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  1. Thanks to Xtina she did crossover to pop a couple times. Nicki is definetly influenced by her
  2. Can’t wait for “All I Want for Christmas (25th anniversary remix feat Lil Nas X)”
  3. The Madonna/Mariah feud is definetly going to hit a fever pitch this holiday season as Mariah will attempt to send “All I Want For Christmas” to #1 on its 25th anniversary. I don’t think Madonna fans will be able to handle it.
  4. Don’t Madonna and Mariah fans still feud? We aren’t the oldest feud of the pop diva world
  5. To sum it up, if those Britney cum dumps didn’t attack Xtina for years and years for not touring, doing a residency or releasing any new music, this feud could’ve been complacent years ago. But here we are with the scenarios coming full circle yet again, with Britney flat on her face buried under the rubble. It’s just too good of Karma to not acknowledge Poor Britney tho, having to sacrifice herself like this for the idiocy that is her fanbase
  6. I mean if I ate, partied and slept at Planet Hollywood in Vegas from 2013-2018 I would’ve heard Toxic a lot too
  7. Hitting #1 on pop radio is being “Blacklisted” The fucking foolery of this fanbase. Not on my fucking watch
  8. She should’ve just went over to The X Factor and auditioned in front of Britney. At least “The Voice” is still going and Xtina is touring. We can’t say the same for everything else, including Melanie
  9. Can’t dream about something you didn’t know existed
  10. Thanks! And who the fuck are you? Have we had encounters before? Or are you another one of my lil stalkers
  11. No tea no shade but Cardi’s last few singles haven’t performed too well. So this thread is like a legit concern. But at least she makes a coin off being a personality/reality star.
  12. I Brings That Mental Instability is so bored with her life...poor her. There isn’t even an explanation for why this was dug up. Poor girl is following in the footsteps of her mentally unstable faves
  13. You can't expect them to be bright if they stan a lip synching dumb blonde.
  14. The residency gross averages. Do your math bitch. There are no numbers for her world tour to verify anything else. 500,000 per show vs 550,000 per show is 91%
  15. I’d be chirping if Xtina was locked in a conservatorship? If Xtina couldn’t dance? Couldn’t sing? Made cringeworthy Instagram videos? Had a declining mental state? SIS CHIRPING
  16. Took a decade off, has half as much albums, yet her show still gross 92% of what a Britney show does. My how privileged our Xtina is WORK half as much, make just as much. Sounds like a great motto
  17. Don’t forget $0 box office score in 2019 Truly the biggest decline of the decade.
  18. When I said “are people really flying to see their faves”, I meant “the general population.” The fact that you are dissecting every thing I say and take it literally just proves how obsessed you are with me. U are so obsessed with my posts that you are creating fights for us to engage back and forth in. it’s really sad. Literally the majority of your posts are nothing but responding to me. So if the mods banned me that gives your life no purpose. I would love to see if you can go 1 week without posting in my threads and/or responding to every post I make. Surely that’s probably
  19. Who the fuck said NO ONE. Obviously delusional slave supporting fans like you did for reasons unkown.
  20. Are people really flying to Vegas and booking hotels to see their faves? You are a fucking idiot. People are always in Vegas and they go to these shows for entertainment.
  21. 5 years ago it definitely was more relevant. Now i’d day they are equally irrelevant.
  22. “The Voice” ratings have fallen drastically since the Xtina days. So try again.
  23. Huh? What stand point changed? I've literally said this in the other thread you fucking coward.
  24. Mary The Night flopped for a reason. It was boring and should’ve never been released as a single. Outside of BTW and TEOG nothing else on the album would’ve worked on the radio. The album had a lot of good tracks, but most of them just didn’t fit in on radio and were way too long to be singles. “Scheibe” would’ve probably done well as an international single, but not in the US. It kind of fits in on that Poker Face-Bad Romance-Monster-Judas cannon, but by that time in 2011 that Red One sound was on the way out. Hence why it would’ve worked in Europe but not the U.S.