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  1. Says the one who said he’d revoke his stan card if she ever did a residency
  2. Congrats on your biggest achievement in life being that three people on a forum keep you relevant
  3. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1281383/Christina-Aguilera-cancels-summer-tour-amid-reports-poor-ticket-sales.html Yeah, okay. Keep living in your imaginary world where anyone would be remotely interested in a tour of Bionic and Lotus and that she “chose” to not tour despite horrible sales.
  4. X took a decade off cuz she couldn’t get people interested in a tour, while Britney had tens of thousands attend tours for years, so sit the fuck down
  5. You should revive that thread where he said Fall In Line would without a doubt out-peak Slumber Party
  6. Agu in 2016: “X would never do a residency like FLOP Britney! I’d remove my stan card!” Agu in 2019: “My fave is adding more dates to her residency! She keeps winning!” FOTP, ladies and gents, where your brain cells go to die.
  7. Umbreon

    Because that’s how you sound. It’s also based off a recent SpongeBob meme but you’re too old and dumb to understand that way of typing had an implied tone to it. Also, thanks for ignoring the point as usual.
  8. Umbreon

    Your answers are so biased, you should get a job at Fox News If Britney releases too often, your tiny brain says “mY FaVe doEsn’T nEeD tO reLeAse mUsIc aLL tHe tiMe tO stAy reLeVanT!!!” but if Britney takes ONE year off, your tiny brain says “zeRo eVeRyThiNg!!!!!” Truly the most embarrassing person we’ve ever witnessed and you don’t even realize
  9. Every option in the poll would be “living in the past” dumbass
  10. I was bored at work and browsing the forums but continue thinking you’re special. I don’t check people’s reputation points to see if you vote for their posts, so yes, you’re still the stalker. Since you left out the TD part I’m guessing you agree with me. Good.
  11. Yet you’re so obsessed with me you’re talking about me indirectly and seeing if I liked his posts. The irony Teenage Dream had SIX #1’s, a #2, and a #3. Literally out of 8 songs, none missed the Top 3. Tied the King of Pop’s record. Was a pop culture icon that was everywhere for 2 years. Yes, it’s fair to say that some people consider TD album of the decade. Moron.
  12. Teenage Dream was an event for 2 years. ST was an event for a few days.