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  1. Umbreon

    I’m no Melanie Martinez stan but how is being 24 “pushing 30”?
  2. Umbreon

    How dare you try to steal the thread style of our most iconic member here
  3. Umbreon

    Imagine being so delusional, you call the Queen of Pop a “cute pop star”
  4. Umbreon

  5. Umbreon

    This. Newer generations kinda see her as “granny trying to be hip” and barely know her impact on the music industry.
  6. Umbreon

    Holy shit I had never seen that but WOW THATS A TRAINWRECK
  7. Umbreon

    All of FOTP can agree that was a freakin’ train wreck
  8. Umbreon

    Bad Guy is the most artistically interesting of the three and since the Grammys are “supposed” to go off of artistry, I’d say that one.
  9. Umbreon

    I hope he blows up all over my face
  10. Voted for Ray of Light solely because Frozen exists on it, and it’s one of the best songs of all-time
  11. Her fans usually go to bed at 7 PM after watching re-runs of the Andy Griffith Show so it’s rude to expect them to stay awake this long
  12. Umbreon

    NRO was the biggest bop of the year. Everyone did her dirty ignoring it
  13. Umbreon

    Dye her hair black. The GP doesn’t recognize ha, that’s why she’s flopping
  14. Why didn’t anyone tell me how much of a bop “Wave” is? I can’t stop listening