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  1. Joao


    Artists are taking TOO long to release these days
  2. Joao


    Honestly just let her live. She's got all she wants in life right now.
  3. Joao

  4. Joao


    It's true, most Portuguese eat dinner very late hahaha
  5. Joao


    I don't know any of the unreleased songs 😣
  6. Joao


    J – Judas O — pOker Face A – Applause O — mOnster
  7. Cancelled. A show full of Million Repeats is a no for me today. Or ever.
  8. Joao


    What "True Blue" artwork do you have on iTunes? Everything I've seen on Google seems off. The coloring of the photograph doesn't look natural. I'm looking for the one without any type on it, just the photo.
  9. Shania is everything to me
  10. I don't think she should. It would destroy her even more. She loves what she does to death. Music is her life, an escape from the harsh reality she leaves in. Demi needs music, music needs Demi and we need Demi to be ok. Just like Rehab.