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  1. Venus XCX


    I literally told you I spoke too soon before reading into it more but go off sis
  2. Venus XCX


    Ok Blair White educated me and I do see where you're coming from. I only thought of kids expressing themselves with hair and makeup which I support and not how they're doing it for money in nightclubs.
  3. Venus XCX

    Celeb News

    Queens of leading the world
  4. Venus XCX


    Erotica is her best album
  5. Venus XCX


  6. When I used iTunes I edited the duration to cut it out... but now I can't on Spotify I just put up with it so it counts as a scrobble, it's not like I listen to it much anyway!
  7. Venus XCX

    Power love ballads: We Belong Together vs With You > You're Mine (Eternal) > I Stay In Love > Angels Cry > Don't Forget About Us Personal closers: Outside > Petals > Looking In > Portrait Mourning songs: One Sweet Day > Bye Bye Latin infused ballads: My All > After Tonight > I Only Wanted Gospel: Fly Like A Bird > Heavenly > I Wish You Well Similar hooks: Heartbreaker > Loverboy > Fantasy > Dreamlover Dreamy romantic vibes: Fourth of July > Underneath the Stars > Bliss Break up anthems: Breakdown > Crybaby
  8. Mariah is known to create similar songs of her own to get another hit, now its time to choose our favourites! Bold your favourite from each or rank them in order: We Belong Together vs Don't Forget About Us vs I Stay In Love vs Angels Cry vs You're Mine (Eternal) vs With You Looking In vs Outside vs Petals vs Portrait One Sweet Day vs Bye Bye My All vs After Tonight vs I Only Wanted Fly Like A Bird vs I Wish You Well vs Heavenly Dreamlover vs Fantasy vs Heartbreaker vs Loverboy Underneath the Stars vs Fourth of July vs Bliss Breakdown vs Crybaby
  9. Venus XCX


    Still a listenable bop but faded into mid tier when Sweetener was released
  10. Venus XCX


    Love isn't real!
  11. Venus XCX

    Gay icons unite
  12. Venus XCX


    Their beef is definitely over, Mariah has a lot of respect for her and Madonna stanned Touch My Body, but both aren't known for being that outgoing at award shows
  13. Stay on FOTP sis! Pretty sure that user stans Living For Love which was dated on arrival so not sure why they're hating on such a fresh sounding bop