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  1. Umbreon

    Nicki is only credited on Anaconda when she should’ve credited Sir Mix-a-Lot because the majority of the song is him. Cardi is charitable and gives people recognition instead of leaving their names off. Thats an OPINION that I Like It is not a stand-out... to YOU. It was a huge summer hit so the GP has proved you wrong on that. Again, your opinion that Nicki is more commanding on a song than Cardi. It’s so weird how the majority of the things you say are opinion and not fact. Its funny how people think an artist is done in their first year. She has six Top 10’s in her first year and two of those are #1. I think the good sis is fine.
  2. Umbreon

    The whole “solo” thing is stupid. You lump anything that’s not ONLY her on her album in the same category as “features.” “I Like It” is from CARDI’S studio album, so it’s a #1 as the MAIN artist. Still counts as two #1’s from one album where she’s the lead. (Whereas her Maroon 5 feature would be counted as a FEATURE hit, not a MAIN hit) Let’s not pretend that IF Nicki had a #1 that it would be a solo hit. Even IF Anaconda would’ve hit #1, 80% of the song is Sir Mix-A-Lot, so the same logic you apply to “I Like It” would apply there too. Sadly Nicki doesn’t have a #1 so it can’t even compete.
  3. So would you be rooting for its chart success or hoping it fails? It intrigues me
  4. Umbreon

    Cardi B herself said it was a reason she attacked in her IG post.
  5. Umbreon

    She’s more humble than Nicki. She got pregnant her first year of her career, thought to be “career suicide” but put her family first. She’s got that “mom” title that the GP finds dear about her. Nicki talked trash about her BABY girl. What kind of low life scum do you have to be to talk trash about a toddler? Mama bear protecting her cub. Cardi already has two #1’s and Nicki has 0. The GP likes someone who can actually reach the top and not have Twitter meltdowns about being #2 and comparing her Spotify success to historical icon Harriet Tubman. Pathetic.
  6. Umbreon

    Yes Theres different levels of hits... ”Smash hit” is a song that charts multiple weeks at #1. A “moderate” hit can apply to anything Top 40, depending on its longevity in the lower brackets or how high it peaked near the Top 10.
  7. Preach it sister! Everything that was on my mind
  8. Hilarious Only to forum X stans.
  9. Umbreon

    Peaking at #12 is still a hit tho
  10. In today’s music climate, Toxic is more relevant. In overall terms, I guess BOMT wins, but Toxic has had more longevity. There’s a reason it’s #1 and far ahead of BOMT on Spotify. It reflects people’s interest in back catalogues in the future generation’s climate and Toxic keeps winning. Blackout wasn’t the most revolutionary album ever to exist, but it did have its influence. More than Bionic. Listen to “Look What You Made Me Do” and tell me that doesn’t sound Blackout influenced. From the “dark pop” vibes to the lashing at the media a la Piece of Me, if it influenced Taylor Swift, it still did more than Bionic ever wished it could
  11. Toxic could easily go down as her signature song. BOMT, while forever iconic, has been overshadowed by Toxic as time goes on. Millions more streams, nearly equal YouTube views, and referenced in memes, parodies, and viral videos in today’s age far more than BOMT. Toxic has aged like fine wine in the music scene. It sounds a thousand times more fresh, even after 15 years.
  12. Music is dead. Canceled for being too boring
  13. You made the post to mislead people into thinking it was for her performance when it was a slip on saying the city she was in. You’re truly pathetic
  14. Umbreon

    Katy. Witness isn’t redeemable. At all.