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    so what I heard from the leaks are Kinky, Potato Song, Birthday Suit, Tonight, and there is something that they called "Fader" idk if it's supposed to be "Father". I hope that this Kinky is a demo. (and it really sound like that) cause it's so disappointing!! Potato Song is strange..... Tonight, is kinda fun. Bday suit sounds also like a demo.... need album like Rainbow !!!!
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    I've got new song of her - Save Someone. is it from the new album? and leaked? or some outtake/demo?
  3. AtiRiRi


    I think Rainbow is perfect the way it is! maybe to have this on other album
  4. AtiRiRi


    well...after first listen, this album is not what I expected for... Still Learning is a bop! 3am - bring me 90'-early 2000' vibes (still mad that Nightmare is not on the album) Ashley - I love it, great opening for the album Killing Boys - like that . that's for the first listen. but this album needs more than 1 listen, that's sure.
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    I just hope that is the last country song on the album. I really want her style, like Badlands and HFK are so special in my opinion...
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    I really didn't expect that! I like it!! even though I thought the album will be more Nightmare's sound...
  8. just listened to this, sounds great !
  9. AtiRiRi


    Rihanna X Nicki X Beyonce (RNB) Rihanna X Halsey Rihanna X Lizzo there's no chance for this one but- Rihanna X P!nk Halsey X P!nk Halsey X Billie
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    well, Super Deluxe No. Title Writer(s) Producer (s) Length 15. "Good as Hell" Jefferson Frederic Lizzo Reed 2:39 16. "Good as Hell (Remix)" (featuring Ariana Grande) Jefferson Frederic Ariana Grande Lizzo Reed 2:39 and I can't decide ! I stan both of them ! (but the solo vers, without ariana.)
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    Manic – Overseas deluxe edition bonus tracks[20] No. Title Length 17. "You Should Be Sad" (original voicenote) 18. "I'm Not Mad" Manic – Japanese edition bonus tracks[21] No. Title Length 17. "You Should Be Sad" (original voicenote) 18. "I'm Not Mad" 19. "Wipe Your Tears"
  12. AtiRiRi


    ohhhh it's hard one ! cause I love A.K.A ! but there were some really good hits ! On the Floor vs. A.K.A (sorry, can't choose here) Good Hit vs. First Love I'm Into You vs. Never Satisfied (What is) Love? vs. I Luh Ya Papi Run the World vs. Acting Like That Papi vs. Emotions Until It Beats No More vs. So Good One Love vs. Let It Be Me Invading My Mind vs. Worry No More Villain vs. Booty Starting Over vs. Tens (but I love Tens also) Hypnotico vs. Troubeaux Everybody's Girl vs. Expertease (Ready, Set, Go) Charge Me Up vs. Same Girl Take Care vs. Charades Ven a Bailar vs. Girls (again, can't choose here)