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  1. yessss!!! there are such good shots in this video ! and I just got their Box!
  2. Umbrella- this one is Iconic and will always be such a great song. if she sings it as the original or making it ballad. Love On The Brain has the best vocal from the rest, but Don't Stop The Music is pure fun pop. and lets not start talking about Diamonds.... I don't know what to choose
  3. Tracklist is here! 1. Break My Heart Myself (featuring Travis Barker) 2. Sabotage 3. Trust Fall 4. Better Mistakes 5. Sacrifice 6. My Dear Love (featuring Ty Dolla Sign and Trevor Daniel) 7. Die for a Man (featuring Lil Uzi Vert) 8. Baby, I'm Jealous (featuring Doja Cat) 9. On the Go (featuring Pink Sweats and Lunay) 10. Death Row 11. Empty 12. Amore (featuring Rick Ross) 13. Mama
  4. just checked wiki, and it's written that Sacrifice is track no 3 Baby I'm Jealous - track 6 Sabotage - track 10 and confirmed "Break My Heart Myself" (featuring Travis Barker), "Die For a Man" (featuring Lil Uzi Vert)
  5. better artwork than the album cover
  6. agree so much! waiting for pre-order physical copy
  7. Umbrella Love On The Brain Don't Stop The Music
  8. Umbrella Russian Roulette Love On The Brain Don't Stop The Music
  9. WOW this is hard! Umbrella Love On The Brain Russian Roulette Don't Stop The Music Diamonds
  10. love when Roc nation making these videos with updates