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  1. Yeah, either someone originally got it wrong or they changed it at some point. Officially, it's definitely 'Love'.
  2. At one point the title was said to be L.O.V.E. so that's why.
  3. Rollin' is the most shameless Dancing re-hash ever I like it though.
  4. Ugh, i'm desperate to see what the book looks like. I hope my copy arrives tomorrow, it was sent today 1st class?
  5. I am so happy that the gatefold is the Dancing cover photo. The shoot for this album is her best in years - maybe ever.
  6. A lot of people have gotten their copies now, so i'd be prepared for a leak in the next few hours tbh.
  7. That person is actually the believable one. I doubt anyone who supposedly has it will post any pics.
  8. HasItLeaked give ATRL as a source so it hasn't leaked. One of the people who supposedly has it on ATRL is the most annoying cunt so I would not be surprised if they're lying. Another user on there definitely has it though.
  9. Hi guys, I barely ever post on here but I just thought I would share this from Say Hey.
  10. Well if this is part of the album, I don't see how it could be Hopefully this is just some random song she wanted to put out.
  11. This is just so odd. The lyrics & her vocals are great, it's just the production? It's so odd, I have no idea how this could fit on an album with Love.
  12. Hi, could you tell me what the criteria is for VIP Media access?
    I thought it was 1k posts but I have 3k and it's not there for me.

  13. Dedicated (feat. Nas) Make It Look Good Faded Money (feat. Fabolous) #Beautiful (feat. Miguel)