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  1. Agugaga

    Why would they be talking about hits/relevancy in the 2010s when they still think dusty CD sales from 2000 matter today. Let’s pull out our Walkmans and bring out the Oops I did it again CD to commemorate Britney with them.
  2. But you are such a fucking sad sore of a loser that you and your pathetic goons couldn’t take me not wanting to create new Britney threads, so you had to bump up old ones. I too would be a miserable sore loser if I stanned Britney and couldn’t fathom the thought of her retirement and spending all these years following a dead end dud artist. It’s sad, but you will be alright and will move on with your life. Think of it as like going to prison for 2 decades and then having a 2nd chance at life. We know that’s definetly how Britney feels. Wishing you the best in this time of mourning.
  3. So you admit it , artists could sell CDs in 2016 compared to 2018?
  4. Pathetic that Britney could only sell 1/30 of what Adele did that year. Y’all claimed CD sales were dead in 2016
  5. Yet Adele sold 9 million physical albums through the 2015-2016 sales cycle, meanwhile the highest selling physical album of 2018 sold like 1.8 million copies. Sit the fuck down
  6. Why would we compare albums that came 2 years apart when in 2018 physical sales are completely dead compared to 2016?
  7. But Britney hasn’t even dropped an album, so how can we compare? This thread was made 2 years before “Liberation” was even released. Let’s see how much Britney can sell if she ever comes out of retirement.
  8. That was “when I was younger.” Isn’t that what Gaga said when she defended her actions for collaborating with a rapist?
  9. A robot can mean someobody who is being controlled and has no emotion or investment, which is where Robotney originated from Britney fans constantly post “fat photos” of Xtina in here thinking we can’t reciprictae by posting photos of Britney in 2007. The difference is we are more mature and wouldn’t do that
  10. Wow you had to go back 3-5 years to find posts of me calling Britney a robot? How is that dragging her mental health? I’m glad you invested this much time on those weak ass receipts tho Even if I did drag Britney for her mental health back in 2014 or whatever, I wouldn’t do such a thing in today’s climate.
  11. I don’t shame Britney for her mental health issues. I shame YOU for being a fan. Big difference
  12. I’m not sure what happened in here but I agree that the cunt @Mariah's 18 #1's should be permabanned for fat shaming along with this cunt @I Brings That Levity.
  13. Agugaga

    Anyway, as of right now she's just a radio voice. They need to book her a TV gig in the U.S. I would say maybe the I Heart Radio awards in March.
  14. Thanks for your wrong opinion. These arguments are stale sweetheart. But I'm glad you still have the energy to do this.
  15. If we are counting all releases then Britney still has a lot more so it looks like on average Xtina made more per era