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  1. You should get back to work as well. Google maps is waiting on you to use those stalking locations you marked.
  2. Poor Ariana! She just can't catch a break these last few months, it all has caught up to her HARD. Once upon a time ago she was the top female for a few cute months and now it all came crashing down...HARD "Good As Hell" remains unbothered tho, cuz the original version is a hit. Thank god the addition of Ariana didn't cause it to crash and burn like everything she touches these days. Bye Bye bitch! Go away and let that bronzer fade before you ever set foot in public again.
  3. And 6 years into her career Xtina had 4 #1 hits and 5 Grammy awards which Ari will never achieve in a lifetime
  4. My fave wasn’t debuting at #13 and plunging with 2 other females on the track 6 years in her career. I’ll tell you that. My fave was able to debut In the top 10 solo
  5. “Waiting for Ariana to come back?” From where? 2 weeks ago? bitch ain’t nobody can’t stand Ariana no more that’s why her last 3 singles tanked
  6. In Day 2, streams for Selena’s single increased. But I thought Ari fans said she was the golden it girl who was more popular than the Miley/Demi/Selena mini diva pool? What’s happening
  7. You stan Mariah who has literally been singing about always wanting to be someone’s baby since 1990
  8. “Break up with your girlfriend, yea yea cuz I’m bored” sounds like it was written by a 9 year old too. No tea no shade.
  9. The only one that lost was you sweetheart. You were boasting that Xtina had a “pathetic” 78% capacity. Now you are resorting to old receipts from 5 years ago when the Vegas landscape was completely different. It’s literally like comparing a 2014 album to a 2019 one in terms of sales. You fucking clown. Christina’s attendance capacity proves her Vegas stint is just as successful as Britney’s and it eats at you! Moral of the story is, anything Britney can do, Christina can do too even with significant less visibility, material and promo. 2 decades of being “in the shadow of Britney,”
  10. Travel the world (and outer space) on Perry Airlines
  11. I agree, I low key like most of her music. She’s very good at crafting very good pop songs. But it’s too bad pop is not in
  12. Actually the comparison would be “Keeps Gettin Better” vs “Chain to the Rhythm” and well, both went top 10
  13. Comparing a Halloween soundtrack song by a 20 year plus career artist to an official single by a 10 year plus artist. My how the mighty has fallen
  14. She can tour, sit in a chair, or do what ever she pleases with her career. The beauty of being able to control your life and career.
  15. It’s all ironic to me because you used to say Christina could never tour or do a residency, yet here we are and suddenly bullets are attempted to be dodged. But luckily I’m just that petty to remind you all of your failed narrative.
  16. Yea no. Different time periods of the year, and completely different eras in Vegas. Both of Xtina's legs went directly against Gaga, whereas Britney was the only fish in the pond. Major difference at the fact that Xtina can get 86% capacity has you boiled. Poor Britney, dipping as low as 72% during her vegas runs. She really couldn't keep up with the competition.
  17. When stans start talking about bank account over chart positions, that’s when you know it’s truly over.
  18. Her overall average was 84% Xtina already getting higher digits in her 2nd leg. Third leg looks even more promising since it’s around New Years. Your narrative failed. Christina won. You lost. Chapter closed
  19. Are you asking if she could compete with the Queen of Vegas Celine? I mean, probably not.
  20. @Vesper cunt 2nd leg (8 shows): $3,702,768 27,756 / 32,130 (86.4%) Average attendance: 3,469 Average boxscore: $462,846 Average ticket price: $133.4