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    Pon de Replay - 48 SOS - 50 Umbrella - 50 Take a Bow - 50 Russian Roulette - 52 (+) Only Girl (In the World) - 52 We Found Love - 52 Diamonds - 50 Work - 46 (-)
  2. AtiRiRi

    Trying to find radio edit that is better, but I can't find one...
  3. AtiRiRi


    I LOVE their last album FEVER DREAM!
  4. I heard it and just couldn't stop moving ! Lyric Video Dance Video
  5. I think it's need to have a topic! such a good song from them !
  6. AtiRiRi

    Rihanna - Nobody's Business. Doja Cat - Say So Dua Lipa - Don'y Start Now, Levitating,(This album is really nostalgic sound but don't know if all of them Disco..) and If It Ain't Me ft. Normani - and I know it's unreleased. The Weeknd - In Your Eyes ft. Doja Cat, Blinding Lights Hurts - Lights, (not sure if) Thinking Of You. Jessie J - Daydreamin', Seal Me With a Kiss (feat. De La Soul), Dangerous, (maybe those also) Keep Us Together, Play OneRepublic - Oh My My Fergie - Tension TwentyOnePilots - Level of Concern
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    Celeb News

    hope she'll get well soon !
  8. AtiRiRi


    it's out and it's soooooooo good !!!!! such an amazing album !
  9. AtiRiRi


    release it with R9. lol but still can't wait for this !
  10. AtiRiRi here

    Faith is such a great album!!!! Oh My God Reaction GIF

  11. sounds so good ! I can imagine Rih sing it, and makes the song so much better !
  12. AtiRiRi

    yea, found the album a long time before it officially released ... about 2 months before DD is good album !