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  1. Merryem

    Music Video

    and she says this was when she felt her creativity was at her highest this bitch still had it in her i KNEW she did
  2. Merryem

    Music Video

    the more i think about it the more she SERVED not since BTW has she served such imagery and symbolism
  3. Merryem


    perfect thank you so much!!
  4. Merryem


    @Luca if it's not too much trouble could you make me a 911 ava from 1:48 to 1:51 if you're busy tho no worries
  5. Merryem

    now wait a minute...
  6. Merryem

    the lashings in here
  7. Merryem

  8. Merryem

    Music Video

    im kind of glad she's back to fucking weirdga she served story too this is exactly what i wanted
  9. Merryem


    1. The 1 - Merryem 2. 3. 4.
  10. honestly nothing she does can surprise me at this point but c2c was kind of sudden
  11. Merryem


    because TALENT always finds a way!
  12. Merryem

    Celeb News

    wait this was gorgeous and stunning
  13. Merryem

    Music Video

    she’s fucking coming
  14. Merryem

    Celeb News

    the serve