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  1. Rumor

    Why aren’t we talking about this
  2. Album

    Her Magnum Opus Yassssssssss!!! I still remember listening to each song debut on the radio after school and then rushing to the internet to download it when I found out it leaked. My wig was snatched. I listen to BTW all the time and I truly feel nostalgiac each time.
  3. Review

    Oop. Gaga sees and DJWS is permanently cancelled.
  4. Single

    I am absolutely obsessed with this song AND the video I STAN
  5. Which street? I want receipts
  6. It’s the exact mindset of those who would say no that are the problem in America. Listen, I HATE T***p, like HATE him but I refuse to hate someone for using their freedom to vote. America is a democracy. We have a plethora of opinions. Mine happen to be liberal but that doesn’t make me any better than conservative-valued people (and vice versa). This line being created by both sides of the party lines is only dividing America thus making it infinitely easier to conquer. Tl;dr: I refuse to allow someone having a different opinion than me be a deciding factor in whether or not I think they are a good person.
  7. Performance

    But can he learn the words?
  8. Music Video

    Wow I wish I could see her face through all that grain... I think it looks pretty?
  9. Holy. Fucking. Shit. I’m buying tickets idk why it took me this long
  10. Who even are you