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  1. Umbreon

    Please back up your argument and point out where, cuz I didn’t catch them. Can’t apologize for something that I didn’t even know was there
  2. Umbreon

    I guess I didn’t see the undertones, but I’m not being an apologist. Just saying she’s incredibly toxic on social media, toxic to the extreme, where she says things so vile to people that she would’ve been cancelled a million times already if she was actually relevant.
  3. Umbreon

    No one’s being racist. It’s a fact Azealia is a bitter, angry person who sits on Twitter all day and attacks everyone under the sun for petty reasons just to fuel her ego. She has wished molestation on people, sends death threats, promotes bullying, and spews hate any way she can every day of her life. She SEEKS drama by STARTING fights with others. She also supports Trump, sooooo...
  4. Umbreon

    More recently, they’ve deemed it “situational irony” but yeah, technically you’re right
  5. Umbreon

    Well he said the only remembered song is Ironic and you’re saying it’s YOK. Kinda ironic.mp3 that different people argue different songs are the ones remembered. Possibly because the album spawned multiple well-known hits
  6. Umbreon

    Jagged Little Pill was full of hits One hit “album” is more like it...
  7. Umbreon

    The album art and aesthetic are horrible. But simply put, her mainstream days are over
  8. Umbreon

    This. Lizzo is an amazing artist, inspiring so many through her music. I don’t understand the hate
  9. Umbreon

    Yummy with zero votes
  10. Umbreon

    Bone Apple Teeth >>>>>>>>
  11. Umbreon

    It doesn’t even deserve #2
  12. Umbreon

    The Weeknd makes some damn good bops and he’s always on point with his aesthetic