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  1. The Ones That Entertain

    Celeb News

    He apologizes and says thank you to her after sex . . .? Gurl
  2. The Ones That Entertain


    I'm still surprised Maroon 5 can pull #1's - their last five years of songs have been so bland and generic.
  3. The Ones That Entertain


    I'd be pretty bored too if I had to perform the same songs for the last twenty years with the same choreo for the last three. I wish she'd just decide whether or not she wants to do music or if she just wants to call it quits and retire. Sis, just retire if you're going to half-ass it.
  4. The Ones That Entertain


    What's been going on? The songs she's released from this album have been my favorite of her whole discography.
  5. The Ones That Entertain


    Recording new album that is it's own thing -- fans stop saying Blackout 2.0 or ITZ 2.0 etc. - Britney is excited and invested in the new music - maybe some behind the scenes videos of recording sessions, dance rehearsals, photoshoots released on Youtube New photoshoots Drops new lead single and sexy new video with plenty of choreo -- promo and performances -- announces new album title, release date and cover. The GP actually gives a shit about Britney Second single drops - new video, promo and performances - world tour announced Album drops VMA's performance that consists of only her new material -- no BOMTs, no Toxics, no Work Bitchs. Just new songs. BBMA's, Brit Awards performances Third single - new video, promo and performances. Eh, new perfume line, I guess. Probably gets married again.
  6. The Ones That Entertain


    That's the Gaga VMA performance they chose to tease us with?
  7. The Ones That Entertain


    BOMT Best: Baby One More Time, Sometimes, You Drive Me Crazy Worst: The Beat Goes On, E-Mail My Heart, Soda Pop OOPS Best: Stronger, Don't Go Knockin' On My Door, I Can't Get No Satisfaction Worst: Dear Diary, When Your Eyes Say It, Heart BRITNEY Best: I'm A Slave 4 U, That's Where You Take Me, What It's Like To Be Me Worst: Anticipating, I'm Not a Girl, Cinderella IN THE ZONE Best: Breathe On Me, Toxic, The Hook-Up Worst: Shadow, Brave New Girl, Don't Hang Up BLACKOUT Best: Freakshow, Piece of Me, Ooh Ooh Baby Worst: Radar, Toy Soldier, Outta This World CIRCUS Best: Phonography, Out From Under, Womanizer Worst: Kill The Lights, Blur, Mmm Papi FEMME FATALE Best: Till The World Ends, Inside Out, Gasoline Worst: Big Fat Bass, Criminal, Trouble For Me BRITNEY JEAN Best: Till It's Gone, Now That I Found You, Alien Worst: It Should Be Easy, Chillin' With You, Perfume GLORY Best: Liar, Clumsy, Slumber Party Worst: Private Show, Hard To Forget Ya, Just Luv Me
  8. The Ones That Entertain

    Celeb News

    I foresee a long happy marriage coming out of this one.
  9. The Ones That Entertain


    Every song so far has slayed me. This is no exception. Liberation is turning out to be a great album
  10. The Ones That Entertain


    I'm expecting a good album and a great tour and that's about it. I've really liked the songs she's released so far and I'm excited to see her in October. The music videos have been pretty good, but I'm not a huge fan of her look this era. This obviously won't be a commercially successful era so I'm not expecting any chart hits, but it has been nice to see her perform again.
  11. The Ones That Entertain

    I'm just not here for whatever this era is -- don't like her looks, don't like the songs, don't really like the video concepts.
  12. The Ones That Entertain

    Adjusted for inflation.
  13. The Ones That Entertain


    And now I need to go find every episode of Taina. My childhood!
  14. The Ones That Entertain


    I like it -- it's got a modern Audrey Hepburn vibe.
  15. The Ones That Entertain


    I could totally hear her singing "I Got You" Good choice!