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  2. Now that you point it out, no They gave me one point that will never expire on my main but the rest (the ones that got me banned in the first place) should still expire On second thought, it could have been my IP address. Still, I gotta watch my back on this forum!
  3. Yikes at someone coming in here and sending ATRL mods my conversation with @Hunty Bear and getting me banned!!!
  4. Queen of avoiding leaks so far! She'll need every sale she can get
  5. No se what she's saying in it but I know this album will have all kinds of bops
  6. EXPOSE Yes Sylk gave me his second account since he accidentally made two accounts when he registered last year The ban is lifted on April 13 so the original account will be back just in time for Joyride
  7. If Kali's actually pregnant... Not sure if I'd be mad or over the moon for her
  8. When she started singing Ultraviolence I was welp and started singing but then was deathstared by some bitch recording with her Samsung, I was like damn is this song that special to you
  9. I stopped listening go the snippets after In My Dreams to keep the second half a surprise
  10. ISOLATION SNIPPETS https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07BDMGKLW/ref=dm_ws_sp_ps_dp Oh my godd d d d ... AOTY incoming One more week
  11. No Apparently she left Brisbane right after the show welp
  12. I got there at like 6:30 and stood right where the ground went from grass to concrete then magically made it to the first few rows I wasn't in the under 18s line I just went through Gate 1 and had an all ages ticket You didn't happen to see a boy in overalls vomitting over a fence while everyone was walking out towards the cloakrooms/merch stands did you
  13. Oop I was on the right side of the stage Omg I miss her so much I don't want her to leave, fuck Sydney and Melbourne
  14. Well the Change stan won bc she actually bothered to perform it!
  15. I didn't blackout and she really didn't perform Love Weird since its literally the lead for the album she's touring oh well it's not one of my LFL favourites oop!
  16. Just got back from my Lana concert and oh wow!! She sounded as angelic as expected and setlist was not too shabby! I noticed she didn't do Serial Killer (which didn't bother me since I haven't listened to her unreleased ) MTWBT and I also don't remember her performing Love? ( @PoisonCandy correct me if I'm wrong btw post your full experience!!) Too bad the pit was an absolute mess (it was my first time... I was nauseous from drinking too fast and too much, it was so humid ((lana's hair went frizzy it was so cute)) and everyone was so bitchy and moody and just recording on their phones!!! I gue
  17. There's pretty much only 6 new songs, we've heard title track (unless theyve switched it up) and there's like 4 interludes, they better be snatchers like Indigo Child etc
  18. Did my own research and they don't follow each other on IG... ATRLers talking out of their ass I hope
  19. @Urbanov @Hunty Bear @Jake Apparently the female Joyride collab is Alessia Cara
  20. You saw a mirage dahling Jk it was probably me, Butterfly's top 5 is taken up by title track, Breakdown, Honey, Close My Eyes & Outside
  21. After The Storm > Tyrant > Nuestra Planeta oop! I wasn't crazy for ATS at first but then it swiftly snatched me after a few listens. Tyrant I've always loved. Nuestra Planeta an bop but it's just kinda *there*.