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  1. Vanessa Hudgens. Her debut album is flawless
  2. Slovakia? no one but Nao (she's British) deserves so much. Her debut album is amazing.
  3. I can't imagine Britney on Same Old Love
  4. After we saw what happened with Selena, health shouldn't be taken so lightly. Gaga is overworked and needs a break. If cancelling her tour will improve her health she should go for it.
  5. 2006 - 2010
  6. the fact most us didnt know her lupus was this bad and decided to bash her for not promoting forive me queen im so glad shes okay now
  7. here

    can years & years hurry up and release their album already? mad12

  8. "With 135 million Instagram followers, she is the ultimate millennial sweetheart. An eloquent spokeswoman for issues of mental health and female advocacy, her sassy style is also perfectly in tune with the taste of her generation" "Selena Grace bag is already the brand's top seller. no wonder Vevers (Coach's Executive Director) listens to her on matters of how her generation want to dress" With the huge but expected success of Selena's first coach collection, she is set to design and work on another collection soon.
  9. tell me you love me
  10. mother nature must really hate USA
  11. here

    Queen of using her voice for something that fucking matters 



  12. how do you not know any of those songs?