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  1. Probably Britney since it’s a struggle on stage and that would correlate the same way in the bedroom
  2. The correct answer is Britney. All her hits from 2000-2003 are long forgotten, while her hits from 2008-2011 are already more forgotten than “Back to Basics” hits which came out in 2006/2007.
  3. Britney was drinking a slurpie barefoot out of a gas station six years into hers
  4. Still sold multiple more singles and albums than ur current fave pop star so what’s tea?
  5. Did it tho? Ariana is at 5 weeks at #1 with her only #1 biggest single ever and Xtina has had 5 singles with multiple weeks at #1
  6. She still kind of is a flop tho. Today I pulled up the receipts of how all 3 of her singles on “Sweetner” peaked worldwide, and its pretty much on par with how all 3 of “Back to Basics” singles peaked worldwide. You are so insignificant that at your peak your’e not even as popular as Xtina’s 3rd biggest era worldwide And didn’t @Vesper dub Xtina as the “biggest flop of all time.” So how do u explain Ariana?
  7. So you wanna credit “S&M remix” as a Britney #1 but spent years discrediting Xtina for not having a “solo #1” since 2000. Britney fans...y’all work in deluded hypocritical ways
  8. Your fave is who you have in ur Avi as far as I’m concerned
  9. Because you and half of the posters on here would’ve had to say “No, my fave doesn’t have more #1s.”
  10. And I guarantee you people who think that probably only know Mariah as “the old lady with the Christmas song” so yea
  11. I think your confused. Nowhere in my original post did I say they were more popular than Ariana today. She is definetly the default pop star of the moment and she has no competition. But did she reach the heights of all the other girls who have sub sections on here, no. And also I haven’t done much research on how she’s doing worldwide this year but Ariana is mostly local with the exception of Europe after the terrorist attack. She didn’t dominate globally like Britney during BOMT, Xtina during Stripped or Gaga during TFM. Hard facts.
  12. 2000 and 2003 according to Billboard, disagree with your deluded statement Christina had 3 #1s in 1999-2000, Ari is just getting her first.
  13. I mean good for her...she’ll need a bunch more tho to be on Gaga/Xtina/Katy/Britney level. Miley had a #1 hit too.
  14. I'd rather see J.lo in concert but Katy's got the better pop catalog. Other than a few J.lo hits, the rest of her music is basic and cheap. Katy's is too but she's got more classics off "Teenage Dream" than J.lo did in her entire career so
  15. The delusional girl wants to point out that “Toxic” aged better thus its Britney’s biggest hit, but won’t admit that most of Britney’s albums have remained stuck in the past, while “Stripped” has influenced many pop stars and has made a lasting impact.
  16. BOMT is still more iconic Toxic is her second biggest hit but I know her fans like to push the narrative that it's her biggest hit. Similar to the false narrative that "blackout is groundbreaking album that changed the game,"
  17. I agree with you for once Both Mariah and Gaga have other songs in their catalog that were more iconic than their debut single. That’s not the case for Britney
  18. So y’all want to be “feminists” yet you drag a woman for being on her period? (putting aside that this was self tanner). Do you see what I mean when I say how everyone is fake woke?
  19. I guess that wouldve been a good thing if it wouldn’t have been nothing but downward from there
  20. Interesting because Christina’s ad libs have become like a meme. It is instantly recognizable by any vocalist. Her inspiration/influence was definetly at the forefront of the reality talent show genre and that’s something you can’t deny.