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  1. I've known a couple of bops before, like Hero, Without You, Obsessed & Touch My Body (which I thought both were from like 2001 cuz she looked so young), and then #Beautiful came out, and I started getting into her, listened to her whole discography (Liked everything besides memoirs ) and that was it
  2. I deffo listened to em chronologically I remember playing the debut for the first time I was like blooown the fuck away I immediately became a fan, but when I came to Daydream, it became an obsession lmao
  3. 1. Emancipation 2. Glitter 3. E=MC2 4. Charmy 5. Memoirs
  4. BTD : Honestly, I love this album as a whole so much so it's hard to pick faves, but if I had to pick, Lolita, Carmen, Lucky Ones, Million Dollar Man. Paradise : Bel Air, Yayo, American UV : Old Money, Sad Girl, Ultraviolence, Florida Killos HM : Same thing as with BTD, I adore this record, but the faves would be : Salvatore, Religion, 24, Music To Watch Boys To
  5. Where to begin... The video is actually beautiful. Maybe I can even say one of her best. The problem starts with the songs... It just feels, bland. Lead single is a fresh air in terms of lyrics but the production on it (and the title track especially) feels uninspired. Lazy. It's not "wig snatching". It's just enjoyable and beautiful. That's all. I wish I could say I was slayed. I have so many mixed feelings. I never thought a title track could make me more disappointed though, I was crying by the time the chorus came in. Why Lana? It's just... Weak. It's enough to make me go crazy. I am not s
  6. Is the person a Lana fan or not? You know the GP think she is boring post BTD : P I believe in my queen.
  7. I kinda figured that's what she does now Srsly tho
  8. Idk if this question really needs a thread, but I've searched the whole web and no answer I've been on and off obsessed with Lana ever since she came out with Interscope so, I'm really thirsty for the new stuff.
  9. Can't believe I used to stan him. Though 'The Secret' album is still too cute
  10. Daydream.


    Honestly, I love both, the movie and the album (the album is actually great, amazing bops and some of her undeniably best ballads on it), like I don't know what the world would expect from Mariah when doing her first movie, like it's not going to be anything mind blowing, as someone said earlier, it's a real cute movie with a cute storyline and that's it.
  11. Obviously bothered from all the drama.
  12. I agree with anyone saying 1997-1998 , just look at my set , I mean