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  1. Camila could have debuted with I Have Questions tbh. Should Sia had kept Crying in the Club for her next album?
  2. At least britney isn't a culture vulture and is rehashing Miley's shtick from 2013
  3. Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez are more qualified to judge other's singing?
  4. Clearly people care about Britney since her recent concert is sold out
  5. Since when is Pharrell relevant? he hasn't been relevant since "Happy"
  6. But Britney is the one who is currently going to be on a world tour this summer
  7. No one cares that JLo, Shakira, Alicia, Adam, Blake, Miley, Pharrell, Usher, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry etc. are doing it yet britney and christina were the only ones shamed for it
  8. We're not talking about "Clumsy" or "Hard To Forget Ya"
  9. Everyone says they prefer Aura's demo version "Burqa" compared to the one we got on the album, but what are the differences? i don't hear em
  10. At least Tinashe serves quality music and it's called "Slumber Party" you're gonna need a feature for that type of song just look at the concept of the music video ffs. Katy didn't even know Migo's names
  11. As the title stands: "Glory" and "Joanne" only recieved 2 singles and it doesn't look like we'll be getting a 3rd from either albums but "Witness" is able to have 3 singles already despite the lead being a major flop
  12. And Zayn's something to boast about? he has the personality of a wooden fence and his visuals are dull
  13. but he's still cancelling appearances that Tinashe need more than his ugly ass
  14. Tinashe the superior vocalist, superior everything is being paid dust yet a hack like Zayn is getting these promo spots just because he's from 1D yet he's still cancelling so he can smoke a blunt in his wheelchair.
  15. You're an Ari fan yet you don't know one of her featurings?
  16. It's clear Katy Perry was vocally supposed to be on "Get On Your Knees" and that this was supposed to be a single, but someone said that they removed Katy from it at the last minute and chose Ari. Why? Were they hoping to duplicate Bang Bang's success?
  17. Which of Rihanna's magnum opus do you prefer? Good Girl Gone Bad (including Reloaded's bonus tracks) or LOUD