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  1. Omg what?! These points are all so original and new I’ve never considered a single one before! And the facts you brought to the table?? Like how Gaga had people throw up on her? WHAT?! OBSURD!!!
  2. Events and Games honestly. Things that promote interaction more than discussion. Threads tend to tank when they’re news or general opinions. The most interaction (from my POV) comes from activities and parties etc.
  3. Help? 



    1. Chris


      I saw it on discogs before but now it's gone????

      They don't delete pages unless it's a duplicate of another???

  4. So have we figured this out yet? I took this screenshot just after midnight brit1





    1. Snow


      This was the woodvale collection from back in December:


  5. Who would be generous enough to make me a beautiful Gaga or Lorde set so that my posts don’t look so damn ugly?


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    2. Freaky Prince
    3. Chris


      I would love to join the graphics team if I had a talent for it dead1 

      You can ask @CHANEL #1 tho oprah14 

    4. Scarlet Witch

      Scarlet Witch

      you can write a request in the thread and (i think u can) tag the graphics team with @/Graphics Team! :)

      i'd be more happy to help you if you haven't found anyone to do it though nicki5

  6. Why does the Chromatica Wiki page say Free Woman is a single?
  7. Getting ready to release Cheek to Cheek 2 while simultaneously coordinating a re-drop of Chromatica of course.
  8. Your avi!! Stan Run The Jewels!!! They opened for Lorde when she was here. Icons!!

    1. Urbi


      I love them.  Wish I could see them live!!!! I’ve seen Lorde but never RTJ!

  9. Gaga really released her best video since the ARTPOP film and I’m so shook