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  1. I'll trust Metacritic instead of you: http://www.metacritic.com/music/glory/britney-spears they say universal acclaim Universal acclaim
  2. For someone who is supposed to be considered more talented than Siri Spears, Siri always gets better scores than Katy Perry? Circus - 64% In The Zone - 66% Oops!...I DId It Again - 72% Blackout - 61% Britney - 58% (which is still higher than Witness's score) Glory - 71 http://www.metacritic.com/person/britney-spears?filter-options=music Katy: One Of The Boys - 47% Teenage Dream - 52% Prism - 61% Witness - 54% http://www.metacritic.com/person/katy-perry?filter-options=music I thought Katy was supposed to be more talented than Britney
  3. more like when she has a successful era which will be never
  4. It's not that she doesn't want to tour is that she can't because she's a flop
  5. Also which standard had the better ballad as the album closer? 1989's Clean or Witness's Into Me You See
  6. You kno what Britney is doing in 2017? embarking on the start of her international concert
  7. Then why did: Glory have a 71% and 20/20 Experience 2 have a 60? http://www.metacritic.com/music/the-2020-experience-2-of-2/justin-timberlake
  8. She has no other choice I'd rather a concert performance than a lousy TV performance
  9. At least people are interested in Britney's STAGE PERFORMANCE can't say the same about Christina
  10. John Wayne >>>>>>>>>>>>>
  11. Too bad Britney is the one performing on the stage and lip syncing as well meanwhile no one wants to hear Christina's voice
  12. and yet The Circus Tour was the biggest pop girl tour of the 2000's
  13. Witness and TD are her best title tracks but that whistle in Witness
  14. It's Because of Siri Spears that your ugly ass fave has a career
  15. Which of Katy's title tracks do you prefer? Witness Teenage Dream or One Of The Boys
  16. Switch Million Reasons with A-Yo and i'd agree
  17. Prism is so much better Legendary Lovers, Dark Horse alone >>>>>>> Witness