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  1. A few years ago for the Lenten Season, I gave up all social media. It was more than centering. So... I’m doing it again!! See y’all after Easter! oprah14

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    2. Merryem

      See you legend!

    3. Kenya

      I'm giving up coffee. See you later!

  2. Isn’t staying up until 1am to finish a paper the night before the paper is due what higher education is all about? oprah14

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    2. Jake

      I literally just did it last night oprah14 4 pages turned in at 11:59 PM when it's due at 12 oprah14 

    3. LittleDudeNT5

      Every college paper I did jj2 

  3. Discussion

    I’m screaming
  4. This is actually taken out of context. Literally the next thing she says is “BUT” and then tells a story of Brandon being around Taylor while doing a photo shoot or something and she was playing ARTPOP so he sent it to Gaga and she was like “oh this girl isn’t full of shit”. Next time watch the whole fucking video before starting an awkward thread.
  5. Welp congrats Ireland!!
  6. Thanks @Entea
  7. @RoleModel did you actually listen before submitting votes?
  8. Me reading @Entea‘s country descriptions
  9. Welp I’m still hopeful for second but Ireland is clearly way ahead
  10. @Entea I mean for Sweden. It says it was represented by @petedagrk lol.
  11. @Entea fix the last reveal
  12. I think you mean Finland... I was Sweden not @petedagrk
  13. Why? It was funny but not funny enough to win it all