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  1. At this point I'm just asking for great music. I don't even want a tour or epic promotion. Just give us great music X
  2. I use Apple Music. Is there anything for it?
  3. Photos

    I thought they were still working on the soundtrack. Besides, you're right, she could be giving the last touches to the audio of the Joanne Tour DVD
  4. Photos

    It could be for the movie's soundtrack, you guys…
  5. Rumor

    Someone PM me the link, please 😭
  6. Tacky design, terrible OS and cheap materials.
  7. Event

    Disbanding announcement within the next few weeks.
  8. I guess it's the brand itself, more directed to the young adults.
  9. Single

    How do you guys knows this is indeed the demo? How does the label fuck up like this? It does sound less refined.
  10. Single

    Do you have any link of the demo?
  11. Discussion

    I really the leftovers "Crying in the Club", "OMG" and "I Have Questions"