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    Someone pm me it please
  2. Bad Liar > Switch > Siwsh = Crying In Unoroginality > whatever Liam released
  3. Currently the only female artist who has two songs in the iTunes top 20 chart. After 3 months, It Ain'Me is still in top 10 global Spotify chart. The biggest female artist on Spotify with over 30 million monthly listeners. Bad Lies has gathered over 2 million views in less then 10 hours on YouTube and it's Spotify numbers are predicted to be good. She's far from over but "dRaG" I guess.
  4. Single

    First artist ever to release a video on Spotify. She wants them streams
  5. Single

    It's just a Spotify exclusive (such a smart idea). There's another video that'll be out soon.
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    I love this
  7. Single

    4 hours left
  8. Personally, I like Zayns album so much better.
  9. Ariana, Selena, Miley and Nicki
  10. Are Britney vs Xtina stan wars still is thing?
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    Guess this is the official cover Serve those aesthetics legend
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  13. Music Video

    I love this
  14. But Selena announced her countdown a day before Miley announced Malibu. Y'all drag Selena for the smallest things, it's pathetic at this point.