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  1. Merryem


    this is...untrue
  2. Merryem


    lmk why holy godrain is being shat on in this thread when it's one of her best
  3. Merryem


    these are SERVES
  4. the fumes they do look similar.
  5. Merryem


    wi- and i CANNOT stress this enough - g
  6. Merryem


    leather kissed stud
  7. Merryem


    the thing is we're CLOWNS
  8. woah the instrumental sounds nothing at all like the final version the finished product is far better thank god
  9. Merryem


    Honeymoon vs. Norman fucking Rockwell Music to Watch Boys to vs. Mariners Apartment Complex Terrence Loves You vs. Venice Bitch God Knows I Tried vs. Fuck it I love you High by the Beach vs. Doin' Time Freak vs. Love song Art Deco vs. Cinnamon Girl Burnt Norton (Interlude) vs. How to disappear Religion vs. California Salvatore vs. The Next Best American Record The Blackest Day vs. The greatest 24 vs. Bartender Swan Song vs. Happiness is a butterfly Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood vs. hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it Honeymoon: 3 NFR: 11