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  1. and they're two rappers who arent even relevant thats the true kii at least G-Eazy had a massive hit prior to Make Mee...
  2. Confessions on a Dance Floor is better than any trash album from Michael
  3. Which new album do you prefer? Kesha, Gaga or Katy
  4. Scream's success is responsible for Bride of Chucky as well
  5. Because it exists because of Scream's success otherwise Halloween 6 would have been the final Halloween film
  6. Madonna is the Psycho the one who started the horror genre and slasher sub genre
  7. When they both debuted in the 90s, Pop music and slasher films were a dying genre until they debuted. When they debuted we had tons of clones: Britney Clones: Christina Aguilera Mandy Moore Beyonce Jessica Simpson Willa Ford Brooke Hogan etc. Scream Clones: I Know / I Still Know Urban Legend 1 / 2 Halloween H2O etc.