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  1. Agugaga

    Not Cardi B supporting Medicare for all women who didn’t suck her husbands dick.
  2. My fave has spent 20 weeks at #1 total. Not sure what u mean
  3. That awkward moment when ur all time fave female pop star doesn’t even have 6 weeks at #1 total cuz the majority of her singles only spent 1 week at #1. And ur here trying to read a female artist who had 100 hot 100 hits cuz her biggest fan got a #1 song with 15 weeks. @I Brings That Levity @Vesper definetly needed to tag y’all on this read to the filth.
  4. Agugaga

    I think the real trash is the pop divas you be stanin for dahling. Don't blame that on Pharrel.
  5. Agugaga

    I'm sure Britney fans have far greater problems now than this garbage single. As for the thread, he's mostly hit or miss for me. I love the stuff he did with the Migos and I didn't mind the Sweetner stuff either. Also "Blurred Lines" was the shit.
  6. Agugaga

    Honey I have taken time off this board several times. I can go months/years without posting in here when it gets really boring. I challenge you to do the same.
  7. Agugaga

    And I'd rather you check into a mental health facility than post on here, but hey, we can't all win
  8. Agugaga

    i don't know who you are honestly, but thanks for your opinion. In the future, you have the right to resist from posting in my threads
  9. Agugaga

    Says the one that raked up a 6,000 post count in 4 years. What kind of life you must lead.
  10. Agugaga

    Yet here you all are empowering my threads. Funny how that works.
  11. Agugaga

    Now that "Press" is officially flopping, I think it's best Cardi takes the rest of the year off. She had a good 2 years with non-stop singles, an album, and several hit features. But if she's really going to follow up with a second album so soon then I'd be worried for her. The 3 stand alone singles "Money" "Please Me" and "Press" have all underwhelmed and gives us a clear idea of how her 2nd era would play out. I would advise her to take the rest of the year off and come back in early 2020.
  12. Not the girls complaining about 1hr and 30 mins of LIVE VOCALS. Did that take you
  13. Agugaga

    I’m lovin Ed’s new album. it’s so catchy and a bit poppy. But he kinda sounds like Justin Bieber on a lot of these songs it’s kinda trippy Then again I know he wrote some of Bieber’s big hits, so does he get a pass? And has he filled Bieber’s slot as the top pop male artist, aside from Bruno Mars (who is more R&B any way). Bieber just seems to be cruising through at this point, with all these collaborations/feats but no actual eras and tours. He can very well choose to do that he earned that right after all that success and past touring. Discuss.