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    omg I want too !
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    so there's a rumor about new song with Partynextdoor, called Believe it, and it will be out tonight !
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    I've heard the album(s) it's fun album, really nostalgia vibes idk if it's true this Side B, but also got it
  4. I hope "later this year" is not Dec 31.
  5. AtiRiRi

    Music Video

    why she did it?
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    Still waiting for my signed album to come by mail
  8. Set Fire To The Rain Someone Like You Rolling In The Deep Hello
  9. AtiRiRi


    Bastards | Tonight Let 'Em Talk | My Own Dance Woman | Raising Hell Hymn | High Road Praying | Shadow Learn To Let Go | Honey Finding You | Cowboy Blues Rainbow | Resentment Hunt You Down | Little Bit of Love Boogie Feet | Birthday Suit Boots | Kinky Old Flames | The Potato Song Godzilla | BFF Spaceship | Father Daughter Dance Emotional | Chasing Thunder Rainbow: 9 High Road: 6 maybe it's pretty close, but I love and prefer Rainbow on High Road. I think Rainbow is perfect