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  1. 14 hours ago, Divine said:

    93. Rule The World

    Clearly yall didn't even listen to it


    14 hours ago, Divine said:

    46. You'll Never Know

    47. All My Love

    48. Intro (C&C)

    49. Let Me Love You

    50. Best Mistake

    Yall ranked an intro over trinity DW and ME...



    Honeymoon Avenue
    Get On Your Knees
    Santa Tell Me
    thank u, next
    Dance To This

    These making the top 30 and in my head is locked out at #31...


    16 hours ago, Divine said:


    Average Score: 8.85

    Highest Score Given: 15 (@popmusiccritic)

    Lowest Score Given: 0 (@Venus XCX)

    My mind preventing this bubblegum overrated Disney reject from top 10 lmfao2 

  2. 1 hour ago, Divine said:

    Hi everyone! All rates have officially been counted and we're almost ready for the results! However, there will be a change in plans! In order for the show to have my full attention, the results show will instead be held NEXT Saturday, November 30 at 2 pm NYC time. It's kind of for the better, I promise! Hope to see you all then!


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    A Liam/Colton constant postponing their events tea


  3. On 9/16/2019 at 7:36 AM, Hunty Bear said:

    I know and I almost never give 0's but I'm tiredT of other members sabotaging the songs I like with 0's so if you can't beat them, join them x gag1 though the worst song on NFR! would be a 7 minimum, other albums of hers can't relate!

    This made me edit my ballot so I'm ready for the mess the results show will be gag1