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  1. Since I have Paradise, UV and Honeymoon on CD I will be buying LFL... when it's discounted! I'm more tight now and need things to save up for these days
  2. 100 on Last FM, but it would be like 150 if I could scrobble on my phone!
  3. https://atrl.net/forums/topic/56988-is-summer-bummer-lanas-worst-song/#comment-3844956
  4. im done with this slut effortlessly clocking
  5. https://www.buzzfeed.com/chrisp47327cbcd/pick-eight-mariah-carey-songs-and-well-tell-you-w-xoyr?utm_term=.ea8dLyjVRK#.ch2eNq8J5z You got: Go on a scavenger hunt Hide some stuff, find some stuff...just don't cry in frustration when you lose. Have fun!
  6. goooood bless ameeeeerica and all the beautiful people in it!
  7. I'm... listening to it for the first time in i+ and I'm enjoying it so much! Coachella is even more gorgeous with the rest of the album! And the transition from GBA to WTWWAWWKD is... oh wow! I love a trinity album of 2017. 2016 - 7/27 2017 - Lust For Life Wow!
  8. Terrence > Groupie > Love > the rest!
  9. The video Babydoll deserved! Never been one of my favourite songs from Rainbow but still listenable and enjoyable!
  10. Fuck I love God Bless America Can't wait for her to perform it on the Superbowl roof but with no harnesses this time! Shaun never said that I'm?
  11. This is brand new information! Happy for him tho
  12. I feel so bad for her
  13. No. I could have when she came to Brisbane for The Elusive Chanteuse Show but I can't remember why I didn't go.
  14. Now don't be adding me to know Taylor tag lists but I will be throwing in my two cents in this
  15. Album ranking, worst to best list! WARNING: It's in a spoiler for a reason, do not open if easily triggered!
  16. This seemed to be the case for you and your fellow fossils during the Joanne/Perfect Illusion era
  17. An ALBUM is coming. Mark Ronson and Tame Impala but mostly Mark Ronson is out of the picture. Gone to ruin another album but with SZA. We're ready to be served an album full of The Cures, DJWS.
  19. Me to any FOTPer: "Sweetie, do you know any of these threads Walt Disney here speaks of?" FOTPer: