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  1. Who in their right mind would want Red Flame anywhere near the final ARTPOP tracklist? It didn't make the cut for a reason; it's terrible. Brooklyn Nights would stick out like a sore thumb. I understand why some people may not be intelligent enough to stan JnD but it's my favourite so your comments are blasphemic. Donatella and Swine are certified BOPS, but I can kinda understand questioning Fashion!'s spot on the tracklist since I'm not even sure if Gaga likes it. In conclusion, you have no right to come for any other ARTPOP song when your favourite is Dope.
  2. Only her best album An ERA A MASTERPIECE still breaking records to this day
  3. Oh Andy In my opinion the Lust For Life bridge is a highlight of her discography!
  4. What kind of cinematic masterpiece? Makes me love the song even more. It needs to be her next Summertime Sadness (Cedric Gervais Remix)!
  5. Sick scumfuck who will be tortured in hell for eternity
  6. Will Legend Mariah finally acknowledge fellow legend Ariana for the first time and give her condolences? If she does I hope it's actually from her and not Mishka.
  7. And to think I have a modern history exam on German Unification next week. European geography is not my tea
  8. This is all so sudden. A few days ago the saddest thing was the one year anniversary since Dangerous Woman release and now it's a mass murder. She may never recover, it will be a lifelong memory for her and those devastated by death. I don't know how she'll return to performing.
  9. How will others that were in the arena recover? I'd be asking myself 'why them and not me?' and being able to return to mass crowds will be so hard for them.
  10. I am beyond disturbed. I couldn't focus at school after watching the videos inside the arena and thinking of how empty Ariana must feel along with the loved ones. These are people my age. It happened so soon after the show ended too If I'm correct the videos suggested the explosion was at the back of the arena, I'm so glad you were on the opposite side of the arena. This is a terrible, horrifying case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time for those killed or injured. Don't you live in Manchester? Or England? I'm also glad you're safe since you live in Engl
  11. also die @ at whoever made this set, but i guess we love colour co-ordination
  12. If Moo saved me from incarceration then yes
  13. International Lamb is me on every level
  14. Much like the song was on arrival Jk, we all love Americano but you can't prefer it over Monster I mean Lachlan sis we're in public