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  1. The Ones That Entertain

    BIBO -- that bitch did jack squat to promote that album. I don't know why she recorded an album if she wasn't going to give it her full attention.
  2. The Ones That Entertain


    I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when her team was deciding what to release as the lead. Like, what was the winning argument for Me! that made everyone, including Taylor go, yeah that seems like the best choice.
  3. The Ones That Entertain

    Music Video

    It was cute. I liked the fishbowl image and I like the aesthetic of it, but I felt it got way too cheesy for me at the end. I was hoping for something a little more sexy/romantic like Style. I also really like the aesthetic of the video, but I hate whoever is styling her this era. All of her clothes look too big for her and her hair is just bleh. I think only the YNTCD video has been on point in terms of her looks.
  4. The Ones That Entertain


    I like it more than Reputation, but quite a bit less than 1989. I'm glad she does the sound that she does best -- dreamy 80's synth pop. Cruel Summer, Lover, Cornelia Street, Soon You'll Get Better, Afterglow and Daylight are all my favorites from the album. True to form, she releases the worst song from the album as a lead. I don't know why she does this or what the strategy is, but it's worked for the last three albums, so . . . All in all, I don't think it will be her most memorable album, but it's far from her worst. I think she'll see a Grammy nom for it at least. Rihlease Cruel Summer!
  5. The Ones That Entertain


    I was wondering. I had heard Me! on the radio a couple days ago and that line was gone. I didn't know if it was my specific station or something else.
  6. The Ones That Entertain


    The Fame: 9 The Fame Monster (blonde): 10 The Fame Monster (black): 9 Born This Way (standard): 2 (and it's only that high because it makes me laugh) Born This Way (deluxe): 7 Artpop: 4 Joanne: 6
  7. The Ones That Entertain


    Taylor Swift: 4/10 -- I like it for a debut country album - I would buy it if I was sixteen Fearless: 7/10 -- love this whole photoshoot -- so gorgeous, don't like the font Speak Now: 10/10 - flawless, love the color, the font, everything Red: 9/10 - love this shoot, just wish she wasn't all in shadow 1989: 5/10 -- I don't know why, but this aesthetic just doesn't speak to me. I liked other shoots she did for the era much more Reputation: 4/10 -- I don't like the pic, don't like her hair. I like the concept, but not the execution Lover: 7/10 -- really like the colors and the font, just wish the picture of her filled up more of the frame.
  8. The Ones That Entertain

    Maybe she needs to go a more Beyonce route and focus on an album experience rather than trying to get hits with singles. Or just focus on touring or a residency. There are other ways to stay somewhat relevant and make money as an artist without having to score a top ten hit. I'm not even sure the pop chart landscape at this point in time is right for Madonna.
  9. The Ones That Entertain


    This is the stupidest fucking thing I have ever read.
  10. My favorite Miley song. I love the Alias Mix too.
  11. The Ones That Entertain

    Music Video

    All of her videos this era have been gorgeous. And it feels like it still fits with the era -- the lighting feels similar to NTLTC and the trippy visuals from GIAW. Love it!
  12. I get what you're saying, but I never got to see the Spice Girls as a fivesome when I was younger, so I would prefer my first time seeing them in concert to be all five. Edit: It would definitely be a hard no if Sporty or Scary weren't going on tour. I'm still on the fence if they announce US tour dates.
  13. Crossing my fingers for a US tour... Edit: Wait, no Posh? Eh....
  14. The Ones That Entertain

    Even as a Brit stan, I'm glad the fanbase isn't turning out for this.
  15. The Ones That Entertain

    I couldn't say objectively if it's a good album, but for me, I prefer her pop stuff. Rainbow just isn't for me.