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  1. these legends deserve so much more
  2. in celebration of Wizards of Waverley Place 10th anniversary someone just leaked the full version of Everything Is Not What It Seems https://clyp.it/fvvsj51v THE BIRDGE ENDED A FEW CAREERS
  3. her skin Ariana girl...
  4. The album debuted at #1 in US (which is hard to get, not everybody has that today ) It managed to sell 1,225,000 copies WW and was streamed 1.7 billion times on Spotify. legendary
  5. ate a soap
  6. here


    1. Hylia

      Queen of pop

  7. Where is When The Sun Goes Down?
  8. I see Zayn jumping into the Fashion industry (the Victoria of the group) Harry will serve longevity and quality even tho he's not gonna be as successful as we all expected. Niall is here to stay too, few years at least. Louis and Liam will become talent show judges.
  9. here

    okay Ms.Banks snapped on Underdog giveup1

    1. LaToya Jackson

      What is Underdog?


    2. Jay.

      19 minutes ago, THEM said:

      What is Underdog?


      a bop jj2



    3. LaToya Jackson

      OMMMGGGGG Queen BANKS released a NEW BOP! yas2 

  10. X-legend is responsible for influencing these masterpieces so I think the fuck not. No matter how much y'all try to deny her legacy and impact, it will always be present and a video of 2 teens from America won't change that.
  11. she's on her 9th year but she's doing great