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  1. Honestly, in regards to Katy and Gaga, we have to realise that their art is not just their music. And so when they are being reviewed, it's not the only thing viewers will take into consideration. Is this a good thing? Probably not. But it's how the modern pop system works; its less about music and more a superstardom. And with that comes a lot of scrutiny on a various range of personal and artistic choices.
  2. The way you write your thoughts is so eloquent And yeah, that's totally what I'm saying. Like, The Fame was obviously about famous life BUT it was written from the perspective of someone searching for it and not one who already had it. That's what was great about that album concept. Even when Madge took a break before Ray of Light - she managed to write an incredible record that wasn't solely about being famous like a lot of her other work is obviously influenced by.
  3. It's 2017, and it's near impossible to escape the media as a pop star, especially those that are women. But if Lorde's critically-acclaimed Melodrama (91 on Metacritic) is anything to go by; is it worth our favourite pop girls secluding to their non-famous lives between album cycles? The lyricism could very well become more authentic, relatable and of better quality. Allowing all artists involved to form positive creative relationships, and bloom at their own pace, could lead to more focused, lyrical and emotive complimentary sounds. Focusing on human life,
  4. Well, she's done with filming, she's made her transition (of sorts, via bleaching her hair again) into Gaga, it's possible. But so was the Telephone continuation, ARTPOP Act II, etc.
  5. NOT all of you ignoring the cringey "Marilyn Monroe in a monster truck, yeah"
  6. It's a lukewarm album. Branding is totally off, as is the concept. There's some gems, and definitely a few very lazy cuts. 65/100 (ish)
  7. Hopefully now she's finished with the bulk of ASIB filming, she'll release a video. I have a feeling one may have been recorded already, but plans have changed since Sonja's passing. If there is a video at all, I expect it to somewhat tribute her.
  8. In the lyrics of Ms. Swish herself, what the fuck?
  9. Nnnnnnnn Impossible Princess, Kylie Minogue, Body Language, Aphrodite and X say hi!
  10. I'm guessing Miley will headline the Super Bowl, headline Coachella, star in a film with a huge actor, gain a shit tonne of respect back from the GP, release the best selling female pop song of 2017 (a title she'll hold for around six months), then proceed to sell out arenas around the U.S. Looks like, if your predictions are correct and they do go down the same path, Miley will have a humble and successful comeback era!
  11. Y'all could just PM tho Male artist maybe but don't try it with the rest of the faves