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  1. Come thru the legendary Ms. Jackson! The ONLY female singer who is proof that you don’t need a good voice to be talented. The song is basic and trying to be hip on the times, but it’s so refreshing to hear her on a song like this, and it also kinda feels like a Janet song. I’m here for it !
  2. Agugaga

    Thanks for your concern @Infraredbut Xtina has already done a tribute for Aretha. You know, back when she was alive and she PERSONALLY SELECTED XTINA to do it. Xtina has a tendency to be personally selected by icons and legend and their family members to do these tributes. No one cares what trolls on an Instagram account think. But once again, thanks for your concern.
  3. Agugaga

    I don’t think anyone denies that Michael is bigger than madonna? Especially after his death.
  4. I said it in the context of they shouldn’t be attacking Nicki’s “stats” when 5 out of 6 of Cardi’s top 10s have been collabos
  5. I didn’t dismiss them. A feature is a feature. Getting those stats with features/collabos where you are listed as lead but it’s really still a feature is fine with me. But I’m pointing out that Cardi is already a collabo queen, when Nicki was having lead hits just a couple years into her career along with her features. And so was Xtina for that matter. But anyway
  6. You clearly can’t read, and tried to drag me for attempting to drag “hit features” when I’ve always been an advocate for those. Especially in Xtina’s case when all her collabos were clearly only hits because of her, with the exception of “Feels this moment” which could’ve been sung by anyone.
  7. But you are the hypocrite. I didn’t criticize Cardi. I criticized the Cardi fans for criticizing Nicki for doing that. My whole point was, don’t come for hit features when ur fave is doing the same. Stop reaching for a drag sis.
  8. Yet “Moves Like Jagger” remains their biggest hit of all time, and still one of the biggest digital hits of all time period. Isn’t that funny
  9. Maroon 5 was flopping until the godtina feature so theres that too
  10. Cardi B’s Maroon 5 feature wasn’t tied to America’s #1 Tv show at the time that she specifically helped launch, nor was it billed as “Cardi B featuring Maroon 5” in the Middle East/Asian markets like Xtina was on the “Moves Like Jagger” billing there. Any questions? Comments? Concerns?
  11. I’m so confused at the hypocrisy. Cardi fans claim Nicki shouldn’t be boasting about her “stats” because she hops on everybody track as a feature and those collabos count towards her credits, etc. But WTF? Isn’t Cardi doing the same exact thing now? In fact, she has 2 songs in the top 5 on the Hot 100, and both of them she literally sings for 30 seconds on each ”I like it” is a song off her album, yet she gets drowned out by the two Hispanic men halfway into the song. Then the Maroon 5 song, she’s barely even on that either. All Cardi fans can boast about is “Bodak Yellow” being her solo #1, but the facts are she hasn’t had a solo hit since then. “I like it “ does NOT feel like a Cardi B song whatsoever. I’m barely feeling Cardi’s presence anywhere right now, so ya what about that?
  12. Agugaga

    According to Billboard’s Top Female Artist list she is bigger than Britney
  13. Agugaga

    The big oop moment of the whole thread tho.
  14. Actually the tea is scalding for how humiliating Britney’s underperformance was despite RCA giving her a promo budget that included a radio deal for the first single, which reached an audience of 25 million. Meanwhile Xtina did not receive a radio deal or any support from her label, and her singles didn’t even reach a 1 Million Radio audience. Britney should’ve sold AT LEAST sold 5:1 of what Christina sold with her audience reach advantage. but at the very end of everything Liberation will at least be 2/3 of Glory’s totals. What a bust for Britney, who has probably lost all promotional budgets from her record label since this massive underperformance. Fuck they even sent a letter to Radio BEGGING them to keep playing the 1st single. That’s some fucking commitment and burned promo dollars gone to waste for RCA. No wonder they don’t know what to do with Britney next. It’s been two years of dead radio silence from her, At least with Christina, RCA invested the bare minimum, and probably profited off her minimum sales.
  15. Britney has only done theater tours in the US too, and most of them didn’t sell out