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  1. I was really scared at first bc I thought they would make a cringe worthy mess like Riverdale but honestly it's one the best teen shows in recent years I need season 2 like now
  2. Jay.


    just bought it we need excellence to succeed
  3. the most overrated song of her discography so she didn't lie
  4. Jay.

    Legends. I can't at y'all discrediting them when Hotel California is one of the most legendary and impactful songs ever to be released.
  5. serving 2011 with that cinematography and not in a good way
  6. Jay.


    first they love then they switch, they switch like
  7. this second hand embarrassment I got from all of this
  8. Jay. here

    Years & Years released the AOTY and people paying them dust. I have to cry. 

  9. Jay.

    omg sounds very Karol G, I stan
  10. Raindrops: 5/10 Blazed: 4/10 TLIC: 6/10 R.E.M: 5/10 GIAW: 10/10 Sweetener: 6/10 Successful: 4/10 Everytime: 8/10 Breathin: 10/10 NTLTC: 10/10 Borderline: 6/10 Better Off: 8/10 Goodnight n Go: 8/10 Pete Davidson: 7/10 Get Well Soon: 8/10 A cute album but honestly I was expecting so much more from her. Hopefully it grows on me.
  11. Jay. here

    anyone have Swee*ner link? chi1

  12. Jay.

    Celeb News

    why does it sound like Cake by Gaga?
  13. Selena truly sucked the life out him a legend