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      You're just a pig inside a human body!!!

  3. 1 Barbies 2 What About Us 3 Beautiful Trauma 4 Secrets 5 I Am Here
  4. But how? also who tf are you? Have you seen her latest live performances at the JWT? She was cringing and stumbling through the choreo most nights leading up to the announcement of the postponement. That’s some dedication if it’s fake (which it really fucking isn’t lmfao). I know y’all want it to be fake because y’all want to have a reason to hate her but a fake reason is good enough for y’all I guess That is so sad.
  5. Uhh no? Rescheduled because she cancelled due to health?
  6. Ugh. I really wish I had the money to make it to this tour. I’ve spent all of my money of Gaga, Lorde, and my fave band.
  7. @Habits @RihannaRTT could you move this to the Pink section?
  8. I just mean to me personally. I grew up in a “grunge” environment. My parents were teens in the 90s and they had me at 17 so I grew up listening to Alanis and Nirvana. I didn’t get into pop until Gaga changed it to the electric sound of the late 2000s and then I was hooked. Don’t get me wrong, these albums are iconic and are huge for pop culture but for me personally, I didn’t know they existed.
  9. I complete forgot about this!!!! Thank you Apple Music!!
  10. You misunderstood. I meant those three were the only relevant albums posted
  11. Isn’t it iiiironic? YEAH I REALLY DO THINK. ITS LIKE RAAAAAAIN...
  12. Minus Shania, Nirvana, and TLC...