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  1. Attention to all my fellow last.fm/FOTP hybrids I'm a bit late and you might already know but we have finally been blessed with an edit scrobble feature to merge our standard and deluxe version/edition albums... and - Single albums into their respective studio albums! And if you're like me and made the switch to Spotify, editing your iTunes album titles to Spotify's! YOU MUST BE A SUBSCRIBER! $3 Last FM's announcement How to bulk edit Bulk edit script
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    Honeymoon Avenue vs One Of The Boys Baby I vs I Kissed a Girl Right There vs Waking Up In Vegas Tattooed Heart vs Thinking of You Lovin' It vs Mannequin Piano vs Ur So Gay Daydreamin' vs Hot n Cold The Way vs If You Can Afford Me You'll Never Know vs Lost Almost Is Never Enough vs Self Inflicted Popular Song vs I'm Still Breathing Better Left Unsaid vs Fingerprints Pink Champagne vs I Think I'm Ready
  3. A dream, one of the best characters of ALL TIME
  4. I'm listening to The God Of Letting Go .gif' alt='cry3'>.gif' alt='cry2'> What abut you? Post here
  5. I've been howling at this since I watched it this mornign
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    An iconic year... will be doing this! Those graphics
  7. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/elton-john-lana-del-rey-musicians-on-musicians-cover-902354/
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    A great album. One of 2019's highlights. It has her trailblazing, daringness, controversy we haven't heard from her since American Life.
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    disco tits shedontknowbutsheknows shivering gold dont ask dont tell stranger bitches romantics cycles struggle 9th of october bad days hey you got drugs? - LIGHT BEAMS pitch black
  10. I have literally never been able to stand this disgusting pig scum of a man
  11. A dream to be that girl
  12. Her best career moment other than the Grammys
  13. See when you make a soundtrack that sounds like it was made in two weeks...
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    Not her saying 84 years jghkjgdgk
  15. Sure we may have seen this with her already with The Heart Wants What It Wants but if I remember correctly her and JB reconnected after that then broke up so of course she deserves the right to sing about what's happened since then Britney looks like any other Becky from Mississippi, to compare her to exotic beauties like Selena and Rihanna is stan delusion
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    I basically had the same reaction She better put respect on DCMA's name too
  17. Venus XCX

    Genius writing, quite funny Her most effort since Adventures?
  18. Venus XCX


    The way that green wig and the nipple pasties shit on any look from Joanne era
  19. It's listenable but sounds rushed and the same lazy production, Max Martin sis The serves are DCMA, Eyes Off You, How I Look On You and Nobody
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    Oh.. my... godt. Her best Halloween serve since Princess High in 2012
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    1. Cupid Boy - Venus XCX 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.
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    Glad He's Gone Bad As The Boys Sweettalk My Heart Stay Over Are you gonna tell her? Jacques Mateo Come Undone Equally Lost Really don't like you Shifted Mistaken Anywhere u go