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  1. Merryem

    FIRST SINGLE: Pon De Replay / Crazy In Love SECOND NO. 1 ON BILLBOARD: Umbrella / Baby Boy NICKI MINAJ FEATURE: Raining Men / Flawless MID 2000s STARGATE TRACK: Don’t Stop The Music / Irreplaceable SHAKIRA FEATURE: Can’t Remember To Forget You / Beautiful Liar DRAKE FEATURE: What’s My Name / Mine SONG CO-WRITTEN BY SZA: Consideration / Feeling Myself FIRST WORLDWIDE CHART FLOP: We Ride / Diva 2006 LEAD SINGLE: SOS / Deja Vu LAST SOLO BILLBOARD TOP 10: Love On The Brain / Formation LATEST SINGLE FEATURING JAY Z: Talk That Talk / Drunk In Love RIHANNA: 6 BEYONCE: 5
  2. Merryem

    FIRST SINGLE: ...Baby One More Time / Genie In A Bottle SECOND NO. 1 ON BILLBOARD: Womanizer / What A Girl Wants NICKI MINAJ FEATURE: Til The World Ends (Remix) / Woohoo 2010's MAX MARTIN LEAD SINGLE: Hold It Against Me / Your Body CARNIVAL INSPIRED MUSIC VIDEO: Circus / Hurt STRONG BREAKUP ANTHEM: Stronger / Fighter FIRST SONG WRITTEN BY LINDA PERRY: Girls & Boys / Beautiful FIRST WORLDWIDE CHART FLOP: Radar / Not Myself Tonight BLACK HAIR DEBUT: Gimme More / Can't Hold Us Down LAST SOLO TOP 10 ON BILLBOARD: I Wanna Go / Keeps Gettin' Better LATEST LEAD SINGLE: Make Me... / Accelerate BRITNEY: 6 XTINA: 5
  3. Merryem


    1. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood - CharnyBoy 2. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood - Jake 3. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood- Merryem 4. 5. 6. 7.
  4. Merryem


    wait this is a serve
  5. Merryem


    LOBT aka her best song and a classic
  6. didn’t she say she didn’t want to do perfumes anymore
  7. Merryem

    also the MJH bridge lyrics are one of her best....y’all dont get tongue in cheek huh
  8. Merryem

    genuinely one of my least favorite katy songs ever it sounds so..........dull...and the complete lack of a bridge...idk it sounds like a demo and is irritatingly repetitive...i'm really gonna hate this era huh really hoping the other songs on the album serve more NRO and less this and daisies
  9. Merryem

    the entirety of fun tonight....but the "you love the paparazzi love the fame, even though you know it causes me pain" is by far her most atrocious lyric
  10. Merryem


    can you PM me which songs are still in
  11. Merryem


    monster > speechless > DITD > téléphone > so happy i could die...WHEW
  12. Merryem


    didn’t religion already reach a majority 1. Religion - Jake 2. Freak - Madonna 3. Religion - CharnyBoy 4. Religion - Hyun. 5. Religion - Luca 6. Freak - Merryem 7.
  13. omg i didn’t see that a thread was already created this is horrifying. i really hope she’s found
  14. king the replies in here are also completely unsurprising