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  1. joyride talent recognized again at liberation tho, although maria not making your trinity is questionable
  2. i saw you watch my insta story update the list fag @Venus XCX
  3. most relevant album of all time
  4. everything is love making the list? whew we’re seeing some talent at last ladies
  5. Merryem

    this is so sad how far she’s fallen she’s SO embarassing
  6. Merryem

    do u get off to making ppl mildly irritated on this forum or something get a life
  7. Merryem

    godga wins once again
  8. rare moment of taste exhibited
  9. and bloom better not be on the list at all
  10. here we go again after last year's TRAGIC snub of AOTY melodrama i can only say taste will lose once more. if taste matters to you at all High as Hope & Turn off the light vol. 1 WILL make the top 5
  11. ok mimi really might snatch a #1 this year