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  1. Juice (featuring Ariana Grande) - Lizzo I’d be here for it. Lizzo’s is a BOP that deserves more
  2. Britney always paving the way for Xtina throughout their whole careers.
  3. Good sis loves finding Excel spreadsheets stans typed up but can’t provide actual receipts. I can’t.
  4. It’s funny how opinions work, isn’t it? You don’t understand that simple concept tho
  5. Umbreon

    Agu has undergone character development The same Agu last year that told us FIL was gonna dominate every Britney song in the last decade cuz it was top on iTunes for a hot minute now says iTunes is a thing of the past???
  6. Who’s obsessed with whom? You’re always tagging me in things like this randomly. WHY ARE YOU SO OBSESSED WITH ME???
  7. But if it’s #336 of all-time, are the 335 albums ahead of it all men?
  8. Umbreon

    My fave actually out here able to get a platinum single debut in the Top 20. Something your fave hasn’t had from her own albums in over a decade
  9. Umbreon

    But Flop In Line charted at #1 on US iTunes for x weeks and debuted at #1 on the Bubbling Under
  10. Umbreon

    Except she’s receiving awards and critical acclaim sooooo... Also, you know your avi is photoshopped, right?