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  1. Enigma


    I’m glad Hyberballad got what she deserved!
  2. Enigma


    if any ONE of you tries to pay hyperballad anything less than the STANNING it deserves...
  3. Enigma


    imagine hating a song just because it’s your first listen!
  4. Enigma


    the lack of taste is astounding...
  5. Enigma


    Neither did I? No one song on this album deserves that scathing review you gave Cover Me!
  6. Enigma


    nawt @Freaky Prince giving anything on post a ONE. We have to laugh at the lack of taste!
  7. Enigma


    I’m glad I could be in attendance!
  8. I think you’ve replied to the wrong comment! You’re also incorrect!
  9. y’all acting like Missy didn’t assassinate every single person in that stadium
  10. Lara Croft was my original stan card, and still is to this day. If I had to pick a particular game in the series, it would likely be The Last Revelation or Legend.
  11. Enigma


    Is that queen @Venus XCX?
  12. Enigma

    Hmm, I can agree it sounds like a 2018 version of FameGa. I just don’t think that and the fact that she’s sung a piano acoustic version is enough to warrant the “next Gaga” statements. BUT I will say the song is very catchy, and it’s obviously doing amazingly. I wish all the luck to her, and she seems like she could be one of the new pop girls!
  13. Enigma

    I literally don’t understand the comparisons? Sure they’re both blondes, make pop music and have a similar facial structure. But their voices, looks and creative direction aren’t nearly similar? She could experience the same success as FameGa, but it’s honestly too early to tell. Even if she does, I wouldn’t be calling her the next anything until we actually understand who she is as an artist. Call me when she starts showing her ‘weird’ side.
  14. Enigma


    Bold of you to think anyone cares