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  1. I am back #FashionGirl and I am READY to judge these new girls for season 2!
  2. I still listen to that mixtape to this day, it’s SO good!
  3. This is my second favorite album of hers, I really hope she doesn’t change it so drastically that it’s ruined for me
  4. Cassie's most recent release was this past February, a collaboration with Ultra Music artist Black Coffee. It's a chilled out lil vibe. Check it out!
  5. Cassie Ventura-Fine (born August 26, 1986), known professionally as Cassie, is an American singer, songwriter, model, actress and dancer. Born in New London, Connecticut, she began her career as a result of meeting record producer Ryan Leslie in late 2004, who later signed her to NextSelection Lifestyle Group. During this time, Diddy heard "Me & U" in a club, and Leslie convinced him to partner his Bad Boy Records with Leslie's NextSelection imprint for the release of Cassie's debut album. Cassie's self titled debut studio album was released in August 2006, peaking at number four on t
  6. No clue who I could even tag in the thread that might want to use it, but pls help me get my Cassie and Lindsay stan badges brit2

  7. Brutal deserves the single treatment, it's SUCH a banger! Easily my favorite song from the whole album.
  8. outsold your faves


  9. I miss her so much, I still hold out hope that she's gonna pop back up one day and take over once again. This is still in my top 10 songs of all time to this day: