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  1. jdpm1991

    She paid for his lawyer
  2. jdpm1991

    Ironic a moomoo stan is saying this when the only time people check for MooCow are for All I Want for Christmas.
  3. All four singles have a featuring in them but what are your rankings?
  4. jdpm1991


    Still better than the pixie cut i guess.
  5. jdpm1991

    Bad response or good?
  6. jdpm1991

    WTF is a HAIM? is it Hold It Against Me spelled backwards?
  7. That's ironic coming from someone who stans for Christina.
  8. Because people thought the iconic girl group in KPop TWICE released a title track
  9. jdpm1991

    Then why did she do those remixes?
  10. jdpm1991

    Solo version is better
  11. Demi ruined this and added nothing to the final version. Solo >
  12. jdpm1991

    So then Christina Aguilera should be the It Girl in Europe
  13. Standing on the Sun commercial is her best pop visual and I think an entire summer era would be amazing