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  1. What does Taylor have that Britney and Katy don't?

    BRITNEY and KATY more talented than Taylor?
  2. Discussion "Reputation" Leak Anticipation

    Dancing With Our Hands Tied and Delicate have to be my favourite
  3. Discussion "Reputation" Leak Anticipation

    she won me over
  4. Discussion "Reputation" Leak Anticipation

  5. Discussion "Reputation" Leak Anticipation

    me to everyone who's listening rn but don't wanna share the link
  6. Discussion "Reputation" Leak Anticipation

    you can share anything as long as it's the album
  7. Discussion "Reputation" Leak Anticipation

    you know what to do
  8. Discussion "Reputation" Leak Anticipation

    my dms are open
  9. Discussion Your favorite choruses of 2017

    Bad Liar and Look What You Made Me Do. Experimental masterpieces.
  10. Celeb News Selena Gomez is Billboard's Woman of the Year

  11. Celeb News Selena Gomez is Billboard's Woman of the Year

    Vogue, Time and now Billboard? my baby won poor haters
  12. LWYMMD falls out of Top 20

    a #1 is a #1
  13. Camila won, 5h lost. Why?

    Havana is currently smashing on all platforms. The song is top 10 in various music markets including US (predicted to go #3/#2 next week, outpeaking Work From Home) and UK. And then there's 5H. Their album tanked, so did their singles and their tour didn't have much success either. Is it karma for them shading Camila throughout their album promo? seems like no Camila = no hits/ album sales
  14. Charts Hot 100: #1 rockstar, #6 Sorry Not Sorry, #7 Havana

    Camila won oh wow