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  1. no rihanna ariana xtina all don’t have any
  2. Merryem


    kind of hope we see some ballads as well on the album
  3. Merryem

    no idea but i hope she releases music soon
  4. Merryem


    the forward hatred in here is so ugly
  5. i was low key so pressed she ended her coachella set with love on top i was perched for halo
  6. Merryem

    yes. on the metro is one of the most timeless bops EVER
  7. Merryem


    not surprising
  8. Merryem

    Celeb News

    love the packaging, but im surprised they launched with only 3 products. hope we get to see some eyeliner/eyeshadow soon
  9. Merryem


    her biggest smash
  10. #92 is still to high for the worst song she's ever released