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  1. I’d LOVE to give you the stats on “Say Something” since it’s 110% an XTINA SINGLE that we are proud of, but I’ll let another fighter get back to you.
  2. But when it was in the top 5 y’all were saying “iTunes sales don’t matter”?
  3. What the fuck is a “chartmaster” Is this the new “metacritic” that y’all thini the public knows or cares about? We were talking about spotify streams ahdnyou went off on a whole other rant! I literally don’t get it @Vesper
  4. But I thought you said she was ahead because of Moves Like Jagger? Was that another skewed fantasy or do you stick by those “statistics” too?
  5. She was ahead of Britney before the new Music tho
  6. Oops. Well I guess Xtina will be dragging ha soon then
  7. And it remains the only song in iTunes top 30 with less than 1 Million radio audience. FIL remains selling really well
  8. Maroon 5 and Pitbull’s Songs aren’t included on her Spotify page. But i totally forgot about those hit collabos and if they were included it would just widen the gap even more which is PATHETIC for an artist like Britney who released 9 albums Thanks for the FAKE NEWS tho And last i remember, A great Big world had peaked at #196 on iTunes before Xtina saved them with a new version. Brit fans remaining ignorant and in denial I see
  9. 13,783,036 monthly listeners So what’s going on here? How is an “Xtinct” act ahead of these successful pop divas on Spotify?
  10. Agugaga

    I always felt her comeback should’ve been delayed a few months to August/Sept any way. Too bad she had to put out two singles before realizing this. But attempting to launch her comeback at the height of Cardi B mania was not a good look for Nicki. Especially knowing that Cardi was going to pause in a few months any way because of her pregnancy. She should’ve continued her black out and attempted her comeback in late summer. Now she’s got loose ends everywhere and I’m not sure how she’s gonna tie it all up, but good luck to ha
  11. Agugaga

    Somebody is triggered that he was proven wrong. Sure, streaming is the dominant format right now. But no pop song has gone top 10 just from streaming. Pop songs REQUIRE airplay in order to chart in the top 10 and that’s a FACT. “Havana” went to #1 on Billboard because radio carried it so far up the charts. Without radio it would have NOT been able to do that. We simply can’t say the same about hip hop acts like Childish Gambino, Drake, etc who are so dominant in streaming that they don’t even need radio to go to #1. But once again, POP ARTISTS NEED RADIO, which is why I keep bringing it up And I will fucking continue to bring up. It’s definetly relevant to this convo. Radio helps pop songs get more streams. Without radio, there will be no streams and lower chart placements for pop stars. Have a nice day.
  12. Agugaga

    Girl WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT Top40/Pop 26 spins (+8) 4 radio stations (+1) HOT AC 22 spins (+4) 3 radio stations It’s cute that ur giving FIL imaginary spins. I didn’t know it’s being pounded into ur brain cells that badly to the point that it’s giving you dementia but it’s fucking hilarious There are a total 7 stations across the country that have played the track a few times at most. So explain this? How are you hearing FIL on the radio so much?
  13. Agugaga

    FIL has 28 spins on pop radio. You keep saying it’s on the radio so I’m waiting for you to clarify.
  14. Agugaga

    Sure Jan. Live off Britney’s debut album as long as you want...but it’s still slowly fading away like ur faves relevancy and impact.
  15. Agugaga

    And? “Say Something” got 2.6 million views in its first 24 hours and now has 380 million views. Even “Your Body” got like 3.4 million the first day and now has 170 million views. Meanwhile “Blunder Party” sits at 78 million views even tho it had this so called “5.6 million in 24 hours” feat you speak of. Youtube is about the longevity and being able to carry a song for months. Cute attempt of a thread tho.