Heaven Love Tried to Welcome Me vs. Shanti/Ashtangi Sanctuary vs. Frozen Bedtime Story vs. The Power of Goodbye Take a Bow vs. To Have and Not to Hold Let Down Your Guard vs. Little Star Your Honesty vs. Mer Girl *Red was so HARD BS - 5 ROL - 8
  5. Venus XCX


  6. Venus XCX

    Oh no wonder it didn't get a 10 Anyway, 10
  7. Venus XCX

    Celeb News

    Please I'm going to need 0 mention of Haus Labs before, during and after the LG6 era I don't want no lipstick falling out of my LG6 CD when I open it
  8. Venus XCX

    Freaky deserved a 10, iconic video, iconic scene, iconic girl group and making the most of his avi dimensions with high quality gifs after VIP being taken from him in public!!
  9. I know him from the proposed joint tour with Nicki... too sad and unexpected. So young with a promising career
  10. Venus XCX

    5. Kim Petras looks cute!
  11. Who approved this song? Let alone his solo career?
  12. Venus XCX


    Those are my taste babies @Normani, @fab, @Venus XCX, @Urbanov
  13. Venus XCX

    Celeb News

    Clownery everywhere
  14. Venus XCX


    Shameless / Living Proof / .... voted for First Man even though none of the rest have HIT me