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  1. Discussion How is Reputation aging for you?

    Gorgeously dahling
  2. Other Gaga confirms there was never "any plans" for a The Cure music video

    Understandable. She had a movie to film.
  3. Photos Gaga serving 90s bombshell pre-AMAs

  4. Discussion The only acceptable Reputation trinity

    Ready For It, Dancing With Our Hands Tied, King Of My Heart
  5. Single Jessie J | Queen | Nov 17

    ugh her magnum opus is coming
  6. LGBT Homophobic Republican caught having gay sex

    Oh that woman deserved this messy end of a marriage and the man deserves the tarnishing of his reputation.zip I love when karma kills two pigs with one kiss
  7. Discussion The only acceptable Reputation trinity

    @Lachlan @othermods SueMe.m4a
  8. Discussion If Reputation was an 8 track EP?

    ...Ready For It? I Did Something Bad Don't Blame Me Delicate Look What You Made Me Do King Of My Heart Dancing With Our Hands Tied Call It What You Want Oh wowwwww
  9. Utopia (2017) Megarate

    He unfortunately missed out on Arisen My Senses
  10. Björk | Utopia | 10th Studio Album | November 2017

  11. Celeb News Normani Kordei in Studio with Stargate

    An RnB legend is arriving
  12. Other Watch the first trailer for the "Incredibles 2" movie coming this summer!

    Movie of the year is coming I haven't been so hyped for a movie in years
  13. Have you ever heard Little Mix's music in public?

    too true australia and uk are truly the only countries i can think of that are here for little mix
  14. Celeb News Ryan Seacrest accused of sexual harassment

  15. Discussion The only acceptable Reputation trinity

    Well this 'acceptable' trinity was declined