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  1. Because it is, and has since been used as the playbook for pop girl goes sexual/mature.
  2. Albums wise; Stripped The Fame Monster The Fame Back to Basics Born This Way CA Bionic Lotus Art Pop Side singles: Lady Marmalade, Burlesque OST, Say Something, Telepathy, etc. vs. Cheek to Cheek....Xtina wins.
  3. Stripped is better than both,, especially considering how horribly those two Gaga albums have aged.
  4. Don't forget to include Cheek to Cheek Also don't forget to include Tina's endless lineup of side singles, soundtrack songs and hit collabos. Those all count towards ha.
  5. She does need a live performance of this, but sadly it won't make much of a benefit. She needed a high profile performance like at an award show. And the next one doesn't come up until November. I don't know why her label set up the release like this where it came out after the VMA's and too early for the AMA's. A performance on Ellen or Jimmy Fallon won't be enough to send this back in the iTunes top ten.
  6. Well? I would say Gaga's discography is pretty cringeworthy after "The Fame Monster" so my vote goes to Xtina.
  7. Never mind the lack of impact it made on sales, but there music video barely has any views. Just ouch.
  8. And as you can see...with brit fans being all over the place with the 2nd single, it's clear there's no obvious choice and RCA is in a pickle.
  9. I DON'T get why Brit fans are pressing on this song. Let me tell you as an observer there are FAR better singles on this album, and that cringeworthy song is not one of them.
  10. It's all subjective. Again, Britney has at least attempted to be active during the digital and streaming eras. "Femme Fatale" in particular helped bridge her with the digital era thus her back catalog got a boost on Youtube. I think when/if Xtina gets a hit era her back catalog of videos will get a boost too.
  11. It really is not tho. Even smash hit singles usually get follow ups like two months later. The fact that Make Me has been DOA since early August and now we are in late September
  12. And none of them will work tbh. They need to release a remixed 2nd single with a featured guest rapper.
  13. What's "barely" to you tho? Her music video Youtube views are very high for songs that came out from 1999-2004, which was like way before the Youtube era. Two of her videos from Back to basics crossed 100 million views which was right at the beginning of the Youtube era. Your Gody is at 160 million views despite it being a flop. I think the real answer here is, if she gets a big hit during the streaming era then that will transcend to youtube views. See Say Something.
  14. Is there panic at the label, or will there even be a second single? Are they really just relying on this Chainsmokers hit feature to revive ha? Discuss I honestly think the Glory era is over. All those single worthy songs on the album will unfortunately do nothing at radio. After the embarrassing performance of "Make Me" and the slow ass response from RCA to follow it up, they've basically buried the era. No tea no shade tho.
  15. Is "VEVO views" the new "Metacrtic score", I see it being used more frequently around here
  16. Ugh they've been posted before. Beautiful alone gets like 6 million radio audience weekly, while Britney's highest was toxic at like 3 million and she had no other major recurring old hit.
  17. But we can play devil's advocate here and reverse this. "Genie In a Bottle" alone gets more airplay today than all of Britney's singles combined from her first two albums? "Beautiful" alone gets more airplay than Britney's entire catalog combined. Not to mention Christina's songs are the most covered on Youtube. They are the most covered on The X-Factor, The Voice, Idol, etc. You surely need to take into consideration just how many millions of TV viewers are exposed to her music because of this. Two can play this game.
  18. Oop nawt a Britbot annihilating ha own kind and I thought Xtina fans were the self-haters.
  19. But wait I just checked Billboard and "Perfect Illusion" has already outpeaked Make Me in its debut week? So, what's good?
  20. Bottom line is...Gaga has not had a hit since 2013. She hasn't even had a hit collaboration in between breaks. Britney's singles are more radio friendly, period.
  21. You can't pay something dust that was never given a spotlight. If this was sent to radio it's already a guarantee it would receive a far better reception than both Make Me and Perfect Illusion did. It's the most radio friendly song released by a pop girl in recent months.
  22. Milkshake was featured as a soundtrack song to the movie. BEAUTIFUL was actually in the movie, in the script, performed by one of the characters. Again, WEN WILL TOXIC?