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  1. Because my mom has BPD and I have BP tendencies. Not being righteous, just crazy Side note: BPD has nothing to do with being a psycho or sociopath
  2. Ha. Okay. #blocked I am so fucking personally offended it’s not even a joke. Anybody here supporting this ideology of those with BPD all being identical in their experiences is fucking ignorant. Go ahead and downvote this so I can mute y’all stupid fucks
  3. And why the fuck is that exactly?...
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    Except it’s video 3/3 directed by Akerlund
  5. Why does Twitter have more views than the official YouTube?
  6. Holy shit... I wonder if Taylor knows
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    Music Video

    Soooo if Bradley Cooper’s character were a queer poc woman would you feel better or?
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    Haven’t seen the video and just saw the gif for the first time and my heart hurts for her
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