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  1. I Brings That Retardation claiming his mental health is “fine” is like when Britney worries about losing 3lbs two hours after losing custody of her kids
  2. CACKLING at the bent dresser behind Britney! But I guess you both are two peas in a pod with your delusion and mental health issues.
  3. @Vesper is FUCKING FUMING But I thought this was “just a limited run” in Vegas and Christina was doing piss poor! The only thing getting pissed on is Britney’s tombstone as her career rots away, like her face! You fucking lose, you smelly cunt
  4. Agugaga

    What the fuck is a Charli XCX? What fans? I’m so confused
  5. And it’s literally the same trio who are so fucking obsessed with my posts. Y’all keep me so relevant on here. It’s funny and pathetic
  6. In that case stream "Don't Call Me Angel"
  7. 3 -1 Ariana Grande - Don’t Call Me Angel (Charlie’s Angels) 2 2 (x1) 1,397,718 -624,740 3,420,176 +1,397,718 3,420,176 YIKES
  8. How couldn't Christina tour in 2012 but she can now? You are fucking moron. She chose not to tour. She could've if she wanted to, as we can see now. Your decade long narrative failed, just like your fave's legacy.
  9. Awe, Britney fans are so stressed and unable to handle that Christina is touring and has a residency, while their faves entire career has gone into the shithole sewer system. I too, would be digging up old threads and reminiscing of the past if I were in their shoes. But here we are in present day, with Christina on top.
  10. Didn’t you leave a note behind and said you were quitting this board or some shit? Or am I thinking of another mentally unstable poster?
  11. "Breaks the streams for an all female collaboration" What is that like 7 songs? What's tomorrow's "record" gonna be? "Don't Call Me Angel" has smallest fall with two females on it under 27? The reach is hilarious.
  12. I'm actually streaming it as we speak. I have no problem doing my part in charity, cause it's clear Ariana is on her way out.
  13. Don't give a fuck about that. Thanks tho.
  14. I think the correct comparison would be "Lady Marmalade." You too, are a fucking nitwit.
  15. Everyone wants to drag Camila Cabello for debuting low with two singles, but y'all want to remain at a RADIO SILENCE when Ariana disappoints in an all star female collaboration. I got you.