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  1. Daydream.


    Butterfly vs For The Record
  2. Daydream.

    I've known a couple of bops before, like Hero, Without You, Obsessed & Touch My Body (which I thought both were from like 2001 cuz she looked so young), and then #Beautiful came out, and I started getting into her, listened to her whole discography (Liked everything besides memoirs ) and that was it
  3. I deffo listened to em chronologically I remember playing the debut for the first time I was like blooown the fuck away I immediately became a fan, but when I came to Daydream, it became an obsession lmao
  4. Daydream.

    1. Emancipation 2. Glitter 3. E=MC2 4. Charmy 5. Memoirs
  5. Daydream.


    Babydoll vs Right To Dream
  6. Daydream.


    Love Takes Time vs Hero
  7. Daydream.


    my all vs after tonight
  8. Daydream.


    Lead the Way vs My All
  9. Daydream.


    Prisoner vs Cry.
  10. Daydream.


    I Don't Wanna Cry vs So Blessed
  11. Daydream.


    BTD : Honestly, I love this album as a whole so much so it's hard to pick faves, but if I had to pick, Lolita, Carmen, Lucky Ones, Million Dollar Man. Paradise : Bel Air, Yayo, American UV : Old Money, Sad Girl, Ultraviolence, Florida Killos HM : Same thing as with BTD, I adore this record, but the faves would be : Salvatore, Religion, 24, Music To Watch Boys To
  12. Daydream.

    Old Money vs. Music To Watch Boys To
  13. Daydream.


    Crybaby (LOVE this song) vs I Still Believe
  14. Lbr tho guys, now is not a good time for a single.