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  1. Honestly, one of the worst singles she's ever put out. Super bland and uninspired.
  2. Jay.


    just bought it we need excellence to succeed
  3. the most overrated song of her discography so she didn't lie
  4. Legends. I can't at y'all discrediting them when Hotel California is one of the most legendary and impactful songs ever to be released.
  5. serving 2011 with that cinematography and not in a good way
  6. Jay.


    first they love then they switch, they switch like
  7. this second hand embarrassment I got from all of this
  8. Jay. here

    Years & Years released the AOTY and people paying them dust. I have to cry. 

  9. Jay.

    omg sounds very Karol G, I stan
  10. Raindrops: 5/10 Blazed: 4/10 TLIC: 6/10 R.E.M: 5/10 GIAW: 10/10 Sweetener: 6/10 Successful: 4/10 Everytime: 8/10 Breathin: 10/10 NTLTC: 10/10 Borderline: 6/10 Better Off: 8/10 Goodnight n Go: 8/10 Pete Davidson: 7/10 Get Well Soon: 8/10 A cute album but honestly I was expecting so much more from her. Hopefully it grows on me.
  11. Jay. here

    anyone have Swee*ner link? chi1

  12. Jay.

    Celeb News

    why does it sound like Cake by Gaga?