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  1. Controversial opinion! But she did do that with this scene: We should make this lounge more active, we are lambily after all
  2. Omg I can't with the taste. That album trinity is 100% Dilmah and only logical lambs will agree. Although Rainbow is top 5 I disagree with you there.
  3. Oops everythingisembarrassing.m4a
  4. Since yall introduced me to Black Mirror I've started watching from Season 1 and The Entire Memory Of You is some of the greatest television I've ever witness.zip-ed! @Lachlan can't relate sweetie watch season 1 already instead of jumping on season 4 bandwagon
  5. Apparently this was confirmed fake Would have slayed! We mostly need a release date!
  6. I was wondering if you meant Nightride but wasn't sure because I couldn't imagine someone not instantly liking it but here we are. Anyway Touch Pass > Ghetto Boy and STAN Sacrifices! A certain user above can't relate!
  7. Dear God... Amethyst is really #that mixtape @Hunty Bear We hope you got sunburn.m4a in your eyes finally looking to the LIGHT
  8. I was at Coachella Leaning on your shoulder Watching your husband swing in time
  9. Can someone please send me an iTunes quality link of Reputation into my DMs real quick cry1 

  10. Ruins the song btw, shame on Snoh for embracing her culture!
  11. Not like it was hard to beat QOTC
  12. Oh wow at @Mystique's member title @Lachlan @Americunt @Hunty Bear How does it feel to have two Harmonizers in Lanamosity's midst?
  13. Wouldn't it be nice if someone we knew was in a position to add lanapraying.gif as an emote! @Lachlan!
  14. i had my mac on full blast this scared me so much
  15. Just noticing how laid her wig is on the Ultraviolence cover It really is that #classic isn't it