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  1. Discussion

    Not everybody voting for a ballad on an album full of bops Anyway, I picked Birds of Prey, with Prima Donna, Desnudate, Elastic Love and Whoohoo just behind it.
  2. I'm only going with released singles for my faves since I can let a messy album track slide -- Britney: Pretty Girls Xtina: Not Myself Tonight Katy: This is How We Do Gaga: I want to say Eh Eh, but nearly everything about Do What U Want is messy af, but I still bop to it.
  3. Charts

    Good to know! Thank you!
  4. Charts

    Um, not to be annoying, but where did you get the information that Delicate came in at #84? It's not mentioned in the article that you linked and when I look up the chart for the week of March 17th, it's not on there.
  5. Celeb News

    I was surprised at how she is on the show as well. Usually the female judges are all nice and only give compliments, but Katy gives real criticism and when a singer isn't good, she tells them. She's honest without being cruel. And she brings her weird brand of humor without being obnoxious, imo.
  6. Game

    That #7 . . . This could also be all the hot men Brit puts in her videos.
  7. Discussion

    It's crazy to think the last tour we had was Back to Basics. That tour was amazing -- she has phenomenal shows so it's a shame we don't get more.
  8. I like her makeup and hair. Don't know if I'm digging these dresses though
  9. Single

    I really really like it - light, fluffy pop. And I kinda wish it was a bit longer.
  10. Discussion

    Toxic and Slumber Party. It was actually hard to pick out of her videos because she has so many good ones pre and post comeback. Also, there's a Tom's Diner video?
  11. I can see her releasing a fourth single and it smashing -- it's happened in other pop girls' eras, so I wouldn't be surprised. I thought Reputation had quite a few good tracks on it, but it is possible that her public image has tarnished any chance at success with this era.
  12. Fergie was probably not the best choice to sing the anthem. I didn't mind the cabaret rendition of it, but the way she pronounced her vowels and words was just . . . ugh. I couldn't watch the whole thing. I almost didn't even make it through her pronunciation of "dawn's early light." But at the high note in "free" I clicked off. No thanks.
  13. I think she's beautiful. I do agrih though -- if you showed me pictures of her from Victorious and now (or the pic in OP), I wouldn't think they were the same person at all. Her beauty team really took her to a whole new level.
  14. I'm not familiar with their interviews or real-life personas, so I went with what songs I never want to hear ever again -- Alessia Cara, Rachel Platten, Julia Michaels, Daya and Halsey
  15. Game

    Best: Me Against the Music Worst: Chillin' With You probably, which I feel bad about cause they're sisters and it's sweet that they do a song together, but it sucks.