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  1. love ariana but she needs at least a few more years
  2. this LEGEND this video reminded me how she literally is every icon
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    its...boring imo
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    my dms r open if someone wants to send
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    it’s ok fags well win the next era
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    one of my most listened to gaga albums john wayne perfect illusion million reasons are lit rally classics and top tier in her discography
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    Music Video

    thank god we'll always have NFR!
  8. the way she's getting EVISCERATED over this
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    btw for all
  10. a living legend deserving of her spot as THE pop star of our generation
  11. BTS world domination idgaf about BTS tbh but we love seeing asians winning
  12. this article is the most pathetic thing ive ever seen written
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    one of the best pop girl eras of all time
  14. her best single period me thinks!
  15. Merryem

    ice cream is kind of the best song on the album
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    it's cute! there are some bops
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    lovesick girls is kind of tragic
  18. so how did stupid love fun tonight and free woman make the cut?
  19. not the bts world domination
  20. folklore coming for 12 weeks wbk