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  1. im burning my stan card
  2. Merryem


    i dont visit that hell site anymore but excited for the cover
  3. Merryem


    anyways im low key glad chromatica was delayed dua is EATING the gays up rn, chromatica would inevitably be compared to it let the other girlies release for a bit and then gaga can get the attention she deserves when she rereleases chromatica with rain on me as the lead and stupid love + babylon relegated to japan bonus edition target exclusive tracks
  4. Merryem


    what is this henny
  5. down to 95 unfortunately after rollingstone and telegraphy's 4/5 reviews got put in
  6. someone merge these threads @Divine
  7. physical has the better video imo but the song is top tier
  8. Merryem


    physical and break my heart top 2 yes!
  9. reviews are pouring it for miss lipa's latest magnum opus, and they are rave! metacritic score not available yet but im guessing it'll probably be in the 85+ category when all is said and done. GQ: Dua Lipa's Future Nostalgia is the decade's first great pop album IrishTimes: 5/5, Game Changer Slant: 4/5, Euphoric escape NME: 5/5, Powerful pop BestFit: 9/10, Status cementing we love an acclaimed and deservedly so album
  10. Merryem


    still flawless but just keeps getting better we need a future nostalgia megarate ASAP ranking: 1. physical 2. break my heart 3. dont start now 4. hallucinate 5. love again 6. pretty please 7. levitating 8. cool 9. future nostalgia 10. good in bed 11. boys will be boys not a single track is bad though. but the top 5 are probably some of the best pop songs released in recent memory
  11. Merryem


    the coachella set NO words