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  1. Merryem


    can she just let it die single #2 please
  2. imo she needs to let ME! run it's course and wait for it to drop out of the top 20 or top 40. afterwards, she can change course with single #2 for a more mature direction and tease the album. obviously it'll be on her album but hopefully as a japanese or target exclusive bonus track or something
  3. best she's ever sounded tbh. excited for her new era
  4. Merryem


    ME! Everything Has Changed Red ...Ready For It? You Are In Love End Game Mine
  5. Merryem


    hmm smash confirmed
  6. Merryem

    i can’t believe this youtube beauty guru drama generated this much press in the end it’s white racists going up against other white racists. hope they all lose and self destruct.
  7. Merryem

    Music Video

    ot tho this is hilarious the fart
  8. Merryem

    Music Video

    whew suddenly the video is a serve
  9. Merryem

    mte im still excited for the album because im thirsty as fuck for new taylor music but ME! was literally DOA. if her second single isn't a SERVE...
  10. Merryem


    cant wait cellophane is easily a top 10 song released this year.
  11. Merryem

    7 rings was definitely her peak but i see her having cute success