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  1. You do realize that using Spotify for free includes ads and annoying shuffle routines, right?
  2. The bitch is coming here in August, after the album gets released. I'm so fucking there. IT'S GONNA BE LIT TONIGHT
  3. It'd be cool if she released a new track with it, like a B-Side
  4. I'm so excited for her sophomore
  5. Music Video

    Unnecessary, irrelevant, reductive, tragic, inferior, disastrous, unacceptable, awful, second rate, atrocious, unfortunate, sad and painful to watch. I was rooting for my favorite song on the record, but now…
  6. I fucking loved the track
  7. Rising to fame through a hardcore online fanbase and a guest spot on the biggest song of 2016, Halsey is set to release the follow-up to her 2015 debut Badlands. The 22-year-old singer announced a June 2017 release for her sophomore album by changing her Twitter bio a few hours ago: Despite being four months away from releasing new material, Halsey has been busy with a string of other recent projects and appearances lately. She was, of course, featured on the Chainsmoker's mega-hit Closer, she contributed a song to the new Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack and she took part in the Women's March on January 21, just a week after having surgery for endometriosis.
  8. Event

    The 2nd? That's like in after tomorrow… Holy shit
  9. EP

    Damn! She looks good
  10. Discussion

    Me too what the fuck…