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  1. that's a surprise! I thought it would take time for album... but that's great!
  2. people expecting for huge smash hit- body move/ass shake or something, for movie soundtrack . she'll slay us with her album that's for sure! and this song really good, great start of comeback to remind us how great she can sing! go Vocalllssss!!!!
  3. it's on repeat on my spotify! I loved her last album and can't wait for this new one!!!
  4. yaaaaaaaaaassssss!!!!!! I missed her so much! it's on repeattt!!!
  5. Love this song !!! and also love it live with the guitar intro!!!
  6. such a great album! where are the CD's and Vinyls? love the sound of Dolla Sign Slime!! and Megan!
  7. Iconic! one of the most heard songs at my work! (and not from me lol)
  8. well.... for first listen, I'm kinda disappointed from this... there are some cute songs. it's so hard to say it after 3 amazing albums that I loved !
  9. such a BOPPPPPPPPPPPP!!! she's back to slayyy !!!!!