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  1. OMG was "Make Me" really #44 on iTunes with all that radio after just 14 days Glad we dug up these receipts cuz this actually works in our favor
  2. Tina's team actually played their cards right by releasing it on Wednesday. They avoided the K-pop takeover and it was able to shine and hold up on its own. Meanwhile all the releases from Friday got clobbered and "Fall In Line" still stands above ALL OF THE NEW RELEASES from Friday. And ur still trying to drag it. So week 1 it will chart really low Week 2 it will benefit from the Billboard performance + radio starting to play it Week 3 I suspect they will drop the video, so another increase in chart position Week 4/5 will be the album release and another boost.
  3. Not sure what the fuck ur saying to be honest. Your argument makes no sense so I'm kinda lost. Like why do you even set yourself up. You very well know it's being performed tomorrow. You very well know the radio impact is coming. You very well know the album is coming. You very well know the music video is coming. Why are you setting yourself up for a drag? I don't get it? Is the temporary thrill worth it?
  4. And on that note, I really don't feel like coming in here to brag after it storms back up iTunes tomorrow. But you guys are leaving me no choice and it's exhausting.
  5. Right tho? A song that has no airplay, no music video and no live performance will sell less and less every day. Like what the fuck is you on girl?
  6. I'm not bragging tho? Just stating a fact that's it's off to a nice start considering there's a lot more promo to come. People are being receptive. There's nothing wrong or bragging about what I said. So far it did what it did based off their names and it having hype. Am i wrong? And I agree with everything else you said so...
  7. Well right...if it charts on Monday it will be very low considering it came out on Wednesday. And also we are already aware that sales are lower than they were in 2016. But still, its selling well for today's standards. "Make Me" had a radio deal and still fell out of iTunes top 10 after four days. Is there any other information you'd like to relay to us that we don't already know?
  8. 3 days in the top 10 with no airplay, no music video and no live performance and just a lyric video. The song is selling very well and nothing you say will change that. On that note, I'll see you tomorrow night.
  9. Oh my god at these non stop Madonna threads And I thought talking about Brit-Xtina was a dusty situation but you guys take the fucking cake for old, outdated and ancient.
  10. Oh my gawd what a cringeworthy discussion from beginning to end. I apologize for fueling this mess last year. I mean for real what is even the point in arguing about this...we all know Britney released more albums, thus sold more. And we all know she comes packaged with a shit load of disabilities. We all know Xtina is lazy, unfit, etc. but is generally more admired by the industry. We all know they both have had remarkable careers that not even most of today’s pop girls can achieve. I mean really find me a pop girl with 6 Grammys, 5 #1s and 50 million albums sold. You won’t find
  11. There's no way Britney fans can sit here and say Blackout wasn't a flop era. In fact, to the general public Blackout was her biggest bomb era due to her public image and the disasterous VMA performance. Blackout was a big bomb by all means. I might let you get away with femme fatale since it actually spawned hit singles, but Blackout is up there with epic bombs like Glitter. If it wasn't such a setback for her they would've never rush released circus to course correct her career. So there you go. 3 flop eras for Britney in the books.
  12. Oh okay. So if we are counting high debuting singles that immediately collapse afterwards as what classifies as a hit era, then I guess Keeps Gettin Better GH was a hit era too.
  13. Technically this is Britneys fourth flop era. No way in hell you could ever bill Blackout as a successful era and femme fatale barely moved units despite hit singles.
  14. Dead at the finger being pointed at me by the fighters when I have been borderline stanning for Glory since it's release.
  15. What's going on First he dropped this BOP that I have been addicted to with an equally stylish video. But then he unleashes the 2nd single "False Alarm" just 2 weeks later which is even better than "Starboy." I am touched by king Abel.
  16. I'm sorry but what Gaga album outsold Xtina's first 2 albums? Even counting the Fame and TFM as 1 album and Xtina still has two better selling albums.
  17. Agreed here. Ironically enough, the fact that Madonna is still alive tarnishes her legendary status. She didn't have a tragic fate like MJ, Elvis or Marylin Monroe thus she's not perceived as iconic as them. Its a sick and twisted flaw about pop culture, but it's certainly true.
  18. I mean should this even be an argument? Xtina has the longevity, sold more albums, and has more #1 hits. Her and Gaga are tied with Grammys. And even after Bionic Xtina still found ways to be relevant and successful with hit collabos and The Voice. Gaga, not so much. Winner; Obviously Xtina. Gaga's 1 year of pop culture dominance doesn't make her the winner here, sorry
  19. What we didn't know back then was that her creativity peaked during her debut era. It's unbelievable how many mistakes she's made since the start of "Born This Way"...everything just got poorer. The music, the videos, the costumes and looks, she just got stagnant so quick. She took a wrong turn into weird and campy and has stayed there since. She has a couple of bright spots here and there but everything she's done since 2011 has been miles and miles below the quality of The Fame/TFM. She still is a great songwriter and has a great ear for catchy hooks and melodies, but it seems her range as a
  20. Spotify? But I thought beehive was all about the Tidal.
  21. As for the question, I knew the faux hype created earlier this year from the Super Bowl, her Oscar performance, her Golden Globe, etc. was not going to do anything for ha. It was all fake and calculated hype. "Perfect Illusion" is a great song to me...but what surprised me is just how hard and ready people were to go IN on her. It's definitely a little too lethal. The little monsters kinda deserve it tho, they spent years coming for Xtina and trying to prove that Gaga had a more successful career, only to have her Bionic era come at twice the rate that it did for Xtina. Hopefully the le
  22. Nawt the OP coming for single success tho when his fave had only two top ten hits this decade, one of them being Gaga's song.