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  1. Huh? What stand point changed? I've literally said this in the other thread you fucking coward.
  2. Mary The Night flopped for a reason. It was boring and should’ve never been released as a single. Outside of BTW and TEOG nothing else on the album would’ve worked on the radio. The album had a lot of good tracks, but most of them just didn’t fit in on radio and were way too long to be singles. “Scheibe” would’ve probably done well as an international single, but not in the US. It kind of fits in on that Poker Face-Bad Romance-Monster-Judas cannon, but by that time in 2011 that Red One sound was on the way out. Hence why it would’ve worked in Europe but not the U.S.
  3. Judas is one of Gaga’s best songs PEROIDt. People were not here for the content, but the song itself is epic. So what if it was her trying to recreate Bad Romance. It was still fire.
  4. "Perfect Illusion" is the best Gaga song in so long. I don't know why it was trashed and met with heavy mixed reactions. To me it's an extension of the "Poker Face/Bad Romance/Judas" trilogy.
  5. Revenge is sweet on who Britney hasn't been active in years. Doesn't even have a residency anymore Really who was the revenge on? Her fanbase?
  6. Oh boo fucking hoo Do you think I give a fuck about rep points? Never even paid attention to em or knew how much I accumulated. But of course you know a thing or two about declining numbers since you stan Britney
  7. I’m the “old man” yet Britney fans are the one hanging on to CD sales
  8. The Voice airs across the globe you fucking nitwit. So do other competition shows like The X factor. Her and Whitney are the most coveted artists. Stay mad.
  9. And anyone can gross $100 million if they were stuck in Vegas for 5 years and did 250 shows
  10. Are they tho??? Who told you this? and yes your songs being performed on talent shows means millions of people hear the music during one performance, which is more impactful than YouTube views.
  11. It hasn't been confirmed because it's a lie made up by a deluded psycho. Anyway, It's funny that some try to say "Xtina has no memorable hits" or whatever. Another blatant lie. Why is it then that she gets so much airplay on Hot AC and AC formats compared to her contemporaries? She has plenty of pop classics in her catalog, lets run them down in detail; "Genie In a Bottle,"-An undeniable 90s pop classic "What a Girl Wants,"-A signature teen pop era hit "Dirrty"-Iconic, influential, etc. "Beautiful"-Self explanatory "Fighter"-Signature Aguilera Ain't No O
  12. Performed more on talent shows than your faves 9 album discography put together
  13. We love a bitch that can recognize talent
  14. How about a combination of both which Britney never had When Britney was selling albums, her singles were flopping miserably (Oops, Britney albums). And when she was getting hit singles, her album sales flopped (Circus, Femme Fatale). Then you have In the Zone which kinda didn’t do either I guess? (Biggest hit only peaked at #9 ) and I guess Blackout too despite the #3 peaking Gimme More. I would probably still throw that era in the flop bin. And of course Britney Jean, Glory are undeniable all around flops. Poor girl couldn’t seem to win. Flops all over her discog
  15. Why would they be talking about hits/relevancy in the 2010s when they still think dusty CD sales from 2000 matter today. Let’s pull out our Walkmans and bring out the Oops I did it again CD to commemorate Britney with them.
  16. But you are such a fucking sad sore of a loser that you and your pathetic goons couldn’t take me not wanting to create new Britney threads, so you had to bump up old ones. I too would be a miserable sore loser if I stanned Britney and couldn’t fathom the thought of her retirement and spending all these years following a dead end dud artist. It’s sad, but you will be alright and will move on with your life. Think of it as like going to prison for 2 decades and then having a 2nd chance at life. We know that’s definetly how Britney feels. Wishing you the best in this time of mourning.
  17. So you admit it , artists could sell CDs in 2016 compared to 2018?
  18. Pathetic that Britney could only sell 1/30 of what Adele did that year. Y’all claimed CD sales were dead in 2016
  19. Yet Adele sold 9 million physical albums through the 2015-2016 sales cycle, meanwhile the highest selling physical album of 2018 sold like 1.8 million copies. Sit the fuck down
  20. Why would we compare albums that came 2 years apart when in 2018 physical sales are completely dead compared to 2016?
  21. But Britney hasn’t even dropped an album, so how can we compare? This thread was made 2 years before “Liberation” was even released. Let’s see how much Britney can sell if she ever comes out of retirement.
  22. Her man probably is secretly gay and is overcompensating his short comings Xtinas man is better looking in my opinion and definetly more masculine without having to be a steroid head. But I guess we all have our own personal tastes
  23. Say something literally started from the ground up you idiot. It only became a radio hit after it hit #1 on iTunes due to audience demand. So that was NOT payola.