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  1. Photos

    the responses in here
  2. Tech

    idk why people care who gets their facebook data cool, you know my birthday and the pages i've liked. isn't the whole point of social media to go public with your personal interests?
  3. bad blood but i LOVE it
  4. tbh idk if i can decide between tf/m and btw but as of now, it'd be: born this way - gaga dangeorus woman - ariana grande born to die - ldr beyonce - beyonce red - taylor swift honorable mention: tdcc by katy, anti by rih, blackout by brit
  5. that guy was kind of an ass for saying that but katy handled it really well tbh katy is really saving AI
  6. Music Video

    poor haters thinking overrated romance is her best vid telegod remains a cinematic MASTERPIECE and y’all will deal
  7. also fad showing how iconic she is legends only
  8. my all has always sounded exactly like phantom of the opera to me
  9. Discussion

    dnfndf this was blown so out of proportion. katy shouldn’t have kissed him it wasn’t consensual that’s FACT. but he also didn’t file a sexual harassment suit and he evidently wants to let it go. both sides are overreacting. also not the stans in here saying to “grow a pair” but licking taylor’s cunt when she sued the dj for grabbing her ass
  10. poppy outtalented