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  1. Not on X’s level of flopdom. BlowJob was an awful album but still managed a #12 low-key iconic song. Glory also managed a Top 20. The second single at least peaked withIN Billboard 100. Remember that time you knew for certain FIL would outpeak Slumber Party? But it missed the Top 100 completely? Fun times. Even if everyone’s faves flop, X will always be the trendsetter for flopping the HARDEST. Facts.
  2. Another fail thread by Agu. Bionic flopped hard. Lotus flopped harder. Liberation did the impossible and flopped even further. So let’s prepare ourselves as X flops into oblivion with a song that can’t even reach the Bubbling Under this time. And Britney released BJ and Glory in the time X took a break, so let’s not worry about the Princess of Pop taking a normal sized break unlike your fave’s 6-year droughts.
  3. Umbreon

    He has been for years. It’s comic gold
  4. Neither will EVER be the pop culture phenomenon that was Britney Spears (and to a lesser extent, Xtina).
  5. No Tears only hit #3 but stayed in the Top 10 for 4 months. Good sis ain’t bothered.
  6. Some artists can write a song in days and get it to #1. Other artists need breaks of 6 years to push theirs to #101. All the embarrassment you constantly bring to this forum exposed once again in the original post.
  7. Having 100% by critics is a SUPER rare occurance. Having 100% by audience is literally impossible because there will always be trolls to give negative reviews. But go off on trying to discredit the film I guess
  8. Umbreon


    NTLTC > Problem > The Way > Dangerous Woman > Thank You, Next
  9. Everyone thinks it’s a hint at her next era but it’s probably just an image she found on Pinterest and shared like she does all the time
  10. Umbreon

    It costs me way too much to fly to Vegas, pay airfare, hotel, tickets, when I could see her in my city if she just toured. I mean, having two boys growing up I get why she doesn’t want to, but c’mon.
  11. It’s still Top 10 on iTunes. It didn’t do as well on radio as streaming and iTunes so that’s why it stalled. It’s a shame, cuz the only other thing she has from this era is a critically acclaimed movie that’ll go down in history, win tons of awards come award seasons, and made far over its budget (over 7x as of now) in sales. Poor Gaga tho
  12. Umbreon

    MJ is rolling in his grave at this thread
  13. Umbreon

    The irony of an X stan talking about breaks Nuff said At least Brit will score within the Top 100 next album. Something your fave struggles to do.
  14. I’m just happy a pop song is dominating for once
  15. Streaming is too powerful. Shallow has been #1 on iTunes for weeks and it’s not in the Top 10