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  1. Daydream.


    Omg that was really good
  2. Daydream.

    Celeb News

    Can't believe I used to stan him. Though 'The Secret' album is still too cute
  3. Daydream.

    Why did I even bother trying to prove something on a pop music forum
  4. Daydream.

    It's hard to fuck up when 5 notes are all you have to sing in a 2 hour concert. educate yourself AND even if it was only in '95, Snake doesn't, and won't have a year where she can sing more than 2.5 octaves. Lym
  5. Daydream.

    Ok, so let's résumé. You as a Taylor Swift fan, are calling Mariah Carey - a 5 octave range singer, The Songbird Supreme (Guinness said it), a person who was written ALL of her songs, known as an excellent songwriter, produced most of them too - a person with no talent. I guess then you think Taylor is a chicken legged freakshow rented for a cheap circus named Country goes Wrong ? Stop being so mean to your faves y'all.
  6. Daydream.

    I'll try <3
  7. Daydream.

    of COURSE that is your answer.
  8. Daydream.

    Baby, I'm not trying to defend the performance, there's nothing to defend, facts are facts, like the fact that half of your faves are jokes themselves so I guess you have a lot to laugh at in your free time. Love ya <3
  9. But baby, J.Lo has no chance not to deliver, since she barely sings live so a sound technical problem would not be known to her, right?
  10. Daydream.

    Ok, people here gonna call me bitter, but, I find it ironic how y'all are laughing at the ' loss ' of someone's career when some of your faves don't even have a career to lose. (I mean, Nick Jonas fans etc, I'm weak )
  11. Daydream.

    It was a bad performance, but y'all don't know that what u r celebrating in this thread is the fact that Mariah just got more popular and presented to the younger GP that maybe hasn't really been into her before. Ofc the performance sucked, but many people will google her after this and see the real deal and she'll potentially get a lot of new fans. So, as bad as it is, it's still kinda good.
  12. Actuallyyy, Miley is a solid vocalist
  13. Daydream.


    Omg hi there It's been so long
  14. Daydream.

    2014 : We never met. 2016 : We've met a couple of times. Gosh, who's the forgetabble one?