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  1. A week didn’t give me a perfect idea of what do with the glamour entry... Your dad’s ass will agree.
  2. Honestly, I failed at Glamour for a reason... I’m not going to succeed on a save with THAT as my category so sorry.
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    Literally holy shit icon thank you for stanning
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    Celeb News

    bitch the song is a week and a half old. Old??
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    Is That Alright? Heavy Metal Lover Bloody Mary
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    Well sistren? What are your predictions? I’m going to be a deluted af stan and predict Gaga will release this week to coincide with Enigma. Bookmark me. What are yours?
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    Of topic but your avi
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    Celeb News

    That last bit! UNF
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    Celeb News

    BREAKING!! Freaky Prince has controversial Gaga opinion!!
  11. Normally that would make sense but it makes the text on the shirt backward. The ring is on her right finger.
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    Is that Gaga yelling/ wooing at 1:07?
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    How I-
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    Celeb News

    GAGASEUM???? Omwwwwww
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    Definitely a cub
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    I want to explore the last known whereabouts
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    Celeb News

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    Celeb News

    Oh my gooooooooOOOOOODDDDDDDDDD
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    Sign me up plz