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  1. Britney is the last person on Earth to stir up drama. She probably didn’t even know that was Bey’s title. Even so, who tf cares?
  2. Umbreon


  3. I’m sorry Chromatica, but Future Nostalgia is THAT pop album
  4. She’s been working on this album for years. Yes, it’s bad timing, but the album was scheduled to release today regardless of current events. She literally delayed it once to focus on those hurt by the pandemic, but this horrific murder occurred mere days before it dropped. People can experience different emotions. She tweeted about supporting George’s family and bringing the cops to justice for murder. She’s obviously heartbroken like millions of Americans. But to say she can only experience sorrow until you say she can’t is not human-like. This is a big day for her, something she’s been preparing for years. Her music also aims to help people heal. Music is therapy to millions of people. Her last album discussed the very topic of injustice on black citizens with “Angel Down,” a song dedicated to Trayvon Martin. So let’s focus our energy on fighting actual white supremacy and corrupt, racist police and not on Lady Gaga, who is an advocate for BLM and always will be.
  5. Umbreon

    People “tried” cancelling Lizzo, now people are trying to cancel another successful black woman. Can we just STOP this “cancel culture” in general? No human is perfect and Doja Cat is a hilarious soul (she has a song with lyrics “Bitch I’m a cow”) who obviously doesn’t take things as serious as y’all do. Twitter is a cesspool of no-lifers who just dredge up drama because they’re bored with their own uninteresting lives so they go after celebrities who are actually going after something and pursuing dreams instead of sitting on Twitter all day, scrolling through thousands of old tweets. Let Doja Cat live and stop trying to cancel every celebrity who breathes wrong, especially talented, funny, black women like Doja Cat who deserve to shine.
  6. Umbreon

    He still would’ve been blocked by Doja Cat Also kinda sexist to call out Ari but not call out Justin for blocking him
  7. Umbreon

    Britney was the most searched celebrity on Google for 8 years, more than any celebrity ever.
  8. Umbreon

    Girl’s instagram is so entertaining to follow
  9. Umbreon

    Shame on all of you who bashed Taylor for 4 years straight over this when she was telling the truth. But the sheep of the world always fall for this. Sensationalized headlines and tiny snippets are all the proof people need to throw stones when they don’t even know the full story. Fuck off Kim, you created 4 years of bullying and ridicule for a girl who was telling the truth all along.
  10. Umbreon


    This is so much better. The production in the original is just too over-the-top
  11. So many songs blocked from #1.
  12. Umbreon

    Physical is that BOP and video and deserves to be #1 for weeks. It is the pure pop experience the gays needed, not Stupid Love.
  13. Umbreon

    Been following her since Bitch I’m a Cow. Never thought she’d break mainstream honestly. Good for her
  14. Umbreon

    Voted Gaga cuz Rihanna didn’t release anything