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  1. SWINΞ


    I sign up and vote for #1!
  2. SWINΞ


    My presumption is they just cut out what she said to Ari because there is absolutely no way the mic wouldn’t have picked it up (both in the mask and the hand mic).
  3. SWINΞ


    Literally I haven’t seen her dance this hard since before ARTPOP
  4. SWINΞ

    Celeb News

    Oh weird I didn’t realize that. It only did Alice for me haha. Still here for Alice live though
  5. SWINΞ

    Celeb News

    Isn’t it obvious that she’s going to perform Alice? The Siri thing and the Chromatica I instrumental in performance announcement...
  6. Omg the way y’all thought it was really coming
  7. SWINΞ


    @CharnyBoy taste!!
  8. SWINΞ


    Song 1 Fun Tonight 2 Sine From Above 3 911 4 1000 Doves 5 Love Me Right 6 Replay 7 Free Woman 8 Enigma 9 Stupid Love 10 Plastic Doll 11 Rain On Me 12 Alice 12 Sour Candy 12 Babylon
  9. SWINΞ


    Thanks but I found it 2 seconds later lolol
  10. SWINΞ


    Anyone have that Tumblr sorter link? It’s so much easier for me to decide using that
  11. I’m so fucking happy. The step back from the dance and happy bubbly aesthetic for a serious emotional stripped back cohesive story? Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.
  12. Your avi!! Stan Run The Jewels!!! They opened for Lorde when she was here. Icons!!

    1. Urbanov

      I love them.  Wish I could see them live!!!! I’ve seen Lorde but never RTJ!