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  1. I agree with you for once Both Mariah and Gaga have other songs in their catalog that were more iconic than their debut single. That’s not the case for Britney
  2. So y’all want to be “feminists” yet you drag a woman for being on her period? (putting aside that this was self tanner). Do you see what I mean when I say how everyone is fake woke?
  3. I guess that wouldve been a good thing if it wouldn’t have been nothing but downward from there
  4. Interesting because Christina’s ad libs have become like a meme. It is instantly recognizable by any vocalist. Her inspiration/influence was definetly at the forefront of the reality talent show genre and that’s something you can’t deny.
  5. YB was released before Billboard counted Youtube views, otherwise it wouldve peaked in the same area.
  6. Well at least “Your Body” lived on with a popular YouTube music video. “Make Me” doesn’t even have that. “Work bitch” is a different story since it’s video was popular. Let’s just keep it 100% in here.
  7. Considering all the Femme Fatale singles are all completely long forgotten despite going top 10 and have already fallen behind in streaming compared to the Back to Basics singles, this statement is definetly true. Make Me is already wiped clear from pop history.
  8. OMG was "Make Me" really #44 on iTunes with all that radio after just 14 days Glad we dug up these receipts cuz this actually works in our favor
  9. Tina's team actually played their cards right by releasing it on Wednesday. They avoided the K-pop takeover and it was able to shine and hold up on its own. Meanwhile all the releases from Friday got clobbered and "Fall In Line" still stands above ALL OF THE NEW RELEASES from Friday. And ur still trying to drag it. So week 1 it will chart really low Week 2 it will benefit from the Billboard performance + radio starting to play it Week 3 I suspect they will drop the video, so another increase in chart position Week 4/5 will be the album release and another boost.
  10. Not sure what the fuck ur saying to be honest. Your argument makes no sense so I'm kinda lost. Like why do you even set yourself up. You very well know it's being performed tomorrow. You very well know the radio impact is coming. You very well know the album is coming. You very well know the music video is coming. Why are you setting yourself up for a drag? I don't get it? Is the temporary thrill worth it?
  11. And on that note, I really don't feel like coming in here to brag after it storms back up iTunes tomorrow. But you guys are leaving me no choice and it's exhausting.
  12. Right tho? A song that has no airplay, no music video and no live performance will sell less and less every day. Like what the fuck is you on girl?
  13. I'm not bragging tho? Just stating a fact that's it's off to a nice start considering there's a lot more promo to come. People are being receptive. There's nothing wrong or bragging about what I said. So far it did what it did based off their names and it having hype. Am i wrong? And I agree with everything else you said so...
  14. Well right...if it charts on Monday it will be very low considering it came out on Wednesday. And also we are already aware that sales are lower than they were in 2016. But still, its selling well for today's standards. "Make Me" had a radio deal and still fell out of iTunes top 10 after four days. Is there any other information you'd like to relay to us that we don't already know?
  15. 3 days in the top 10 with no airplay, no music video and no live performance and just a lyric video. The song is selling very well and nothing you say will change that. On that note, I'll see you tomorrow night.
  16. Nope. It was originally scheduled for September, then they pushed it up to May, and now back to October.
  17. What’s going on with “A Star is Born” btw? Doesn’t it come out In like 2 months? I haven’t seen a trailer, haven’t seen promo or heard anything about it ? Shouldn’t the soundtrack be released soon?
  18. I've always low-key liked Gaga. I mean my username is AguGaga, although it would've been more accurate if it was AguRiri tbh
  19. Oh my god at these non stop Madonna threads And I thought talking about Brit-Xtina was a dusty situation but you guys take the fucking cake for old, outdated and ancient.