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  1. Oh look it’s been 24 hours and it didn’t beat it No one is shocked
  2. Shirtless Link in Vai clothing would have to be my main
  3. That would be awesome. I wonder if Link’s color changes will be costume/armor from BotW?
  4. Yeah, his Hyrule Warriors would be more fresh. They also need to do away with his Captain Falcon clone moves, ugh
  5. He has the highest chance of any Pokémon tbh Im hoping for Urbosa cuz ugh that’s be firrrrre
  6. Are you excited for Smash this year?
  7. It’s still up to Shawn in the end. He’s probably sick and tired of being asked if he’s gay, that’s why he’s so defensive. It’s none of our business if he takes Harry Styles’ route or his own. Even if he was gay, coming out is his choice whenever and however he wants. Some gay men aren’t ready yet and being pressured by everyone only makes it worse. Then, if he’s straight, the LGBT community is just harassing him at a certain point if he tells us he’s straight and we can’t accept that. It’s gotta get old for him. everyone leave the poor boy alone
  8. I don’t have Sirius or anything so my local Top 40 Station in my small hick town is playing it somehow? Even IF I wasn’t hearing it on radio, which I am somehow, you STILL FUCKING IGNORE THE REST. She could have a million forms of promo but you stick to your “raDio sPinS!!!” argument. Does. Not. Fucking. Matter. Where’s Xtina’s fabled star power that’s supposed to sell a song? Where’s the buzz singles, the lyric vid, the music vid, the carpool karaoke video that millions of people watch, the BBMA performance in front of millions, the higher-profile feature, etc. getting the song? HUH? All of that fucking outweighs your fucking retarded radio spins cuz we live in 2018 last I checked, where ALL those other factors would matter more because streaming DOMINATES the market right now. Your fave BOMBS in streaming. You can cling to your mediocre iTunes positions and cry she has no radio spins, but it’s still no fucking excuse. We’re past the iTunes era. Get over it. You can’t get anything through your fucking skull and you just ignore everything I say that you know is right and just cry “raDio sPinS!” every time cuz it’s all the two brain cells left in your brain can muster.
  9. I hear it every time I get in my car, so... yes? If local radio stations across the US are playing it for nearly every town in America, then yes. I’ve heard it on 3 different local stations in my area a few times already. Nice of you to ignore the rest. Glad you agree it’s getting tons of promo elsewhere besides your classic “onLy ThiS maNy raDio sPiNs!!!1!11!” so it has no excuse for flopping.
  10. The original post was about the first 24 hours, not all-time, so you’re off topic? You know you’re gonna lose so you try deflecting it Lol’ing at you thinking FIL as the song in general, will have longevity if its had this rough of a start. Even Your Body had a higher peak than what’s predicted from FIL at #98. And Say Something was a #4 peaking song so I would hope it would have good views over Slumber Party that had zero promo. But good luck to FIL getting above that Top 80 position
  11. Not really At the rate it’s going, it’s not gonna pass 5.6 mil in 24 hours if at almost half that time it’s only at 1.1
  12. um well my straight friends and I celebrated Katy Perry existing by attaching whipped cream to our titties while wearing candy underwear and spraying whipped cream in each others’ mouths while on a nude beach so obviously you’re wrong and katy is queen of the heteros
  13. Tell us more stories about your straight friends and how they think Britney was sacrificed in a corn harvest and then they turned immediately to Stripped as if a straight guy would do such a thing
  14. Then I don’t know why you’re questioning it