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  1. Agugaga

    On that note 2010 was much better; Bad Romance (peaked in early 10 so we are placing it in this year) California Gurls Teenage Dream Telephone Only Girl In the World Tik Tok
  2. Agugaga

    True but the pop divas in particular were kind of delivering the same old tired dr lune formula. The pink/Kelly/Kesha sound I guess just wasn’t my T. Also “Firework” and “We Found Love” weren’t the best but just were fueled by star power. Whereas those hits I mentioned in 1999 were mostly from new artists/comeback artists. I would say “Firework” was a 2010 hit since it peaked during that year anyway.
  3. Agugaga

    “Don’t Stop the Music” never even hit #1 tho. This thread needs a re-do.
  4. Dead at people really thinking “3” is more remembered than “What a Girl Wants” WAGW gets power play on Adult radio meanwhile “3” I don’t think has been spun once in years unless it’s a nostalgia throwback at an after hours gay bar.
  5. How will I know I wanna dance with somebody I will always love you Saving all my love for you I’m your baby tonight Vision of Love Emotions Hero Fantasy Always Be My Baby Like a Virgin Material Girl Papa Don’t Preach Like a Prayer Vogue This one is actually hard because all these deserved to go to #1 and are barely forgotten. I’ll come back later with my list.
  6. The thread was about the 3 main pop girls of the The late 00s/early 10s, just like how this thread is about the 3 mains of the late 90/early 00s.
  7. Single Ladies is a tricky one...it’s not really that big overseas and I think the music video is more remembered than the song
  8. Baby One More Time Womanizer 3 Hold It Against Me Genie In a Bottle What a Girl Wants Come On Over Baby Lady Marmalade Crazy In Love Baby Boy Check On It Irreplaceable Single Ladies My list; Baby One More Time Crazy In Love Lady Marmalade Single Ladies Genie In a Bottle Irreplaceable What a Girl Wants Baby Boy Womanizer Check On It Come On Over Baby 3 Hold It Against Me
  9. Agugaga

    1999/2000 and 2009/2010 were the best years in my opinion. 1999 had a lot of pop classics come out of that year and i'm still trying to find someone who can show me another year this happened. Baby One More Time Livin Lavida Loca No Scrubs Genie In a Bottle I Want It That Way Specifically.
  10. Agugaga

    2011 was definitely one of the worst years of pop music besides "21" by Adele and Rihanna ending one era and entering her next cycle. Britney released a few irrelevant forgotten hits in her most robotic form ever. Gaga's "Born This Way" era was annoying as fuck and just didn't deliver (although the album was good...the single choices, video and visuals were not). Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" era was stretched out to death by this point. "E.T" was hot but after that the era was milked dry. Kesha was annoying as fuck So yeah. Find me a better year.
  11. Agugaga

    The Britney drag tho
  12. Agugaga

    Me too. It's played all the time on both HOT AC and Urban radio. What other pop girl can do that?
  13. Agugaga

    Your point is not happening deluded pig. You are cancelled.
  14. Agugaga

    What’s the problem exactly? All those songs were monster Grammy award winning smashes/nominees. The only difference is Shallow is affiliated to a film and has an Oscar. Sit the fuck down cunt. Oh and Is literally how we all felt when y’all said Shallow is as big as My Heart Will Go On
  15. Agugaga

    That simply won’t happen. The impact is not nearly the same. My Heart Will Go On was one of the biggest hits of the 90s, fueled by the biggest movie of all time. That alone is something that “Shallow” will never have. The affiliation to the movie “Titanic” will forever keep it calibers ahead. Both the song and movie won much bigger awards and were more successful than Shallow/ASIB and Celine didn’t even need to star in Titanic to achieve this feat. As for “I Will Always Love You,” that is the most recognizable pop ballad in modern history across the world and has had a life outside of the movie it’s affiliated to. It’s the biggest hit by the biggest voice of our generation. And her career and legacy is more successful than Gaga, thanks in large part to this song. Once again, this is something “Shallow” will never achieve. It won’t even be considered Gaga’s biggest hit. ”Shallow” has been a sleeper hit, just like the other duets I mentioned in my previous posts. It never dominated for months and months at its peak and broke records like those two iconic ballads did. Wow I came in here to make a positive thread and thanks to the delusions running rampant as usual in here, I’ve had to downgrade and get you all in check. Well there you go