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  1. Doesn’t Britney smoke cigarettes? Ironc that her deluded fanbase would think she would smell the best
  2. Sure, but the narrative could've easily been re-written as Britney was just a "flash in the pan" without Toxic. BOMT was iconic, but none of her other singles really were, until Toxic. Sure Oops was recognizable and made for a cute catch phrase, and Slave had the VMA snake performance tied to it (the actual song was a flop), it wasn't until Toxic where she proved she could get something just as iconic as her debut single, so removing "Toxic" from the picture could've impacted her later career as well. "Toxic" was the single that bridged her early career (1999-2001) with her late career (2008-2011) and without it, I don't think Britney would've had a "resurgence" (using that term very loosely) in 2008.
  3. If you were to remove these hits for these artists catalog, who do you think would've suffered the most? Hmmm, I want to say Xtina but "Stripped" had a lot of other singles that could've kept her era afloat. But I do agree without "Beautiful" "Stripped" wouldn't nearly have the legacy it ended up with. I feel like Beyonce would've been fine without "Single Ladies" Katy's Prism era would've suffered without "Dark Horse" but I don't think it impacts her career at all if we were to remove it. So my vote goes to Britney. Without "Toxic" happening, no one knows how her career could've went after 2004. It definitely came at the right time to save her ass.
  4. Actually BSB sales is closer to 5 million. It outsold Circus by at least a comfortable million in ALBUM sales, and as a double higher priced album too, As for whoever said “Stripped” sales were “underwheling“ for a second album, well that’s interesting, considering Christina’s second album still outsold Beyoncé and Justin’s debut albums released at that time. Especially when we are talking worldwide sales, where Xtina had a comfortable lead over them. By 2003, sales had already declined from where they were in 2000, so to sit here and expect Xtina to pull in Oops numbers is kinda ridiculous. And Xtina would’ve absolutely NOT have flopped had she released an album in 2000 or 2001. She had more #1 hits in that time span than any other pop artist, and you want to sit here and act like a follow up album would’ve flopped? Had she dropped a second album around say, Christmas in the year 2000, it would’ve been coming off the heels of COOB which went to #1 for four weeks. Any new music she would’ve dropped right after that would’ve blew up directly. Girl bye!
  5. “Stripped” and “Back To Basics” outsold ITZ and Blackout/Circus, so once again, back to my original point
  6. Because Xtina doesn’t release albums every two years like Britney, so it’s kinda awkward that you would expect Xtina to outsell Britney? As for the Op, that’s because Britney’s stats aren’t really anything to gloat about after 2004 She hasn’t had a 5 million plus worldwide selling album since ITZ so
  7. Dead at anyone thinking those are “the new generation of pop girls.” The girls mentioned in here are just placeholders for whenever pop/dance music becomes relevant again. Pop is not in at the moment like how it was from 1997-2000, when *NSYNC, BSB, Britney, Xtina we’re able to dominate, and then once again from 2008-2011 when Gaga, Katy, and One Direction dominated. It will come back around, but it wont be a Zara Larson or Alesia Cara leading that
  8. Her music is boppin lately, but they have not campaigned for her hard enough on U.S pop Radio therefore her presence is low key here.
  9. Xtina probably smells the nicest of all the pop stars since she’ doesn’t sweat on any tours/residencies
  10. Wow if these are “the current pop girls” then pop music is headed towards extinction for a good minute
  11. This is an interesting comparison. The 2nd and 3rd best voices of their generation, but not sure which one is 2nd? Lets see what u guys got
  12. The one with half the albums, but still gets more streams