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  1. Music Video

    This is the smash I need this summer!
  2. Lips are Movin' - Meghan Trainor Paris - Chainsmokers Cool For The Summer/Confident - Demi Lovato Baby and As Long As You Love Me from Bieber are guilty pleasures
  3. Single

    I'm here for it. I love Bad Liar the song, but I am not here for this kindergarten mess of a video.
  4. Just be thankful she doesn't think she's still in Vegas.
  5. Music Video

    Wtf? This video looks like she could have released it in her Disney days. How do you go from super-sexy actually-looks-like-she's-in-her-twenties Hands-to-Myself Selena to . . . this?
  6. Single

    I can't tell if whoever does their clothes is a genius or crazy.
  7. Celeb News

    Eventually she'll run out of perfume combinations. I know it.
  8. Album

    The video is definitely one of her best. I'd say it's in my top 3 of Glory.
  9. Celeb News

    Who called it? Someone in the other thread called it.
  10. Discussion

    When do tickets go on sale?
  11. I really liked it up until the stripper pole came up and whatever the hell happened after that. 2/3 of the video was quirky, high concept and rather sexy. But the last part left me feeling gross and confused.
  12. Rumor

    Really? I can't tell if that was a good decision or a bad decision. Blackout turned out amazing without him on it. But Timbaland was the hottest producer at the time and I'd be interested to see what they come up with. But his work probably would have given her an ITZ clone.
  13. Achievement

    Hopefully she performs it on tour
  14. Discussion

    Britney, Blackout, ITZ Me and the good sis Glory are still getting to know each other
  15. Photos

    I'm not a huge fan of the wings(?) in BOMT. She just acts kinda awkward with them. But I love the rest of the outfit.