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    They're cute and flattering, but tbh, I wouldn't have known these were new.
  2. Beyonce - Countdown, Ego, 7/11 Britney - From The Bottom, Criminal, Perfume, Pretty Girls Christina - Your Body, Whoohoo (I'm surprised, she's pretty good at picking singles) Madonna - Bitch, I'm Madonna, Give Me All Your Luvin', Turn Up The Radio, True Blue Katy Perry - This Is How We Do, Part of Me Lady Gaga - Eh Eh Rihanna - Man Down. California King Bed Taylor Swift - Mine, The Story of Us, Ours Ariana Grande - Put Your Hearts Up, Baby I Kesha - Blah Blah Blah, Crazy Kids
  3. She's a decent performer -- I blame the tour production. DWT showcases her live vocals so there's not a whole lot going on throughout the show. She sings and moves to spot A, then spot B then C, D etc. Her backup dancers do most of the work. The most exciting piece is Side to Side. So if you're looking for showstopping spectacle ala Katy Perry, Lady Gaga or Madonna, you're not gonna find it on the DWT.
  4. Isn't she British? A lot of British stars are not your typical cookie-cutter good looks (Ed Sheeran, Benedict Cumberbatch)
  5. Discussion

    While the pattern seems to be that less-than-stellar "buzz" singles lead to pretty decent albums (Anti, DW, Glory), I'm sick of this trend where artists abandon the song just b/c it didn't do well. It seems to be only with the pop girls too.
  6. 1999 - ...Baby One More Time vs. Christina Aguilera 2000 - Music vs. Oops!...I Did It Again 2003 - American Life vs. In the Zone vs. Dangerously in Love 2005 - Music of the Sun vs. Confessions on a Dance Floor 2006 - Back to Basics vs. B'Day vs. A Girl Like Me vs. Taylor Swift 2007 - Blackout vs. Good Girl Gone Bad 2008 - Hard Candy vs. Circus vs. I Am...Sasha Fierce vs. Fearless vs. One of the Boys vs. The Fame 2009 - The Fame Monster vs. Rated R 2010 - Bionic vs. Loud vs. Teenage Dream vs. Speak Now vs. Animal 2011 - Femme Fatale vs. 4 vs. Talk That Talk vs. Born This Way 2012 - MDNA vs. Lotus vs. Unapologetic vs. Red vs. Born to Die vs. Warrior 2013 - Britney Jean vs. BEYONCÈ vs. Artpop vs. Prism vs. Yours Truly 2014 - 1989 vs. My Everything vs. Ultraviolence 2015 - Rebel Heart vs. Honeymoon 2016 - Glory vs. Lemonade vs. Anti vs. Joanne vs. Dangerous Woman
  7. I think all of those things could easily be explained by the assumption that she was probably high out of her mind, possibly to the point of paranoia.
  8. Her coroner report said that she had cocaine in her system -- so obviously she overdosed and drowned in the bathtub. I don't get what the big conspiracy theory here is.
  9. Music Video

    I love it simply because it's not as depressing af like everything else this past year
  10. Celeb News

    Eventually they have to run out of ideas for her fragrances, right?
  11. Meghan Trainor - Lips Are Movin' Chainsmokers - Roses Fifth Harmony - That's My Girl, Write on Me Fallout Boy - My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark, Uma Thurman Beyonce - Crazy in Love, Sweet Dreams
  12. Discussion

    Side to Side > Into You > Focus > Everyday > Dangerous Woman > Let Me Love You
  13. Discussion

  14. Discussion

    I don't know if it's her best album, but it's certainly her most interesting to me. The Fame and Fame Monster are the most consistent and polished, but BTW is that perfect pinnacle where Gaga can be experimental and crazy while still producing quality tracks (where Artpop failed)
  15. Game

    BOMT The Girl Next Door, Self-titled Oops Lucky, Stronger, 2000, Platinum (idk, OIDIA is a perfect title) Britney Crossroads, Get Nasty In The Zone Toxic, Poison Paradise, Me Against the Music, Shadow, Sex Drive Blackout Freakshow, Breakdown, Mona Lisa, It's Britney, Bitch Circus Reset, The Ringleader, Mannequin, All Eyes On Me, Phonography Femme Fatale 7, Danger, Apocalyptic, 2012, Underground Britney Jean Alien, Feed The Wolves, Emergency, Doppelganger, Echo Glory Private Show, Iconic, Invitation, The Holy Spearit
  16. Music Video

    I actually like it. It's cute and made me laugh. I though that there would at least be a dance number in the laundromat, but eh. I don't expect much from a fourth single that she won't be able to promote much anyway.
  17. Mandy Moore Jessica Simpson
  18. I can't believe there have now been two different homages to this horrible mess of a dress. When Katy did it, it seemed funny. But Leigh-Anne is playing it dead serious.
  19. Discussion

    It's Britney's management's fault. Too little too late.mp3
  20. Discussion

    Seltaco - omg
  21. WBT is probably the more superior song, but I get my life from Fantasy
  22. Game

    I would change that she actually perform some songs from the album other than the singles on the tour.
  23. Other

    I'm gonna be super brave here and out myself -- but that's my channel. Thanks for the cross-promotion @Living Dead Boy