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  1. The Ones That Entertain

    Celeb News

    I foresee a long happy marriage coming out of this one.
  2. The Ones That Entertain


    Every song so far has slayed me. This is no exception. Liberation is turning out to be a great album
  3. The Ones That Entertain


    I'm expecting a good album and a great tour and that's about it. I've really liked the songs she's released so far and I'm excited to see her in October. The music videos have been pretty good, but I'm not a huge fan of her look this era. This obviously won't be a commercially successful era so I'm not expecting any chart hits, but it has been nice to see her perform again.
  4. The Ones That Entertain

    I'm just not here for whatever this era is -- don't like her looks, don't like the songs, don't really like the video concepts.
  5. The Ones That Entertain

    Adjusted for inflation.
  6. The Ones That Entertain


    And now I need to go find every episode of Taina. My childhood!
  7. The Ones That Entertain


    I like it -- it's got a modern Audrey Hepburn vibe.
  8. The Ones That Entertain


    I could totally hear her singing "I Got You" Good choice!
  9. The Ones That Entertain


    K, this is my favorite Xtina ballad ever. Hands down.
  10. The Ones That Entertain


    I'mma let this cringe-fest slide simply because she has to keep up the narrative for the tour. It was the whole basis for Reputation. Plus, the only people who are probably going to the tour are those on Taylor's side so they're going to support her when she talks about it. But if this continues into her next era, that's too much.
  11. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm excited for Meghan Trainor's new album. bey6

  12. The Ones That Entertain

    As a Britney stan, yes, she has the worst team. Best: Taylor, Beyonce, Rih, Katy and Gaga
  13. The Ones That Entertain


    Back to Basics Stripped Everything Else. I don't know about Bionic. I think she likes being super sexy on stage and in videos, but I don't think she really likes any of the songs on that album. Maybe the song about her kid, but that's it.
  14. The Ones That Entertain


    Maybe not a fucking bop, but it certainly doesn't deserve the hate it's gotten on here. I feel so bad for her. Queen of Underrated Songs.
  15. The Ones That Entertain


    Onyx Dream Within A Dream Circus Piece of Me Show Oops Baby One More Time Femme Fatale