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  1. Scream's success is responsible for Bride of Chucky as well
  2. Because it exists because of Scream's success otherwise Halloween 6 would have been the final Halloween film
  3. Madonna is the Psycho the one who started the horror genre and slasher sub genre
  4. When they both debuted in the 90s, Pop music and slasher films were a dying genre until they debuted. When they debuted we had tons of clones: Britney Clones: Christina Aguilera Mandy Moore Beyonce Jessica Simpson Willa Ford Brooke Hogan etc. Scream Clones: I Know / I Still Know Urban Legend 1 / 2 Halloween H2O etc.
  5. Dr. Luke made Kesha who she is Crazy Kids >>>>>>> w/e is gonna be on Rainbow
  6. Is "Glory" more of In the Zone's baby or is it Blackout's sexier sister or is it an orphan
  7. Can we still get another quality album like "Glory' could we have another disaster area album like Myah Jean
  8. yet you love that trash Shit Girl and Million Diseases
  9. But I waited for Kesha to finally release an album or a single and she gives me some boring ass ballad I don't listen to pop girls for ballad. If i did i'd be listening to Adele.
  10. But I didn't ask for it the first time and not the 2nd time, this is her first album in nearly a decade and she's gonna waste a spot with an old track?
  11. Woman better be a bop like it's cute and great she can do what she wants but Dr. Luke created masterpieces for her. Also wtf at her putting that boring Candle song from Deconstructed on Rainbow? seriously how many songs did u record since 2013 and u put an old ass cover on it just bcus Pebe wrote it?
  12. This is the 3rd time a pop girl has released a ballad as a single first gaga then katy now Kesha GIVE ME SOME DAMN BOPS! ffs enough with the slow shit! I miss 2010-2011 already
  13. If Christina's so talented then why is there no demanded for her
  14. no one wants or cares about Christina Aguilera especially when we have Beyonce and Adele
  15. Wanna know the funny part this "puppet" is selling out a world tour in 2017 while ur fave is the face of oreos