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  1. Queen of eating soaps No but seriously im living for her visuals this era
  2. Bizarre

    Not them banning the flawless original The Rustin remix is the version that deserves to croak
  3. Theh do this every year cant wait for Demi to unfollow Selena for the 100th time.
  4. Britney Jean (I love Knee and all but im so greatful i unstanned. Her fanbase lives in so much delusion)
  5. Demi always 10 steps behind the girls
  6. The fact that its the other way around
  7. Thats becuase Demi lacks vision, chases after hits and always jumps on trends 100 years later. Shes an incedible vocalist and a songwriter but she hasnt used it to her advantage since Unbroken. Thats why I dont see her seeing the type of successs her peers are witnessing right now.
  8. Not Selena serving alt-pop who wouldve thought omg
  9. Not yall naming arist like Miley, Gaga and The Black Eyed Peas
  10. Im loving this era bitch is serving critically acclaimed bops and visuals. Come on bitch
  11. Album

    Someone pm me it please
  12. Bad Liar > Switch > Siwsh = Crying In Unoroginality > whatever Liam released