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    General News

    I'll be first in line for Black Widow Scarlet Witch with Doctor Strange will also be a serve.
  2. Venus XCX


    1. Candy Perfume Girl - Liquid Love  2. Little Star - Joanna 3. Little Star - Urbanov 4. Little Star - Madonna 5. Little Star - Ghostface 6. Candy Perfume Girl - Madame X 7. Little Star - Beyoncé  8. Candy Perfume Girl - eri 9. Candy Perfume Girl - Venus XCX 10. 11. 12.
  3. Venus XCX


    01. Batuka - Beyoncé 02. I Rise - Madonna 03. Batuka - Joanna 04. Batuka - Freaky Prince 05. Batuka - Urbanov 06. Batuka - Chris 07. Batuka - Venus XCX 08. 09. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.
  4. Not when 4/4 the songs so far have been great and 0/4 her albums have been bad
  5. Venus XCX

    I just wanna know the 3 people who voted for ME! yall couldn't even post because you know you wrong for it
  6. Venus XCX

    Yes. Her vocals are powerful and she's a good dancer.
  7. Venus XCX

    NRO baby I'm so sorry you were said in the same sentence
  8. Venus XCX

    Music Video

    Serving ten years younger A beautiful tribute to the beautiful women who made Batuka the beautiful song
  9. Venus XCX

    Outside Close My Eyes Butterfly Breakdown Fourth Of July Melt Away Anytime You Need A Friend I Am Free The Wind Petals Honey One Sweet Day Sunflowers For Alfred Roy Cry. Camouflage
  10. Venus XCX


    You know what I was gonna update for you but not gonna bother with an obsessive IMH hater
  11. Wow what a soundtrack OTHERSIDE >>>
  12. Venus XCX


    The Lipster gays tweeting what they saw in their dreams because we're ALL bored I guess her label is pushing the album closer to Don't Call Me Angel's release since an Ariana/Miley collab may bring more attention to NFR
  13. Venus XCX

    now that there's a movie alphabet, lets start a tv show alphabet!
  14. Venus XCX


    Song and video are too cute She's a good dancer!
  15. Venus XCX


    Well Looking For Mercy is the only one out of these 3 worthy of winning and here yall are evicting it
  16. Venus XCX


    1. Ray of Light - Liquid Love 2. Ray of Light - Madonna 3. Ray of Light - Joanna 4. Ray of Light - Phoebe 5. Frozen - Venus XCX 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.  11.  12.
  17. Venus XCX


    Lemme feature some recent songs of theirs BANKS (Gimme, Contaminated) Little Mix (Bounce Back, Think About Us (feat. Ty Dolla Sign)) Snoh Aalegra (Find Someone Like You) Zara Larsson (All The Time, Don't Worry About Me) Ciara (Set, Thinking About You) Carly Rae Jepsen (Too Much, Want You In My Room) Tove Lo (Glad He's Gone) Miley Cyrus (Mother's Daughter, DREAM) Cardi B (Press) Cheryl (Let You) Ally Brooke (Lips Don't Lie) BLACKPINK (Kill This Love, Kick It) Tinashe (Throw A Fit)
  18. Venus XCX


    Here! Cute album for before sleep I guess
  19. I doubt this bc it's RadarOnline and they said KStew because Lana's on the Angels soundtrack but wow she deserves her ASIB moment I feel like she could rise up the challenge bc National Anthem video whew Oscar worthy!
  20. Acting as if her standalone singles are working out better than an era
  21. I'm listening to The God Of Letting Go .gif' alt='cry3'>.gif' alt='cry2'> What abut you? Post here
  22. Venus XCX

    Music Video

    Wow the turquoise water
  23. Venus XCX


    It takes a certain high IQ to appreciate Extreme Occident
  24. Venus XCX


    Which one do you choose? Extreme / Gostoso / Loca for me bc the bolded are 2/3 my trinity