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  1. The question was asked, was xtina ever the it girl. Should i brag about the year 2012? You fucking pathetic nitwit.
  2. Yet Xtina was the top female of 2000, when Britney had material out
  3. Lol Xtina is definitely not a Kelly Clarkson. Especially not worldwide. You know who might be just as irrelevant as Kelly Clarkson worldwide tho? Katy Perry
  4. I mean, not every album. But a lot of the pop girl albums, sure.
  5. Stripped. And anyone who says anything that came after it, should ask their fave, because they will say “Stripped” too. Oh the irony.
  6. At least Christina was still getting big hit collabos 10-15 years into her career. We can’t say the same about Katy. Katy may have had more hits during her peak but her albums were never as big as Xtina’s “Christina Aguilera” was way bigger than “One of the Boys” The “Teenage Dream” singles May have done way better than the ”Stripped” ones but both eras are arguably equal in impact and in pop culture. TD defines the perfect “Pop” era and “Stripped” is cited as the template for the “maturing pop star” playbook. “Back to Basics” and “Prism” are similar in impact and success too.
  7. Not like any of the 2010 girls are any better. Unfortunately Taylor Swift will be the Top Female artist of the decade and she’s technically a 00’s girl.
  8. Britney’s commercial decline was a lot more drastic than Xtina’s. Britney 1999-BOMT-13x platinum 2000-Oops-10x platinum 2001-Britney 4x platinum I mean if anyone declined in those years it was definetly Britney over Xtina after their debut albums. The “Britney” era sold a lot less and made no significant impact with its singles. When Xtina dropped “Stripped,” a year later, she was definetly more relevant than Britney during the year that followed. “Stripped” outsold ITZ and even “Back to Basics” outsold Blackout in 2006-2007, so this notion that Xtina was always seco
  9. She was the top female artist of 2003, “Stripped” outsold ITZ hunty Im pretty sure it was Britney that embarrassed herself when she cancelled her tour, And was spotted walking out of gas stations barefoot with Cheeto stains on her face circa 2004. Also, Christina was the it girl in the year 2000. When she beat Britney at the Grammys, had 3 #1 singles off her debut CD and was also named the top female artist that year as well.
  10. But @I Brings That Levity’s constant fat shaming is somehow acceptable. Is that not desperate either?
  11. Mod Notice Do not personally attack other members outside of NHB.
  12. Also I guess Mariah is a 5x flop since Glitter, Charmbraclet, The Elusive Shamu , Imperfect Angel, And Caution all tanked
  13. So Ariana should be rewarded of the fact that her first 3 albums were irrelevant in pop culture it took her 5 years to get noticed for a few months and now she’s right back to where she started again. Things came full circle quickly huh.
  14. I’m so confused, people here keep talking about this girl Ariana. I did some research on her and she only has 2 #1 hits and 1 Grammy after a 6 year career and 5 albums I believe even Paula Abdul racked up better stats. Then people talked about her being the biggest female artist of the year so I checked Billboard’s top 25 and didn’t see her anywhere either. Does she have any classic or iconic songs/videos I can look at to ring a bell? Or maybe some legendary live performances? Anything? Can someone help me fill in the blanks?
  15. Ur fave also has twice as much albums. And Christina has 6 Grammys vs Mariah’s 5.
  16. Lol bitch you think I’m gonna sit here and waste my time on girls who stan singers with less #1s, less Grammys and less albums sold and try to act like they don’t know who my fave is. Gurl bye
  17. At least Nicki just says it in her prayers. What u doin Cardi.
  18. Hopefully the Agugagabot has the same longevity, stamina and endurance as the Britbot did
  19. And yet it’s still more iconic than Ariana will ever be
  20. Hot 100: #52 (-39) Can someone tell me how you can go from a debuting at #1 pop star, to plunging 40 positions after missing the top 10 with 2 other pop stars on the song, in just a 7 month time span. Yikes!
  21. I knew Ed was obsessed with charts judging by how they rolled out “Perfect” and planned it out perfectly for it to be #1 during the holidays. But if he’s still so obsessed with charts, he must be having a hard time seeing how his current era is performing
  22. Not when her team paid radio to play her song. That must be one of the lowest peaking Iheart radio deals of all time. Congrats
  23. That was the KIIII for me considering Gwen has literally spent her entire solo career being a Christina Aguilera stand in
  24. Not all of us can post a depressing letter and state we are leaving the board and never posting again. Oh wait...