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  1. but they sure get more acclaim than her
  2. Least her brother isn't a pedophile rapist like Icki Garbaj
  3. lmfao ok If it weren't for Lil Kim there'd be no Cardi B
  4. and lmao at you bashing Lil Kim meanwhile having that racist bitch Cardi B in your awards you'd rather stan for someone who's called black women roaches than Lil Kim lol
  5. and what's Beyonces excuse?
  6. Are you really calling out someone for bleaching their skin with MJ in your awards and stanning for Beyonce?
  7. Least shes not supporting a pedophile
  8. Discussion

    1. Nu-Di-Ty 2. Your Disco Needs You 3. All The Lovers 4. Wow 5. Get Outta My Way
  9. Taylor's done it with Speak Now, why hasn't Gaga done that yet? She's a much more talented songwriter than Taylor
  10. In The Zone is quality music
  11. Listen to In The Zone by Britney its better
  12. Obvi Taylor can write but they both suck at singing
  13. Seriously what does this bitch provide besides terrible vocals and horrible stage pressence?
  14. Mod Notice Do not insult the appearance of other members.