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  1. Game

    Omg yall praise Honeypoop to the high heavens but drag one of its most underrated 8.5
  2. General News

    They should have let the GRL brand rest in peace after the beautiful Lighthouse tribute. Hope the original members are going well
  3. Omg video of 2018 so far... VMAs here they come!
  4. Discussion

    Oh wow, Change is THAT underrated gem
  5. She did release it as a single (in Australia I think) she filmed a video, scrapped it and she says its lost forever
  6. Celeb News

    So this is what she's up to
  7. Discussion

    Living for this thread becoming Tinashemosity Turns out her staying loyal to Mike was a good choice. Now that RCA remembered she existed he can now focus on managing her solely and not only have they planned the era, secured an approximate album release in April and shot everything prior to release, but she's also released two absolute bangers, soon to be 3.
  8. Don't you stan Double Dutchess
  9. Game

    3. Honestly could have been left as a reject, it wouldn't have hurt to have the album have one less song. Now she'll eternally have a song on an album about G-Eazy.
  10. omg did you not get the reference
  11. Fuck Google. And I will make sure we bomb Google. First of all there is Getty Images and no View Image button. This is not allowed. Not in every... wait and see! At least we can still Open Image in New Tab I guess But I've noticed the sudden abundance of Getty photos in Images lately... no one wants them and their ugly grey watermarks
  12. Photos

    dark hair