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  1. I’m pretty sure inbred leads to mental instability which might explain a couple of ur favorite pop divas
  2. They reached puberty and went off to college?
  3. “Not Myself Tonight,” “Bionic” the song and “Woohoo” all charted on the Hot 100 with the latter two charting higher than Katys singles, especially worldwide without even receiving official single treatment.
  4. Mod Notice Personal attacks are not allowed outside of NHB.
  5. Like what? Win Grammys? Have an album that sold more than 10 million? Star in a movie that grossed $100 million worldwide and sold 6 million in Blu Ray/DVD? Be a coach on a #1 hit tv show? Please do tell
  6. Booo fucking hoooo! Ur faves career is over In under 10 years. This time around in Christina’s career she was at least having hit collabos. Ur pop diva is truly dead weight
  7. 20 years into a career vs 10 is a big difference.
  8. @Cl!t When u keep talking shit u gonna eat sh!t
  9. Lmaoooooooo singing a song means you like that person? You are a fucking buffoon
  10. And your missing the point that Kylie ALREADY Re-created Xtina’s iconic SOLO moment. Fucking bobble head
  11. The same reason Kylie isn’t Britney, fucking lunatic
  12. Why would Kylie do Xtina twice? Only poor people like you would reuse a Halloween costume. Can’t expect the rich and famous to do the same
  13. It would be fitting if she got it this year. If it happens this year, she will join the list with Britney and Xtina for having a #1 in the 90s, 00s, 10s.
  14. But I thought y’all said for decades now “Awe poor X, nobody cared for her when Madonna was suckin the life out of Britney. Poor X, let’s mock and bully her cuz she didn’t get on the cover of US Weekly.” Wasn’t this supposed to be Britney’s moment?
  15. We love when a social media and beauty line mogul does the real pop iconic moments justice.
  16. Look at you. You are like a Walkman playing an OOPS I Did it AGAIN CD
  17. https://www.google.com/amp/s/people.com/style/kylie-jenner-stassie-dress-up-madonna-britney-spears/amp/ Britney is considered so old that even Kylie preferred to dress up as Madonna. Y’all can keep this infamous kiss.
  18. That’s what we thought about Lorde
  19. We know it won’t be Ariana looking at her recent track record
  20. Neither Most people think Kelly Clarkson sings The Edge of Glory. Gaga is known more for her theatrics and Kesha just isn’t known at all
  21. 5 unexpected Gaga flops 1. Judas 2. Marry the Night 3. Do What U Want 4. Perfect Illusion 5. Always Remember Us This Way
  22. So that makes Lil Nas X a Grade A+ singer? Fucking nitwit with a dumb cunt
  23. Why on earth would I work at Taco Bell. I don’t do Grade D meat...or Grade D singers.