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  1. I am back #FashionGirl and I am READY to judge these new girls for season 2!
  2. She really did say, "I'm gonna EAT this shit! It's summer in Ibiza!!!"
  3. I had a couple choices for Summer, too, and I couldn’t decide which to send. The one I ended up sending was literally just because it was very bright and windy with the ocean behind it. And then the watermelon set it over~
  4. I figured this would be my placement due to certain contestants’ feelings (and maybe judges), but I am so thankful for this game and the whole experience! Thanks @Verona for hosting and I cant wait for S2!
  5. Lindsay doesn’t look like she did in Mean Girls anymore, she’s 35, was an addict and had work done! Let this narrative go pleaseeeee 😭😭😭 but fr, thank you for the second place vote! Much appreciated 💖
  6. This season has been so much fun! Never imagined Lindsay would’ve made it to the final. No chance of winning, I would imagine, but thanks to those who kept Lindsay afloat throughout the competition! Good luck to the girls, we killed it!
  7. Ahhh, two wins in a row? Thanks for the support y’all! And glad to see Rihanna gets a shot in the final too 💖
  8. I had to run it through Remini otherwise the photo would’ve been grainy as helllll 😭😭😭
  9. Honestly good luck to to everyone! What a top 4! And there are only two people who have had a better run in the game than me, and they're the FRONTRUNNERS... so I cannot complain at all as the queen of safety. I'm so honored to even be a part of this amazing group of models
  10. Thank you! Maybe a later season I'll give Miley a go
  11. All I Want For Christmas Is You
  12. Fully expected to go, so delighted to have another round in the game!