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  1. I’m not defending what happened, but I do think there should be an open discussion about this instead of seeing the topic at hand in black and white
  2. Event

    Im going to bed rn but i'll hopefully be awake for the results
  3. lmao there's no way to go here in this crude little scenario you fabricated that veered off from what i was talking about yet again . criticism? already addressed that. responding to your "opinion"? already addresed that. you can keep talking to yourself in little circles but my point has been proven, and if you want to continue your discussion of whether or not gaga made a comeback feel free to make another battlegrounds thread.
  4. dfgdfgdfg you never talked about madonna but you used her as an example? that's um....a bit of a........stretch sure jan. and yes you responded to my op, and you even responded actually on topic before responding again with your madonna comment again, i said you could've used anyone but you used madonna, which if she's a great example, cool! still exactly my point and i didn't care or want an explanation because i never asked for one. did i say i was right in my topic? nope. but thanks for offering your lengthy explanations regardless of me never asking for it that's not ignorance, that's apathy. i already know what your opinion is and i didn't care for it, period.
  5. they weren't legitimate because they didn't respond to my comment in the context of what i was saying you didn't even address the subtext until 2 posts ago, where you admitted it am i going to argue against what you posted about madonna? no because i don't care about madonna if anyone's pressed here it seems to be you, responding to my single comment for so long and not even addressing it directly until just now
  6. I don't need to, I have it
  7. yes, because that's what i was doing, refusing to hear the side of your complex and intriguing argument and again i didn't criticize your comment but you certainly took it as criticism and you don't care im fed up with madge? that's great plain and simple, your argument didn't require explaining, but you explained it anyways and your responses weren't legitimate, but instead went off topic and tried to create different arguments when i never bit the bait in the first place and thanks for admitting that madge is brought up all the time when she's not mentioned, except i already knew that and so does everyone else as for the reasons behind why she's brought up? it's not because she's the queen of pop as you said, it's because her fans are terribly insufferable and insecure and need to validate her to everyone else at any possible moment.
  8. reading comprehension sweetie I'm SO sorry that a stupid bitch would do you dirty like this oh my god. reread it and use the logical part of your brain please
  9. dfngdnfgndfgdfg you really love eating your own ass out. the "ignorant" approach, understanding the "context" of your response you act like your post was some kind of shining light of pop truth to enlighten the peoples of fossil's superiority in every way. too bad no one bit the bullshit neither this thread nor your post called for some imaginary maturity to explain the reasoning behind your opinion what actually is happening is you're too immature to admit that everyone is fed up with the fossils and just wanted to drag this out and result to name-calling the monsters that's sad, huh?
  10. no. it's a few pages back search for it yourself.
  11. I didn't ask you to rationalize your comment through are you making the assumption that because I didn't ask you to rationalize your comment, there's nothing wrong with your comment? that's quite a logical leap the subtext behind my comment is that fossil stans have a habit of bringing up madonna in every thread despite her not being mentioned however, did I say that? no. what I said was simply a factual statement but you probably extracted the subtext from my comment and began rationalizing because of it, which led to your series of posts defending it which naturally means you realize what I meant and agree and had to take the defensive. next!
  12. already addressed this but reading comprehension has failed you again i see
  13. that's literally not what i said though, keep making things up you can keep struggling but the simple truth is you brought her up, tried to rationalize it, failed, tried to change the subject, failed again, and now you're trying to drag this out to make yourself look less bad
  14. did I say that though? putting words in my mouth again if you believe that go ahead and bring her up in every thread even if she's not relevant though, it's nothing new