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    we love a woc
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    Celeb News

    hope she’s doing ok
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    this SMASH
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    she's truly the biggest american force at the moment incredible. are her worldwide numbers also this huge?
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    this song is...so bad
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    if i didnt have school looks like a lot of fun tho!
  8. pink friday did 375k?????
  9. melodrama is better than anything our faves will ever put out a #1 album that reached UNIVERSAL critical acclaim, nose could only wish and let me not even get started on alice sharter or broke candy
  10. reputation? i- the last time is one of her best songs, the way delusion JUMPS out you've never had one good opinion about music in your life huh
  11. was just relistening to red for the first time in a while and i realize now that i was ugly and blind before for thinking 1989 was her best work. this album blends storytelling ballads and pop bangers SO perfectly......the last time, the moment i knew, begin again are all top 10 in her discography....meanwhile, 22, IKYWT, and Red both go as hard as they ever did....i cant possibly see how she would top this PERFECT album. truly perfection from top to bottom. even the worst songs (aka Holy Ground & Stay Stay Stay) find times to be enjoyable. taylor's mind was so powerful when she wrote this album i TRULY hope joe leaves her so she can write another masterpiece like this
  12. no wtf my dms are open