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  1. Jay. here



     who told her it was okay to snap like this? giveup1

  2. Jay.

    drag me & North London
  3. The Fame definitely, she was everywhere it was insane. The last era of it's kind.
  4. Jay.

    Piccadilly line is worse tbh
  5. what didn't he die like a few weeks ago? wtf
  6. Selena Gomez & The Scene teas, her Come & Get It is coming
  7. Jay.

    right? this is so random
  8. Jay.


    honestly Accelerate and Twice >>>>
  9. Jay.


    Dirtty Genie Ain't No Other Man Not Myself Tonight Your Body Fall In Line
  10. Jay.

    its alright, was expecting something better tho
  11. Jay.

    Celeb News

    Right? The song is literally harmless.
  12. Jay.

    Celeb News

    Miss. Hayley is the one who should be doing the apologizing for making a mess out of nothing. The SJW culture is really starting to bother me.
  13. Jay.

    um girl that comment is so ignorant getting buried alive tho I literally get chills even thinking about it
  14. Jay.

    Selena after she cancelled the Revival Tour but it's understandable because she wants to prioritize her health.
  15. didn't this almost kill the Roman era? I lowkey loved it (even if it is a mess), they truly don't make performances like this anymore