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    I’m not sure how I quoted your post I- im so sorry... ignore me
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    I’ve never felt more attacked
  4. Seriously here for it If this is fake I’ll hate Jaden forever.
  5. I wanna address this since you added it late. Do you know which county this woman voted in? And how do “voters like her” have anything to do with her. She very well could have lived in Houston where her conservative vote would have been drowned out by the liberal population. Don’t try to justify your inability to have human compassion on possibilities. Present solid facts and maybe you’d have an argument.
  6. Lmfao I’m from rural Indiana.... I’ve been called worse. I’m not singing fucking kumbaya sis I’m just saying if you expect others to treat you with respect treat them with respect. You can be angry, being angry is good. But being disrespectful has no value. I too have lived my entire life in one of the most conservative states/regions in the country so I can sympathize with your experiences. I’m sorry you don’t have the capacity to be apologetic. That’s on you though an nobody else. It’s sad to me and honestly just as shitty as that person calling you a fag. Nobody will be better if nobody can find it in themselves to be better.
  7. So you’re saying you stoop to their level simply because they would if the tides were turned? That’s outrageous. How can anybody expect anybody to be a better human being if nobody takes the first step toward being more kind. In the words of Ghandi, eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Someone’s gotta be the bigger person and I’m extremely disappointed that it’s not someone I share political views with (presuming you’re progressive). I am btw in no way trying to sound ‘holier than thou’ I am just ashamed to see the divisiveness in our community and the rest of the US.
  8. Smfh you are all fucking disgusting. I personally would never vote similarly to her but just because of that I would never wish her fucking DEATH. I applaud her for getting to the polls and for clearly fulfilling a great dream of hers. The emotion in her face is priceless. Fuck all of you for shitting on her for having a different opinion than most of us.
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    I’m confused. What’s Bayonetta?
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    She looks... cute. She also looks like she hates everything about her life
  11. They did! It’s the radio edit
  12. Neither is Israel but you can’t go a day without mentioning it so
  13. “It’s literally my favorite movie of all time” OMFG STANNNNN