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  1. But it is about the theater because it's literally the catalyst. You're upset that some think it's a good idea to have a female-only viewing that you weren't even going to attend anyway? Oh wah.
  2. Discussion

    Where is he tbh She probably heard about Mark splitting up with his wife and jumped that train
  3. Discussion

    But why? It's still the Joanne era... she hasn't even started the tour
  4. It's a private theater that is able to make its own choices about how it conducts business. Maybe they have a female owner who decided this is what she wanted to do with her theater. This has absolutely nothing to do with putting men down or segregating them, it's simply celebration of womanhood with fellow women. Sorry to the men who are so butt hurt for not getting invited. For those saying "if this were the other way around it would be a hell storm" would it?... let's look at the last 4000 years of history and tell me whether or not having an all-male event would cause an uproar.
  5. What were they thinking?? I saw a couple people on FaceTime in the crowd. She should be on a private network connection but this quality
  6. Sending my votes tonight!!
  7. here

    Hey guys!! Go vote for Bangladesh in this poll!! wub1

  8. Game

    The Fame- 40 The Fame Monster- 45 Born this Way- 10 ARTPOP- 60 Joanne- 20
  9. Review

    Send a link!
  10. Review

    I know how to join but not how to host and things @Tasso?
  11. Review

    6 whole years I can't believe it Is there a streaming party organized??