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  1. Sis come back you're gonna miss the Perfect Illusion release mama papa!


    1. Saiga

      poor rihanus


  2. oprah4 Rhat

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    2. ♚Missy♚

      Well I used to have Eddie on snapchat but then he didn't back me up with all the BS going on with my bans so i deleted him jj2.

    3. Taylor

      but doesn't tasso hate you nat1 

    4. ♚Missy♚

      Probably whit1 

      I can't keep up with their drama these days, i'm too busy being unbothered and having fun w/ my life rih5 

  3. Where are you? um1

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    2. Saiga

      Rihanus >>>>>>>>> Miss Banks!

    3. Taylor




      seriously tho where'd they go interesting1 @Rihanus bitch resurrect yourself um2 


    4. Saiga

      once he told me he wasn't addicted to these sites so he'd just leave until getting interested again rip1

  4. where are you sis jj3 

    1. Saiga

      Literally this

  5. Rihanus

    but out of these four flops Igloo's is superior
  6. Rihanus

    walk dat WALK show me how to move it can u walk dat TALK?? PUT SOME SNAP INTO ITTT its yo chance now, gurl u betta dance now... it's yo time to SHOW it OFF the spolight is on u, u betta... WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK u betta work!!!!
  7. Rihanus

    when dis song come on in da clubbb turn it up, turn it up, turn it uppp, turn it uppppp REWINDDD
  8. Rihanus

    WORK by CIARA ft. Missy Elliot
  9. Rihanus

    "and when I'm at the bottom, she Hillary Rodham" "shouts out to Hillary Clinton" "I'm bout to get my Bill Clinton, and Hillary could Rodham too" "Got a Bill in my mouth like I'm Hillary Rodham" When will Bernard
  10. Rihanus


    Who Knew is P!nk's best song, and it's not up for discussion!