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  1. It's so disappointing that this will never happen. They are truly two of the most talented of our generation
  2. MC - Vision of Love, Love Takes Time, Prisoner Emotions - The Wind, To Be Around You, So Blessed Music Box - Anytime You Need A Friend, Music Box, Everything Fades Away Daydream - Forever, Melt Away, I Am Free Butterfly - Breakdown, Close My Eyes, Butterfly Rainbow - Thank God I Found You, Rainbow (Interlude), Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) Glitter - Loverboy (Remix), Lead The Way, Twister Charmbracelet - Boy (I Need You), Sunflowers For Alfred Roy, Bringin On The Heartbreak TEOM - We Belong Together, Fly Like A Bird, Shake It Off E=MC2 -
  3. Yeah. She looks unnaturally perfect in them.
  4. Everyone makes terrible mistakes so this is very sad but I'm glad an innocent person wasn't hurt. RIP. This should be used as an example in driving or PDHPE courses. And Youtube needs to clean up the comments on that video.
  5. In terms of photography, TEOM In general terms of gorgeousness, iconicity... Butterfly. Also Daydream; we deserve more photos from that shoot
  6. She snatched those finalists And that walk onto the stage, slay
  7. Serving colour and weight in her face, Joanne era can't relate
  8. FAVE SCROBBLES ALBUM SONG Mariah Carey 8,232 Me. I Am Mariah...The Elusive Chanteuse Breakdown Lady Gaga 6,607 ARTPOP Applause Lana Del Rey 2,436 Ultraviolence West Coast Ariana Grande 2,328 Dangerous Woman Problem Rihanna 1,989 Unapologetic Bitch Better Have My Money
  9. We love the best song on E=MC2 Also has a stunning video
  10. You guys are so daft. They're obviously passing time and fooling around at rehearsals and reminiscing about the BTWBall routine. This doesn't confirm it's on the setlist at all.
  11. Legend Mani sis Just say Rebel Heart since everyone hates MDNA Tell us your choices Seems like we both have talent and taste, since ROL might overtake Erotica for me in a few months
  12. True Blue Erotica Music Rebel Heart
  13. Lets decide once and for all which Madge album is the best of its decade!
  14. Showing kindness and support, quite the contrast to during the ARTPOP era! I'd pee if Gaga went on her show for an interview
  15. It's what the album deserves Thank God I Found You Rainbow (Interlude) Petals Against All Odds Can't Take That Away Heartbreaker
  16. testing set i signed up thinking it would be a one week thing you little bitch
  17. Typical 'female pop music is trash these days' parody. Nothing new. Their Malibu one was great imo