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  1. But we can play devil's advocate here and reverse this. "Genie In a Bottle" alone gets more airplay today than all of Britney's singles combined from her first two albums? "Beautiful" alone gets more airplay than Britney's entire catalog combined. Not to mention Christina's songs are the most covered on Youtube. They are the most covered on The X-Factor, The Voice, Idol, etc. You surely need to take into consideration just how many millions of TV viewers are exposed to her music because of this. Two can play this game.
  2. Oop nawt a Britbot annihilating ha own kind and I thought Xtina fans were the self-haters.
  3. But wait I just checked Billboard and "Perfect Illusion" has already outpeaked Make Me in its debut week? So, what's good?
  4. Bottom line is...Gaga has not had a hit since 2013. She hasn't even had a hit collaboration in between breaks. Britney's singles are more radio friendly, period.
  5. You can't pay something dust that was never given a spotlight. If this was sent to radio it's already a guarantee it would receive a far better reception than both Make Me and Perfect Illusion did. It's the most radio friendly song released by a pop girl in recent months.
  6. Milkshake was featured as a soundtrack song to the movie. BEAUTIFUL was actually in the movie, in the script, performed by one of the characters. Again, WEN WILL TOXIC?
  7. Because people actually bought the Stripped album unlike In The Zone?
  8. Beautiful is so iconic even Mean girls featured it. When will Toxic
  9. Here's my worry about Gaga...it seems her ability as a songwriter may have just been during a niche time period in pop. All those songs from The Fame/Fame Monster were a certain "type" of song, with similar structures, verses, and hooks, etc. It seems she hasn't really been able to prove that she's capable of more, idk. "Born This Way" had some good moments from her as an artist...like "The Edge of Glory" and "Judas"....and a couple of the songs that never got released. But the album was definitely stale, bloated and reductive. It was her moment to prove she could move passed her debut sound,
  10. Oh ya Beyonce in 2006, when Jennifer Hudson SNATCHED ha Oscar weave and made her play background.
  11. I would say 2008 was Rihanna's "IT" year. Possibly 2011 too but ur right about Adele being bigger then. Hmmm maybe 2010 was a Rihanna year? Gaga's debut era had dwindled down, and Katy's era began later in the year. Rihanna had "Rude Boy" "Love the Way You Lie" "Only Girl" and "What's My Name" all go to #1 that year.
  12. Britney hasn't had a good video since In the Zone. Christina's videos got better starting with "Lady Marmalade" and tbh even "Your Body" is a better music video than most of ur faves. Rihanna has some basic videos tbh.
  13. Rihanna's reign was 2007-2013 to be technical. Gaga interjected somewhere in the middle there, but Rihanna regained over her again.
  14. Which batch of popstars were more relevant.... Britney and Xtina ten years ago Or Gaga and Katy now? Hmmmm let's see 2006/2007 Xtina-Ain't No Other Man, #1 album Back to Basics, world tour, Grammy Award Britney-Gimme more, #2 Album 2016: Katy-#11 with Rise Gaga-Projected to miss the top ten with Perfect Illusion And it's very fair to make this type of comparison as Britney and Xtina both began their careers in 1998, while Katy and Gaga began there's exactly ten years later in 2008.
  15. #YASSSS. Wish RCA would send "Telepathy" to radio, instead they are too busy writing angry letters to DJ's for not playing Britney.
  16. There's nothing eerie about a six time Grammy award winning vocal icon's career trancending into music, film and TV. And I'm talking about Xtina not Gaga.
  17. No shade taken I've been boping hard to "Telepathy" remaining unstressed by chart success.
  18. YASSSS girl that's the spirit. The point is, "Burlesque" was carefully centered around Christina's talents and abilities. The movie is a 2 hour Christina Aguilera commercial/music video. It helps her big time. Anytime anyone unfamiliar with Xtina sees this movie, it will build a great perception of her. Gaga needs a movie like this to sort of build a legacy in the pop world after life. And it seems like "A Star Is Born" will do exactly that for her.
  19. Burlesque took a couple of years to really catch on. I think it helped her in the adult contemporary market more than anything. So her next album needs to be carefully catered to a HOT AC/Pop audience in my opinion. Lotus was a teen bop affair and a miscalculation. And yes, not every movie survives on TV. In fact, just a few of them do and "Burlesque" is one of them. Every time the movie airs the soundtrack sells. It's now at 800k and it will eventually cross 1 million. Get that long term smash Xtine It's kind of like Gaga with "American Horror Story"...it helped her brand and celebrity
  20. At least it got her an 800k selling soundtrack. And I do think it did something positive to her career, even if it wasn't evident immediately. The DVD-Blu Ray outsold oscar winning movies like "The Black Swan" and "The Revenant." It was a smash in the after market, and it's HUGE on TV, being licensed to both NBC Universal networks and Viacom networks. The movie definitely helped her brand. I would say "Burlesque" and "Say Something" were very positive things for her career after Bionic.
  21. I know...but when Bionic flopped we were at least rest assured with Burlesque. Seems like the monsters are in the same boat, just 5 years sooner.
  22. http://deadline.com/2016/08/bradley-cooper-lady-gaga-a-star-is-born-warner-bros-remake-1201804358/
  23. Oh my god...I was trying so hard not to jump the gun and label this a flop but POOR Gaga. How is this already out of the top 40 on iTunes...YIKES. Even Britney lasted longer than this.