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  1. Umbreon

    Britney was the most searched celebrity on Google for 8 years, more than any celebrity ever.
  2. Umbreon

    Girl’s instagram is so entertaining to follow
  3. Umbreon

    Shame on all of you who bashed Taylor for 4 years straight over this when she was telling the truth. But the sheep of the world always fall for this. Sensationalized headlines and tiny snippets are all the proof people need to throw stones when they don’t even know the full story. Fuck off Kim, you created 4 years of bullying and ridicule for a girl who was telling the truth all along.
  4. Umbreon


    This is so much better. The production in the original is just too over-the-top
  5. So many songs blocked from #1.
  6. Umbreon

    Physical is that BOP and video and deserves to be #1 for weeks. It is the pure pop experience the gays needed, not Stupid Love.
  7. Umbreon

    Been following her since Bitch I’m a Cow. Never thought she’d break mainstream honestly. Good for her
  8. Umbreon

    Voted Gaga cuz Rihanna didn’t release anything
  9. I immediately thought “On The Radio” by piano legend Regina Spektor
  10. Umbreon

  11. Umbreon

    Tik Tok
  12. Umbreon

    Please back up your argument and point out where, cuz I didn’t catch them. Can’t apologize for something that I didn’t even know was there
  13. Umbreon

    I guess I didn’t see the undertones, but I’m not being an apologist. Just saying she’s incredibly toxic on social media, toxic to the extreme, where she says things so vile to people that she would’ve been cancelled a million times already if she was actually relevant.
  14. Umbreon

    No one’s being racist. It’s a fact Azealia is a bitter, angry person who sits on Twitter all day and attacks everyone under the sun for petty reasons just to fuel her ego. She has wished molestation on people, sends death threats, promotes bullying, and spews hate any way she can every day of her life. She SEEKS drama by STARTING fights with others. She also supports Trump, sooooo...