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  1. When it showed “2006” and people thought their Sinnoh remake fantasies were real for a brief second
  2. I looked it up and wow thanks, now I’ll always hear it too
  3. It takes Snom 10 years to come to the front of my camp but gosh darnit is it fucking ADORABLE
  4. The male gym leaders suck, except the Dragon-type leader, who can bite me any day Also the Fairy gym leader had me CACKLING
  5. Yeah So sick of the AI sending out a Magikarp with Splash and Clefairies who use Follow Me so they get instantly KO’d
  6. I could solo it if it’d let me but instead the AI gets killed non-stop and 4 KO’s is an instant loss so literally the AI makes me lose whereas I’d win without them
  7. Gonna get it at Walmart at midnight and hope I didn’t need to pre-order it
  8. I think it’s confirmed around 400. Not sure how many of those are new, but that’s what I’m excited to find out
  9. Reviews are mostly great but the comment sections on ANY review are cancerous. “CONSUME CORPORATE OFFERINGS, REPEAT.” Like, stfu, and try the game yourself before you bash it. I don’t give a fuck about the National Dex. I love new Pokémon games for finding NEW buddies to fight with. Being offered 400 Pokémon is still more than I had for the first 3 gens on my play throughs and I enjoyed those. This game has been so stupidly controversial
  10. I don’t wanna look at the leaks but I really wanna know if there’s any new Eeveelutions
  11. I just found this online. Can we add this to the list of reactions?
  12. I’ll take Emboar’s design over this monstrosity any day
  13. Well yeah. There’s too many starters as Fire/Fighting. Incineroar may be Dark but he’s literally the most “fighting”-looking type of any. They just played it off with a “heel fighter” being dark/bad guy but still a type of a FIGHTER in wrestling I still think it’d be neat if they switched it up one Gen and maybe mid-game you get another “starter” with the types Dark, Psychic, Fighting instead of Grass, Fire, Water.
  14. I was Team Scorbunny, then Sobble, and now I like Grookey the most I just really don’t want Scorbunny to be a Fighting type... and it’s “athletic”... so who who knows. If the electric/fire speculations are true, that’d be sweet.
  15. It’s approaching so quickly and we haven’t even seen the final forms of the starters. Which I love going into the game with more surprises, but I also don’t wanna do like X/Y where I picked Chespin and found out the abomination he turned into.
  16. I know Gen 1 is the most marketable but damn. It’s the same Pokémon over and over. Eevee, Pikachu, Charizard, Meowth... 3 of those already have Alolan forms and Charizard has 2 Mega Evolutions. I was happy with Sirfetch’d cuz Farfetch’d is often overlooked. Idk. The Gen 1 fatigue is real for me
  17. Is it the same leak that predicted everything else correctly so far?
  18. Seeing Galarian Zigzagoon made me hopeful for more focus on other gens but as always it’s Gen 1 getting all the attention