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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/jun/18/portugal-more-than-20-people-killed-in-forest-fires
  2. Sales are these low these days? Tragic.
  3. Where will this stream on Apple Music?
  4. Actually think "special guest" is just going to be her performing a song or two with her little sister.
  5. You do realize that using Spotify for free includes ads and annoying shuffle routines, right?
  6. The bitch is coming here in August, after the album gets released. I'm so fucking there. IT'S GONNA BE LIT TONIGHT
  7. It'd be cool if she released a new track with it, like a B-Side
  8. Unnecessary, irrelevant, reductive, tragic, inferior, disastrous, unacceptable, awful, second rate, atrocious, unfortunate, sad and painful to watch. I was rooting for my favorite song on the record, but now…