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  1. Agugaga

    But Rihanna had like 9 #1 hits in the bag before she accelerated above Gaga and Katy 5 years into her career. At this point even Ariana’s only #1 is weaker than Rihanna’s weakest #1.Nice try
  2. Agugaga

    Actually she’s got about 2-3 years left if we are using the Britney/Xtina/Gaga/Katy standard pop star career timeline, and she was never as big as them and still isn’t so enjoy.
  3. Agugaga

    At least Xtina and Britney carved their own legacies and won’t just be known as a copycat Mariah in a ponytail
  4. Agugaga

    Lmaoooo I swear you Ariana fans are dumb and deluded as a rock. I can’t wait til the Ariana collapse comes cuz believe me every diva has her day and hers will come soon
  5. Agugaga

    Read this as I literally watch “Caution” get beaten by “Glitter” in 2018
  6. Agugaga

    What has she put out other than 2 collabo singles? You may be right but also Camila isn't doing that well either. If you boil it down she really only had tremendous success with 1 single that was pushed heavily by her label and she continues to win all the awards because her label is buying em.
  7. Agugaga

    Artists like Travis Scott came out of nowhere and had huge streaming numbers. Also we are entering the holiday season so I'm sure we will be getting big album drops.
  8. Agugaga

    Hmmm IDK..."In My Feelings" and "Gods Plan" held up way longer than that. Any who who is that in your profile picture?
  9. Agugaga

    That's not true...any act can come out of nowhere, especially during the holiday season and get major streaming points. The hip hop acts are unpredictable. And the only reason Maroon 5 was #1 is because of radio...its sales and streaming weren't that great in comparison.
  10. Agugaga

    But we aren't going to acknowledge the big drops then?
  11. Agugaga

    Even tho I stan Nicki over ha, "Invasion of Privacy" is a pretty solid Urban album for 2018. It's like a continuation of the Migos "Culture II".
  12. Agugaga

    I guess you didn't read the part where I said it would get Week 2 at #1?
  13. Ur right... that's not a Cardi B concert
  14. Agugaga

    14 1 (x14) 2,388,239 -202,200 And down to #5 on iTunes. Yikes. At this rate this isn't going to get more than 2 weeks at #1.
  15. At least Nicki can book a stage outside the US...I have yet to see Cardi do that