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  1. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm excited for Meghan Trainor's new album. bey6

  2. I feel like P!nk's becoming a parody of herself with these aerial performances

  3. Why would you end on Tattooed Heart? I'm hoping this is fake, cause the second half of that list is messy.
  4. Her tours are usually pretty good and her last few performances have been interesting. However, I found the album boring and have no desire to see any of it performed live. I'd only want to see how she's remixed her past hits to fit the current sound.
  5. I'm just so confused. Why does she look like she's 14 this era? Is that the Fetish part? Cause gross.
  6. Received my first Youtube comment that I should go kill myself. That's how you know you've made it, right?bey1

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    2. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      Bye rip4 the only negative comment I had was homophobic lmfao2 

    3. Anna-wa


      @Driven Thank you 😊 

    4. Memorial Address

      Memorial Address

      @HerPerfumesHoldingMeRansom Np, i'm trying to become a gamer YT now. I'm still working on talking in those video. tbh

  7. Giving me some Wendy Peffercorn from The Sandlot realness. This would make a great single cover or at least pictures in the album booklet.
  8. It kinda feels like when your mom started using Facebook or got into memes. It suddenly feels uncool and you want nothing to do with it anymore.
  9. I thought Kim and Kanye were bad, but this is . . . bad.
  10. It really reminded me of her live vocals from her BOMT days.
  11. OIDA: 5 (-) Britney: 15 In The Zone: 60 Blackout: 50 (+) Circus: 40 Femme Fatale: 50 Glory: 50
  12. Lips are Movin' - Meghan Trainor Paris - Chainsmokers Cool For The Summer/Confident - Demi Lovato Baby and As Long As You Love Me from Bieber are guilty pleasures