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  1. Now that both Ariana and Selena have reached career heights, will Demi follow as well? She too has had a personal life filled with trauma. It seems the record labels/managers have a formula that equates to big comebacks. So can Demi come back with a big smash about her person life too? Thoughts?
  2. I’m pretty sure Ariana’s 17k projected debut next week means she’s not being streamed nor selling now
  3. She’s winning in streaming with a significantly smaller catalog. Keep the dusty CDs. It makes for good nostalgia.
  4. Selena is the new Princess now. All the mini divas (Ari, Miley, Demi, etc.) always have short runs at the top
  5. At least she’s outstreaming Britney during the holidays because of the Xmas record. There’s that.
  6. Yes, and her Spanish album spent 19 weeks at #1 on the Billboard Latin Chart. A record that’s still not broken
  7. I’m sure if Xtina released 3 albums from 1999-2001, she too would’ve had higher dusty CD sales.
  8. And you have critical analysis skills? You stan a brain dead pop diva who won 1 Grammy for a Dance recording. Goodnight sweetheart
  9. The Kanye version of E.T slaps! It’s still my favorite Katy single . Always thought Dark Horse was overrated but I do see the appeal
  10. “Make Me” had an Iheart radio deal, nitwit. And it seems like the opposite happened considering Xtina is the one that tours and Britney is retired circa 2019.
  11. Nobody cares. With that Wacky music video it was very on brand Katy Perry and that’s that.
  12. The public loves to consume trash. Hence why you love Grade F products why we we have a Grade F president.
  13. I guess “Stripped” is the Checkers of Pop music then since it’s score is a 54. Keep relying on meta critic
  14. Would you like a Grade F singer with your Grade F meat
  15. She did E.T with Kanye and Dark Horse with Juicy J, so I don’t really see a difference. Bon Appetit felt like a rehash of Birthday and Last Friday Night with the silly music video and party themes, etc. I always thought that the problem was that she DIDN'T switch it up.
  16. And what promo is that exactly besides 2 televised TV performances? And yes absolutely. You have to be dumb as dog shit to pay to watch a drugged up pop star not sing and not dance on stage. So off to your community college you go.
  17. I don’t think “Witness” was anything different from the standard Katy Perry formula. It was still the silly slapstick stuff she had been known for, especially songs like “Swish Swish” and “Bona Petite.” But by that point the public thought she was super lame. What ever fanbase she had during TD, they clearly moved on. She was a product of the iTunes era and that’s it.
  18. I honestly think ur delusional about Katy the same way you’ve been delusional about Britney for the last 10 years. No amount of promo, money, or publicity will fix this honey. That’s the downside of being a teeny bobber act who released music with no substance and has no talent. The ships sailed hunty. People graduated high school and community college (cuz they too dumb to get into real colleges just based off who they stan). It’s over cuz the phat lady sang and her name begins with an X.
  19. Poor Britney, being forced to uphold her “princess” title by her ridiculous fanbase, even as she grows old and haggard. She’s like the Jonbennet Ramsey of pop music, frozen in nostalgic times and surrounded by tragedy and deception.
  20. And what is Sean Mendez on the Royal scale, the Prince of Twinks?
  21. Britney can keep the princess, while Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce and even Xtina have surpassed her and graduated to queens. That’s what you call women who are in control of their life and careers
  22. I’d have to say Selena Gomez offers the perfect balance of depression from her music to her personal life struggles. While most of Adele’s music is depressing, her bubbly personality makes up for it. Demi can also be dark with her personal life, but her music/message leans more towards empowerment than moping in a bed about someone you dated four years ago, who clearly moved on with his life (Selena). Britney, while her life And circumstances are tragic and her fanbase consists of pathetic and disgusting pigs who enabled this exploitation, she doesn’t have depressing music (or