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  1. The Ones That Entertain


    Mystery solved!
  2. The Ones That Entertain


    Wikipedia has it as released on Nov 28th?
  3. The Ones That Entertain


    Phonography Womanizer Out From Under Unusual You Circus Lace and Leather Mannequin If U Seek Amy Shattered Glass Amnesia Kill The Lights Trouble Blur Rock Me In My Baby Mmm Papi For me, her most interesting album musically. Some songs sound so different for her. Others sound unfinished and rushed. But Out From Under and Unusual You are two of my favorite ballads of hers. Happy 10th Birthday this month, Circus!
  4. At the most, it's just advertising for the residency.
  5. The Ones That Entertain

    Music Video

    All of her videos this era have been gorgeous. And it feels like it still fits with the era -- the lighting feels similar to NTLTC and the trippy visuals from GIAW. Love it!
  6. The Ones That Entertain


    Even though it feels a bit disjointed to me, Britney (2001) has some of her best teen pop songs and some of her best album cuts.
  7. I get what you're saying, but I never got to see the Spice Girls as a fivesome when I was younger, so I would prefer my first time seeing them in concert to be all five. Edit: It would definitely be a hard no if Sporty or Scary weren't going on tour. I'm still on the fence if they announce US tour dates.
  8. The Ones That Entertain

    Celeb News

    I like that she'll actually be performing the song and the remix is great. Rehearsal Britney is always the best Britney so hopefully she keeps the energy on stage I know we've only seen a snippet of it, but I hope the choreo moves to other places on the stage and doesn't just stay front and center. The boys are hot tho. Still not enough to get me to buy a ticket.
  9. Crossing my fingers for a US tour... Edit: Wait, no Posh? Eh....
  10. The Ones That Entertain

    Even as a Brit stan, I'm glad the fanbase isn't turning out for this.
  11. The Ones That Entertain

    It bops . . . . . . but this is hella true.
  12. The Ones That Entertain

    I like this a lot more.
  13. The Ones That Entertain

    I couldn't say objectively if it's a good album, but for me, I prefer her pop stuff. Rainbow just isn't for me.
  14. It was pretty crowded from what I saw -- the whole first floor was sold out. I was in the first terrace, there were a few seats empty here and there. I didn't see the second terrace. So not sold out, but a great turnout.
  15. The Ones That Entertain


    Agrih. When they did the residency unveiling, the music and visuals were so epic and it gave me chills and I expected Britney's entrance to have some attitude to it. A powerful pose with a posse of dancers in some amazing outfits -- something that says "Domination!" Instead, she just comes up like "Hey y'all. Can you believe I'm here? Where am I again?" and walks off. What part of this makes me want to go see the show?