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  1. Celeb News Matt Lauer fired by NBC following "inappropriate sexual misconduct" allegations

    I would agree. If Matt Lauer wants to make a statement or publicly deny the charges, then he should. But I don't think anyone's stopping him from doing so.
  2. Celeb News Matt Lauer fired by NBC following "inappropriate sexual misconduct" allegations

    Sources are saying that the New York Times and Variety have been investigating these claims for weeks, so I would assume that Lauer has been given ample time to defend himself against these accusations, maybe not in the media, but at least in front of his superiors.
  3. I dislike Halshit

    I like Badlands, but I think she is way overplayed right now. I never ever want to hear Bad at Love or Now or Never ever again.
  4. Rumor RUMOR: Britney Leaving RCA For Columbia Records

    I agrih with this. What she needs is a team that won't just do the bare minimum to promote her. Also, I think Katy is on Capitol Records.
  5. Event Christina Aguilera at the 2017 AMAs | Discussion Thread

    I thought she did pretty good, considering that's a huge performance for someone to pull off. I love X, but Whitney is my favorite female vocalist and imo, no one can sing her songs like she did, not even Christina. The ending was great though. The runs in IWALY weren't necessary and you could tell some people in the audience were a little confused at the choice -- that cut to P!nk was unfortunate, but I think a lot of us had the same look on our faces.
  6. I feel like P!nk's becoming a parody of herself with these aerial performances

  7. Celeb News Whitney Tribute Medley setlist revealed!

    Ooh, I'm excited to hear X's take on I Have Nothing. That's my fave Whitney song. Also dancers?
  8. Charts Woman goes Top 10 on Dance Club Chart

    Wow. That's surprising.
  9. The difference between Godele and Hitlor...

    I don't think it's really fair to compare Taylor to Adele in terms of vocal ability. I would say that in songs about their exes, Adele doesn't always portray herself in the best light (Someone Like You, Hello, Water Under The Bridge) while Taylor usually paints herself as the victim
  10. Charts Woman goes Top 10 on Dance Club Chart

    Is it the album version of the song or the Dave Aude remix that's topped the chart?
  11. Y so salty?

    Really? I tried uploading a few mashups that used the acapella for Wildest Dreams or the instrumental for Blank Space and it was a complete no-go. Lucky you. Back on-topic: the white supremacist stuff about her is the stupidest thing I've ever heard, especially on this site.
  12. Celeb News Taylor swift's team strike again? They suspended perez hilton's twitter account!

    I can't tell if she's super smart or super dumb. I get wanting a huge surprise for your fans and all, but stuff like this is just going to make her a bigger target for people to criticize. BUT that also seems to lead to more songs, more hits and more money for her so . . . eh.
  13. ACLU reads taylor swift for blood for trying to silence a journalist

    Taylor and her lawyers are pretty dumb for falling for this troll blogger's act.
  14. Celeb News Christina featured in Rolling Stone's Hot List 2017

    I ran in here to see what they could possibly be saying about X in 2017, but you didn't mention NOSTALGIA
  15. Achievement The Full Unmastered Version Of Britney’s 2001 Pepsi Song Is Online

    Not gonna lie, I bopped so hard to this song when it came out.