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  1. hbd to the album that started an iconic stan war
  2. Merryem


    ima need taylor's impact to pull THROUGH and crush ms. martha in tennessee!
  3. JW was dead on arrival still one of her best vids
  4. i will admit, ARUTW has some major smash potential that's not being utilized
  5. cuz INLA is the superior song
  6. why now with all the momentum shallow is getting?
  7. Merryem


    the way I'll Never Flop Again WON over Always Remember Coke This Way @Freaky Prince LOST
  8. Merryem


    here's to hoping the grammys recognize TALENT for once and award shallow
  9. Merryem


    why does talent win? the entire world weighs in
  10. its been going downhill for a while now. glad it's getting put out of its misery
  11. Merryem

    the fucking stupidity of course i refer to members on THIS FORUM, we're posting on THIS FORUM if you want examples of OGHs outside of FOTP do you want me to direct you to madonnanation? or pawsdownlittlemonsters? again SEETHE
  12. Merryem

    OMH seethe bitch lmk when any monster puts in 1/100th the effort yzma or jjang does to drag gaga lmk when there's a #MadonnaIsOverParty bumped every 2 days for 3 months the only OMHs are the fossils, obsessed MARIAH haters